Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Doctor Visit Update

I went to see my Endocrinologist today. I like her a lot, she is very informative and spent a lot of time with me. I was very overwhelmed with all the information she gave me. Basically she explained to me that she wasn't sure what the graying area is on my pituitary gland. She said it could either be a cyst or an adnoma (sp?) and that I will continue with some medication (and she switched me from the one I am currently on that makes me SO sick to one that might still make me sick, but shouldn't be as bad) that should regulate my hormones and hopefully shrink whatever it is that is growing in there. I will do a repeat MRI to make sure it is not growing larger and that is in fact shrinking. If it isn't, they will most likely have to perform surgery to remove it.

She went over my health record and also asked me about a million questions. She was curious about my ankylosing spondolitis because apparently (I didn't know this) once you have an autoimmune disease, your body is susceptible to creating more within you. Great news, right? She checked my neck (where my thyroid is) and found a small goiter. I'm a little freaked out about that because it just seems so nasty to me (I thought only old people got goiters...?? Seriously, I am grossed out by myself), but she did an ultrasound on it and found that it is very small and with medication it will shrink also. She thinks I may have hyperthyroidism (which is another autoimmune disorder), for which I will also have to take medication.

She sent me to the lab for them to take tons of blood to test for every other possible thing I may have and just so she can know for certain everything we're dealing with. They also gave me a 24hour urine kit to do at home and also a saliva kit to do at home as well. I will have to go back to the lab about every other month for about a year to make sure my prolactin levels are going down as well.

Whew! You got all that? So, pretty much for now, we really know nothing yet. She told me they would call me with all of the results and to have a follow-up appointment to see where we go from there. I am overwhelmed. I am sick and tired of taking medication, but I know I need to get used to it, because I'll have to take it the rest of my life. I am so grateful to everyone who has helped me with my kids, brought me dinner, called to see how I'm doing, and just been my friend or a listening ear. I have such a wonderful support system for which I would go into despair without- my mom has been the best. I'm so grateful for my wonderful husband, who the other night told me that we would do whatever it took to find out everything we can so I can feel better. He's amazing. The doctor was even surprised that he came with me today. He always does, and I don't even have to ask him to. I love him.

So, until next time when I find out more. Prayers are greatly appreciated. They work. Thanks everyone!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Attack of the Moth!

The other night the kids were getting ready for bed. Jonah was done first, so he came downstairs to wait for the others. I heard Sadie push the back door open and I asked Jo to go close it. He started to and I saw him look up, and then he ran and jumped into my lap, terrified. I looked up and saw a moth flying around that must have come in when Sadie left the door open (I'm going to teach her to shut the door herself.... someday :) Now, I don't like moths, in fact, I think they're disgusting- but I thought Jo was being a little ridiculous. The following conversation ensued:

me: "Jo, what's wrong?"

him: " There's a moth! It flew in the house! And it's in here!!"

me: "Are you scared of moths Jo?"

him: (looks at me like I'm stupid) "Ummmm, yaaaaaaaa. Moths eat your clothes."

me: "Okay, that's true sometimes, but that moth isn't going to dive down and start eating your clothes dude."

him: " Ya, it could! And if it starts eating my clothes, then it might just eat through them and keep eating through my skin and eat me up!"

me: (laughing) "Uhhh, no it won't. They eat clothes sometimes, but not people, okay?"

him: "Are you sure? (I nod) Okay...."

He then runs upstairs and comes back down with his blanket. He's totally wrapped up in it, and he curls himself into a ball on the floor. He stayed like that until I found the moth and put it back outside.

He's hilarious.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Go Ahead, Bark All Ya Want

Ahhhhh, my dog Sadie. I love her so much, but sometimes she is just such a stinker, that sometimes I wonder why I even put up with her. She is always barking at nothing when she is in the backyard, which drives Andy crazy. I could care less because everyone else's dogs are always barking, so why shouldn't mine? Well, she gave me a better reason to not care...

A few days ago the 3 oldest kids were at school, and I had the three little ones at home. They went into the backyard to play and jump on the tramp. Whenever Sadie is outside, she will randomly bark, like I said, at nothing. Well, I was in the kitchen, doing dishes (haha, ya right, I think I was laying around, or on the computer.... something like that ;) when, all of the sudden, I heard her barking furiously. I could tell right away that something was up, so I ran out the back door. Standing right by the fence in my front yard is this older man, with a hat and glasses on.... just watching the kids. As soon as he saw me, he immediately turned and started to walk away. Sadie continued to bark at him and I asked him what he was doing. He called over his shoulder "Oh, nothing, but your dog doesn't like me much." I tried to get a good look at him, and I ran over to Sadie and picked her up and hugged her and kissed her. I have never been so grateful for that little dog. I never tell her to "be quiet" when she barks now.

