Friday, February 27, 2009

Fairytale Friday

Laylah's class does this cute thing called Fairytale Friday were they learn about a different fairytale every Friday. Her teacher asks parents to volunteer to help out with a fairytale, where we read the fairytale and then do a craft to go along with it. I did Cinderella, and we made these cute little Fairy Godmother wands for the craft. I did blue and green for the boys, and purple and pink for the girls. I did a sample one to show the kids. I think they turned out pretty cute.


Yet another couple of funny kid stories...

After Jonah got out of the bath I put his patch on his eye. He started putting his glasses on and I told him to wait because he still had to put his shirt on. He ignored me and put his glasses on and then went to put his shirt on. It got stuck on his glasses, so he took it off and then took his glasses off, and then re-attempted to put his shirt back on. I said "hey Jonah, are you deaf today? I just told you to wait to put your glasses on." He looks at me and says in a tired voice "No mommy, I'm not deaf, my ears are just very tired today."

Laylah and I were at Costco and we were with my mom. We were looking around and putting different things in our cart and my mom said she needed some tylenol, so we went over by the pharmacy section. I guess I have been talking a lot about calories, and losing weight lately (because I'm trying to lose some I guess :) and Lay picked up a bottle of pills and said "Mom, you should get these ones, I think they only have a very few calories in them for you."

I'm glad my kids make me laugh :)

Getting Out

It seems like the last few weeks of winter are always so "blah", so we've tried to make it fun by getting "out" of the house by doing some fun things to keep us busy, and to keep the kids (and me) from going spring fever crazy.

We went bowling when Andy had a day off... he was so cute to teach all of the kids how to bowl. My sis-in-law Annette and my cute neice Kiersta came with us.

We've been to the aquarium with my sis-in-law Bree and cousin Amber and their cute kids... the kids LOVED the petting ponds (except Baron who just wanted to splash in the water and get all wet :)

We went swimming at the pool with Becca and her cute girls...

Because of the gorgeous weather, we even made it to the park once, but I forgot my camera. It sure was beautiful though, and it made me anxious for Spring to come and stay. We've been to movies, the library, indoor play places, and so on. I am ready to be able to go outside and play!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Hubby Tag!

My friend Cristan tagged whoever wanted to do this. I love talking about my husband, so here it is!:
1. Where did you meet your husband? On State Street in downtown Salt Lake... soooo embarrassing, but no- I was not DRAGGING state... it's a long story...
2. How long did you date before you got married? It was around 8 months from the time we met until we got married.
3. How long have you been married?It will be 7 years this June.
4. What does he do that surprises you? He is so super smart. He knows everything. This only surprises me because he is also a huge goof-off, and you wouldn't know how smart he is until you really got to know him.
5. What is your favorite feature of his?Love his gorgeous eyes, and his huge broad shoulders that swallow me when he gives me a hug, and also his height. I love heels and can wear ANY height because he is 6'3'' and I am 5'5''
6. What is your favorite quality?That he is constantly trying to improve himself in every way. He takes criticism so well, and he will try to change to become a better person.
7.Does he have a nickname for you? He calls me Sarbear and also Love
8. What is his favorite food? ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. My man loves food and he loves to eat. But, I'd have to say his favorite is meat.
9. What is his favorite sport? Loves every sport there is, but by far, his favorite is football to watch, and basketball to play.
10. When and where did you first kiss? On our first date in his parents living room.
11. What is your favorite thing to do together as a couple? Ummm, that's a little bit private ;) But besides that, we love snuggling and talking about everything and nothing for hours.
12. Do you have children? If you read my blog and don't know by now that we have four children, there is something wrong with you (ha ha, j/k... kinda :)
13. Does he have any hidden talents? He can fix ANYTHING. Cars, electronics, plumbing... the list goes on and on. He's my own personal handyman.
14. How old is he? 28, but will be 29 in a couple months.
15.Who said I love you first? He did... the night he asked me to marry him :) (hey, we'd only known each other for 6 weeks!)
16. What is his favorite music? He loves pretty much all music, but I'd have to say classic rock is his favorite.
17. What do you admire most about him? That he would do anything for me and our kids. His dedication and love for us is so evident, and I know he loves us more that anything.
18. What is his favorite color? I can't believe this, but I don't know! If I had to guess, I think I would say blue.
19. Will he read this? Probably not. He thinks blogs are so silly, and he has read ours twice, I think.
20. Who do you tag? I will tag Amber, Breanna, Brittani, Tara O., Faroe, Maquel, Alyssa, Teisha, Brooke, Julie and whoever else wants to do it. I am interested to see your answers and get to know your husbands a little better! I know some people don't like tags though, so don't do it if you don't want to.

