Monday, July 23, 2012

Well Heeeeeeey There!

Let's see.... it's been over two months since I even looked at my blog. Long, long time! And I still can't really get back into it yet because we currently have no internet. Life's been a bit ca-razy and unpredictable as of late. What has been predicatable is this:

-The move went great, and life has pretty much resumed back to normal. Of course, it's summer still, so the lack of a real schedule is starting to get to me. 5 weeks to go folks, and then it's Back to School! Not that I'm looking forward to it especially, but the normalcy will be nice and I won't feel like I'm visiting Utah instead of living here again :)

-We have had lots of fun family get-togethers and I, along with my kids, have loved every second! We had a huge Collette family reunion when Andy's youngest brother left on his mission to (get this)... North Carolina. AND, part of his mission is actually in Virginia. Funny, huh? We've also had lots of barbeques, trips to the mountains for wienie roasts, bike rides with grandma and grandpa, a trip to Kennecott, and a sister's lunch and shopping in the new City Creek Mall.... that's just to name a few of the family things we've been doing.

-Lots and lots of swimming going on up in here. We love that my grandma has a pool at her house.

-A fun visit from Rachel and her family. Cousins, cousins everywhere! I love it.

-Lots of new friends which equals lots of playdates. Our kids are loving the neighborhood. There are tons of kids. We feel very blessed to live where we do. It's a great ward.

-Speaking of that.... we've already spoken in church. They even asked the kids to speak and they did a fabulous job. It was a great experience.

-Lake Powell. Need I say more? I know, not really, but I will. We spent a fabulous week in the hot sun and perfect waters on the comfy houseboat with my whole family. It was a blast.

-Unpacking. UGH. I hate moving.

-Celebrating 2 amazing kids' birthdays. Laylah turned 9 a few days after we arrived in Utah and Jonah just had his 8th birthday last week. Now I'm busy planning his 8th birthday bash, as well as his baptism day/brunch. The fun never ends around here :) (In case you couldn't tell, that's one of his baptism photos there at the top. My aunt took them, and I love them. Isn't he just so cute?)

-Laylah recieved a sewing machine for her birthday. Like, a real one. She's been busy with sewing lessons once a week at her ever-so-talented grandmother's house. She also made a competition soccer team right after we moved in and is busy with practice and scrimmages twice a week. That girl loves to do it all (hmmmm, that seems very familiar... :)

-And the last thing I'll mention is that Andy and I celebrated 10 years of married bliss. And what a crazy ride it's been. Life is not at all how I pictured it at this time in my life, and yet, I am happy. Happy and blessed.

Well, there's a mini update. Maybe someday I'll get around to posting pictures. We've still got many things planned for the last few weeks of summer, so the fun will continue. Fun in the sun.