My little watch dog.... that's what she is.

*I told Andy about the guy, and he told me to call the cops. I didn't get around to it right then and later that day we found out that he is a friend of our neighbors. If he comes sniffing around my house again though, you better believe I'll call the cops with a full report!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Up the Canyon

Last weekend our friends invited us up to the canyon to roast hotdogs and smores. The forecast didn't call for rain, so of course it....poured. We went with the Kendalls, the Pitts, and the Moores. We had 15 kids between the 4 couples, and there are hardley any pictures of any of them because they didn't mind getting soaked- they were "exploring" the entire time. The ladies just sat around and allowed the men to do all of the work. I stole all of these pictures off of Sam's blog.... thanks Sam for being the photographer!I'm trying to block my face from the smoke from the fire.

We still had such a great time, and the kids loved it. Poor Bear burned his little finger on the metal surrounding the firepit. I couldn't believe how everyone jumped into action. Corrine got her first aid kit, Sam got a cup of water and held him while he calmed down and Malina got him a treat so he would stop crying.
I seriously have amazing people in my life. I am so blessed with wonderful friends. I was talking to a few people about this when Andy and I were deciding to buy our home. I had searched and searched for the perfect house. We actually put offers on two other houses before this one that we live in now. I remember the feeling when I walked into my home the first time I saw it. I knew it was "the one" and I told the realtor right then, before I even saw the rest of the house. I love my little house so much, but even more, I love that it has given me the opportunity to meet some of the most amazing people I have ever known. I have such supportive, helpful, giving people in my life and I am so grateful for every single one of them. You all know who you are, and if you're not sure, come ask me.... I'll let you know ;)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday to My Blog!!

Wow, has it already been a year? Let me give a little background to this blog and why I in fact do it...

My sister Rachel started a blog when her little boy was born nearly 3 years ago. I thought it was cute and I looked at it once in awhile. She encouraged me to start my own and I told her that maybe someday I would. Then the blogging world began to grow, and I had a few friends start their own blogs. I enjoyed looking at them and it made me want to start my own. I was intimidated because I am completely computer illiterate (or aything technological for that matter). I expressed my desire to start a blog to my sister and she (being the amazing sis that she is) called me up one day to inform me that she had started a blog for me. The very first 4 posts on my blog were actually done by her- and she continued to teach me how to do it and everything I know about blogging.

I absolutely love to blog. I love it because it serves as a journaling or family history for me. I love to write and it is an outlet of sorts also. I also love that it helps me reconnect with lost friends and allows me to see what old friends are up to as well. I love that I can say whatever I want on it. I love to share my testimony of the gospel. I love to publicly share my love for my husband, children, and family and friends. I love to blog.

Thanks Rach for starting my blog. And thanks Tara C- you were a big inspiration to me also. Thanks to all who continue to read my natterings about my life... okay, I'm done. :)

I am a Canner.... Not

One day I was talking to my girl Cristan on the phone. We were chatting about our usual "friend" stuff when she started telling me about how awesome she is because she learned to "can" fruit. She had been taught by a friend down in the tiny town where she lives. I told her that I would love to learn how to do that someday.... to which she replied "I'm coming up there tomorrow, I'll pick you up some fruit and we'll do it, okay?" She's such a good friend. She forces me to be "homemakerish" ;)

I was a bit nervous, you see, I've talked about my many challenges before, one of which is being a "normal" homemaker and that includes anything in that venue. I was talking to my mom later that day and I told her about the canning thing. She knew I had been wanting to make some freezer jam (but I can't do it by myself, I'd probably blow-up my kitchen!) so she offered to come over and help me do that while we were canning and we'd get it all done in one day.

So the next day we (we as in- my mom and Cris) did it. We canned peaches and made strawberry freezer jam. And the only things that went wrong were my fault including, but not limited to:

- unknowingly putting the wrong amount of strawberries into the blender, and then actually using that for a batch.

-putting the pectin into the bowl of sugar instead of into the bowl of blended strawberries.

-dumping a whole package of pectin into a bowl of strawberries instead of "stirring it in slowly"

-In all the confusion going on in my kitchen, I started mixing the sugar into a bowl of berries that wasn't ready, instead of the other bowl of berries that WAS ready (okay, my mom actually did this, but I'm sure it was my fault somehow...)