A Riding Day

Luna (my family's horse) and me

This past weekend my sister Kaylie stayed with me while my parent went to St. George to stay in their condo. On Saturday it was such a gorgeous day, so we decided to go riding. I love horsebackriding. I grew up riding and throughout Jr. High and Highschool I used to compete in English and Western riding, in different events. I still love it, but with four kids, I really don't get to do it a whole lot anymore. So we went out to the barn Satuday afternoon, saddled up the horses and went for a fun ride. Kaylie rides almost daily, so she was laughing at me when I kept complaining about how dirty and smelly it was. (I haven't been in a barn in over a year- since before I got pregnant with Baron) It never used to bother me, in fact, I used to love the smell of horses and barns and everything associated with it. After awhile, I got back into the groove and realized how much I had missed it. I love riding and it was so fun to spend the day doing something I love and miss so much.
Kaylie and AceMe and Luna

Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Nemesis

The picture above is my nightmare. Horrifying to me, in fact. That.... is my weekly laundry pile. I know it looks like a big mess, but it is actually hundreds of pieces of clothing, folded into piles. I couldn't even fit it all into the picture because our master bedroom is so small. It covers every inch of our king size bed, plus, onto my dresser in the background. Plus... the scariest thing about it is... I still have THREE more loads to do! AHHHHH! The reason I hate laundry SO MUCH is because it NEVER ENDS. No matter what, there is always more. Even if all the laundry hampers are empty and all the linens and towels are clean. Because kids are always WEARING clothes. It never ends...

Finally, the laundry basket is empty and we can sail away in our pirate ship!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

100 Things Project

Laylah has now been in kindergarten for 100 days. They had a little 100th day party because they have also been learning how to count to 100. They had to make a collection of any 100 things they could find around the house. Laylah came up with the idea to do 100 pennies. She sat and counted them all out by 10's and then counted them up into a baggie one at a time. It is so much fun to see her learn new things and be excited about school.

Poor Bubby

I just thought this was a cute picture of Andy and Baron. I love when Andy holds Bear because it makes him look small and like he's still a little baby :)

Baron is crazy lately. I just don't know what to do with him! He taught himself to climb up and down the stairs by himself. I was in the bathroom doing my hair, and I heard him babbling, and I peeked out the door and there he was, just sitting at the top of the stairs. It made me laugh because at his 9 month appt. his pediatrician told me to start teaching him stairs because it is good for development. My first thought was "Ya right, because that is JUST what I need" Because I didn't, I guess Bear took matters into his own hands! He also crawls really fast now and pulls himself onto anything he can, and it is usually unstable and he falls down and gets hurt. He has so many little bruises, scrapes, cuts and bumps all over his body that I'm afraid someone is going to turn me into Child Protective Services soon. He had a doctors appointment the other day and he is up to a whopping 25 pounds! I know, huge. I'm sure you all feel very sorry for me that I have to lug him around day after day. I'm praying he learns to walk soon so my poor aching muscles can have a break ;) Anyway, this pic is of him the other day. I had put him down for a nap and he immediatley climbed up and started jumping in his crib. I went out and a few seconds later heard a little crash and he was shrieking. I went in there and there was blood dripping out of his mouth. Poor Bubby.

I'm in Love...

I got a new flat iron for my birthday and I HEART it! It is so nice, and the best bonus about it... Peerless Beauty Supply was having an awesome deal this month and it came with free trimmers! I have been needing new trimmers for a couple of months ever since I dropped mine and broke them-snapped the blade in half in fact. I have yet to use the trimmers, but I use the flat iron every day on myself and my girls- straight, flipped, curls, twirls- just because it is so smooth and sleek and I love using it. My old flat iron was really nice and it still works okay, but it is 5 years old and I just was ready for a new one. Anyway, this is a babyliss pro nano titanium, and it is fabulous- if anyone is in the market for a new flat iron!

New trimmers...aren't they cute? Jonah needs a haircut, so I am excited to try them out!

I crack myself up that I get so excited about hair tools, but my friends who do hair will understand :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Birthday #26, Fun at Disneyland, and Lots of Rain

