Sunday, August 9, 2015

Celebrating Freedom at Bear Lake

 We headed up to celebrate the 4th of July in Bear Lake. My parents have a condo there and we go up every other year over the 4th. It is always so much fun. Usually my whole family comes but 3 of my siblings didn't make it this year. Doug and his family, Suzanne and her fiancee (oh yeah, my sister is getting married!! Exciting, huh?), and Kaylie had other plans. Anyway, the week was a blast and I literally cried on the way home because I didn't want to leave. It was the best time to be together with my husband and my kids and just play and relax all day. I slept in every day and it felt SO good!

So here's a million pictures from our amazing trip. 

We headed out on the 3rd and once we arrived we unloaded everything and got settled in. After dinner that evening the resort celebrated the 4th. They had treats and fireworks and it was all just so much fun.We all snuggled up on the lawn in blankets and enjoyed the show.
Beautiful sunset on the lake.

Andy had to go back home that night (he had to work on the 4th) but he would be back that evening. The next morning was Independence Day and my mom was so sweet to let me sleep in. She took all the kids over to Rachel's cabin where they had red, white, and blue french toast (french toast covered in strawberries, blueberries, and whipped cream, of course) and then we all just hung out on the beach all day and ate a lot of yummy food. It was relaxing and wonderful.
I sent this photo to Andy to tell him I missed him and he said, "Stop having fun without me!" haha.

We headed back to shower and don our 4th of July attire and then came back to the cabin for dinner and s'mores.
Finally Andy arrived and we were complete once again :) We watched more fireworks from the beach that night and headed home for a good nights sleep.

The next day we went to church and then watched the Women's World Cup. Oh my word, it was so exciting. We were all crammed in mine and Andy's bedroom on our bed jumping around and yelling every time the USA made a goal. It was so fun when they won.

The next day I decided to cross something off of my "bucket list" and ride my bike around Bear Lake. I have been wanting to do it for awhile and finally accomplished my goal! It was hard because I had been running a lot this year and have hardly ridden my bike. But I finished it and it's done.

It was beautiful.

Over the next couple days we spent time swimming, boating, playing on the beach, miniature golfing, spending time doing crafts in the craft room, playing tennis, soccer, and football, and going on lots of bike rides and ATV rides. We ate yummy food, went for shakes, and watched movies, and took naps. It was just one of those vacations that you didn't realize you needed so badly until you're on it. I loved every second.

We didn't have the best of weather while we were there but I didn't care one bit. It was still warm enough to play outside and I love the rain so I loved running in it and riding bikes in it. We had a spectacular lightening storm all the way home and I was just so happy that we went on this fun trip.

Happy 4th of July!