-I put a batch of peaches in the boiling water to blanch and then forgot about them. When I remembered to take them out, they were pretty much mush. Of course, I still used them.

Needless to say, it was a pretty hilarious morning. I'm so glad my mom and Cristan are patient enough with me and allow my "homemaker challenged" self become more experienced.
Aren't you all proud of me? I think you should be. :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Dancing Girls

Laylah and Daphne started dance up again last week. This is Daph's first year and she was so excited. They both love it so much. They are my darling dancing girls!

Happy Birthday Becca!

My gal Becca had a birthday last week. I was trying to do this on her birthday, but if you know me at all, you know I am late everywhere I go and with everything I do. You either accept me for it, or hate me for it. Becca has learned to accept me and love me for it. I wanted to do a post on her because she is one of my very dearest, most supportive, knows everything about me, friends.

Becca and I met in jr. high at Skyline Highschool cheer tryouts. She had just moved to SLC from Arizona and we did not become instant friends. We both made the cheer squad and for the first few months we did NOT get along. We both thought the other annoying and bratty. Isn't it funny how that always turns into the best friendships? We got stuck together on second lunch while all of our other friends had first lunch. We were forced into friendship and have been inseperable ever since.

Becca and I have been through so much together. 4 years of cheer tryouts, competitions, camps, etc. boyfriends, vacations, graduations, dances, parties, groundings, getting in trouble, crazy friends, breakups, blind dates, and finally marriage, kids, and families. She has truly ALWAYS been there for me, and I would hope she'd say the same of me. I can rely upon her for anything, I can call her for anything, and I can tell her anything. When I need a break, I can call her and have her watch my kids, and she does the same of me. She's been a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on. She is a one of a kind friend.

Since we've gotten married and had kids, our friendship has only grown. We do everything together. When our kids were smaller, we had weekly activites (different for summer and winter) and we saw each other nearly every day. We are the kind of friends that go grocery shopping and clothes shopping together. Since our kids have gotten older and are now in school, we don't get to do as many fun things, but we still see each other almost every day at the gym at 5 in the morning.

Becca's husband Brian is going to be a dentist, so next year she'll be moving away. It will be so hard not living so close. I know I will cry my eyes out when my friend leaves. It will be a long four years. Hopefully they'll come back to Utah, but who knows? All I know is, I have a forever friend. I love you Becca!!

P.S. Funny story- I have hundreds of pictures of me and Becca from highschool and after but as I went through to pick out a few to post on here, I realized that none of them were appropriate. We were either in very immodest clothes, or swimsuits, or doing something in the picture that was innappropriate. I hardly have any of us together after we were married and of course, I couldn't find any of those. Wow, we've come a long way Becca.... good for us ;)

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Green Smoothie

I drink one of these every day. Yes, it is as disgusting as it looks. BUT yes, it is incredibly good for me. Here's what it has in it on the average day:

2 cups spinach

1/2 of a tomato

1/2 cup carrots

1 scoop protein

1 cup skim milk

1/2 cup apple juice

2 tblspn whole, raw flaxseed

6 large frozen strawberries

I grind it all up to a nasty, smooth greenish (brownish somedays) looking substance in my trusty Vitamix (available at Costco), pour (well, it doesn't really pour, it more sludges out and slops) into my biggest hot pink cup, and then force myself to drink the nasty concoction.

Why do I do it, you ask?

Because I feel that it helps me to be a healthier person. One green smoothie at a time.
(I give you permission to go throw-up now :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Fun Day and Good Times

A few days ago I got together with some friends in my ward and we had such a fun day chatting, eating, and painting some crafts. I am so grateful for good friends. There were 13 kids running around at Corrines house- she's a saint! We were there for about 4 hours and I wasn't even ready to leave when I had to go home. Thanks girls, for the fun day!

me, Corrine, and Sam (Joanie had to leave early)

As I was gathering kids up and getting ready to leave, we found all the girls doing this:

It was a good day.

Our Jack-O-Lantern and Other Funny Stuff

We have our very own Jack-O-Lantern at our house. Her name is Laylah, and she has now lost 6 teeth (and counting...). The Tooth Fairy has only forgotten 3 out of those 6 times (hey, 50% isn't bad... I'm great, aren't I? :), but one wasn't her fault. The babysitter (my sister Kaylie- we love you Kay!) was neglectful in letting me know that Laylah had lost a tooth one night when she was babysitting so I could call the Tooth Fairy and let her know she needed to pay a visit to our house! Laylah hasn't ever been too upset, and (shockingly) she still believes in Miss Tooth Fairy.