Well, I am home... and not to happy about it. I just Love going away with my hubby for some alone time. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids more than just about anything, but having a break was pure heaven. Once again, thank you to everyone who helped us out by watching them. So we started out on Wed afternoon. Our flight arrived around 4:00 and we got our rental car and checked into our hotel. The weather was so beautiful... about 70 degrees and perfect. We took off to Downtown Disney to shop, eat and see a movie (Inkheart- Andy's choice- I don't recommend it) We got back to our hotel around 11:00 and we were both out like a light. I can't remember the last time I slept so well or so long. It was great. The next day was my birthday and I got so many calls and texts... thank you everyone, it really made my day.We went to Disneyland (they gave me a pin that said Happy Birthday Sarah on it, and let me tell you, I have never had so many people tell me happy birthday so many times in one day) and the first part of the day was awesome, beautiful weather, hardley any people. We never waited for more than 5 minutes in a line for anything. Around 1:00 it started to rain (we had checked the weather, so we were prepared) which was a bummer, but not to bad. It wasn't cold, just wet. Kind of weird that the week before was 85 degree weather, and the whole time we were there the forecast was for rain. The day we left the weather was beautiful again. Oh well, what do ya do?
Andy pretending to be scared in the BEST ride ever... Tower of Terror! I think we rode it 10 times
Andy had made reservations (2 weeks before our trip, and snagged the 3rd to last one!) for the Blue Bayou which is that really nice restaraunt in the Pirates of the Caribbean. It was so delicious.
You can't see it because it's really dark in the restaraunt, but the Pirates ride was right behind us
My birthday cake... errr, I mean cookie pirate ship... delish!
make a wish!
Arghhh Matey's!
We shopped and saw all the cute 3-D movies, and did whatever I wanted. I love my hubby. The next day was a repeat, although a little colder (hence the reason I am wearing THREE jackets in almost all of our pics... my two that I brought and Andy's as well. He's crazy, he was wearing shorts and a t-shirt... and a Disneyland poncho :) We got to do everything we wanted and then some. We had a blast and seriously felt like little kids. It was so much fun. We both kept saying things like "Oh, Laylah would love this..." and "Jonah is going to have so much fun when we come back..." and "Baron will be big enought to do this next time..." It made us laugh that although we were having a great time by ourselves, our kids are never far from our minds. It definately made us so excited to bring the kids back later this year.
Our camera is terrible, so you can't see it very well, but it was POURING... luckily we were on the train and stayed nice and dry
A princess in front of her castle...
My awesome 3-D glasses
On Saturday we went out to breakfast and then drove to San Diego. We were planning on doing a session at the temple (It is one of our favorites, and we actually considered getting married there...) but wouldn't you know it... it was CLOSED for their annual cleaning. It reopened a day after we left. We had a bit of bad luck this trip I guess. But we still got a few gorgeous pics.
And while driving we stopped to take a few pics of the ocean. I wanted to go to the beach while we were there, but because of the rain, it wouldn't have been much fun. So we got as close as we could and snapped a few pics. It was very beautiful.
Then Andy let me drag him around while I shopped.... and shopped some more. I got a bunch of cute things for my birthday... a few pairs of shoes (my obsession), sunglasses, jewelry, clothes, and almost a new purse... Andy thought it was the ugliest thing in the world, and because I wasn't in love with it, I told him I would keep looking :) We met up with one of Andy's best cousins (shhh, don't tell the other ones) and his gorgeous wife- Brian and Nikki, for dinner. We were there for three hours catching up and laughing our heads off. It was so much fun. We then had to make the drive back to Anaheim and get some sleep because our flight left at 7:00 AM. We were up at 5:00, and made it just in time. It was such a fun trip and I love my sweet hubby for thinking of me and knowing me so well. He is the best. This is for you babe- XOXOXO

New Toys and a Silly Daphne

Baron with his new Mickey toy... he wasn't very impressed

We got Laylah a cute little Minnie Mouse art kit. She loves to draw and color

Jo with his Toy Story toys

All the princesses in a circle, and poor Jasmine tossed aside

This is the night day we got back from our trip and gave the kids the gifts we got them in Disneyland. It was soooo funny. They were so excited and here is the funny Daphne story. We got her this little box set of all the Disney princesses. They are these little miniatures. She was so excited and started playing with them right away. After a minute she was examining them and set them in a line one by one. After looking at them for a minute in the line, she picked up Princess Jasmine and kind of tossed her aside and then continued playing. Andy and I looked at each other and busted up laughing. Andy picked up poor Jasmine and said "Daph, why don't you want to play with Princess Jasmine?" Daph says "She isn't pretty, she doesn't have a beautiful dress on." Andy sets Jasmine back in the line and says" Well, she is the princess of Arabia, that is what princesses wear there." Daphne looks at him like he is crazy and says (kind of under her breath) "Well, that is ridiculous, Arabia is stupid... princesses are supposed to wear beautiful dresses, not weird clothes... and she is immodest." After a minute, when Andy had walked away, she tossed Jasmine aside again and arranged the princesses in a circle, so close together that there was no room for Jasmine. I was laughing over it all night. Then today while she was playing with her princesses again, she had left Jasmine on the stairs and I told her to pick her up or else Sadie would chew on her and ruin her, she said "I don't care, Sadie can have her." Ha ha! She makes me laugh, that is for sure.