Baron is getting to the age where he just needs one nap a day. I've been transitioning him from 2 to 1 for a couple weeks now. If he doesn't get that one nap, he can't function past 5 o'clock. The other day, we missed his nap, and around 5:15, this was him:

Falling asleep during dinner. He was sleeping while he was eating, and then he kept falling and then jerking up and crying. It was so funny until Andy took pity on him and just put him to bed. He slept for almost 15 hours straight, not waking up until 7:45 the next morning! (I had it on video, but for some reason Blogger isn't allowing me to upload. If I can, I will later)

Yesterday I had to up my dosage on my medication again. For a couple days every time I have to do that I feel absolutely horrible. It makes me so sick and I get hideous headaches. It hit me all of the sudden yesterday afternoon and I turned a movie on for the kids and then stumbled to my bed. I woke up to Daphne bringing me in some "hot soup and tea" in purple dishes- my favorite color. She also covered me up with her beloved "pink blankie". She rubbed my feet for me and sang me songs. She is the sweetest little thing and I love her so much

Lastly, we have Jonah. He drew this picture at school and brought it home. I was mortified. I hope his teacher didn't see it! Andy and I had a hard time not laughing as we explained to him that he CANNOT draw pictures of people without clothing on. He said he wouldn't do it anymore. I hope this is normal for a little boy to do?? Curiosity? Something....?? I don't know. I sure do love that kid though. Seriously.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Today Because...

- I've already been to the gym

-My laundry is completely done- as in, linens, towels, AND clothes. It feels awesome!

-My house is clean

-My mom is coming over today

-5 out of 6 kids will be in school all together today for 2 1/2 hours (just what will I do with my time? :)

- My family

-Talking to my sister on the phone

-I'm going to make a delicious chocolate cake today (I've been craving one for a few days now!)

-Tomorrow is Friday and I get to go on a date with my hubby

-I don't feel sick or have a headache (that will change.... I haven't taken my meds yet :)

-I have a new shirt to wear today!

What makes you happy?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Daphne's First Day of Preschool

Daphne was so excited to start preschool today. She calls it the "Little Preschool" because it's not the same as Laylah's and Jonah's old preschool (she'll go there when she's 4) If you recall, it's a bunch of moms that I'm friends with and we're rotating teaching at our houses. She had the BEST time. I'm so glad she and Javis have this to do, they already love it so much and are asking when they get to go back.

Labor Day at Noon

We had a L-A-Z-Y day yesterday. It was wonderful.... Jammies still on at noon, and playing with sidewalk chalk.
Daphne's "mouse"

Here's Laylah on her bed with no sheets (laundry day)... she's in trouble because she pushed Jonah off the tramp. Hmmmmm...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Mother and Husband and Life

Well, wow. What a weekend. It started out on Friday when I recieved a call from the Endocrinologist office. They called me after only 3 days of "reviewing my file" to make me an appointment. They told me it would be 2-3 weeks of "review time" originally. And then they said it would probably be 6 weeks after that to get an appointment. And my appointment is for the 29th of this month. They told me they needed to get me in and that was the first available date, and that I needed to take it (and it's at 7:15 AM-do you think they're squeezing me in?!). So I did. And then I got a little nervous. Why were they getting me in so quickly?

My mom called me that afternoon and I had a mini breakdown (well, I'd like to think it was only mini) I went on and on to her about all the things I had going on, all the things that were stressing me out, all the things I was worried about (hey, what are moms for, right?) and she just sat and listened, said all the right things, and of course, sympathized. She's amazing. I love my mom.

Why do we ( as moms and wives) think we have to be superwomen all the time? I told my mom that I didn't feel like I could complain to anyone- ever, and she asked me why. I don't know why. But here it is. I am stressed out. I have a lot going on. I am worried about a lot of things right now. And I seriously feel like crap (I would use a stronger word, but this is a family blog ;) about 90% of the time because of my medication. If you ask, and I tell you I'm fine, I'm probably lying to you. I guess I just don't want to try and make myself seem more important, or draw attention to myself. I guess I think that this life is hard, and SO many people have hard things in their lives that I shouldn't be complaining about such small, insignifigant things. So I try not to. Except to my amazing, wonderful, helpful mom. Did I mention that I love her? Well, I do. I really really do.
Then there's this guy:Isn't he soooooo good lookin? I sure do love him too. After my "mini" breakdown, he announced that we were going shopping (a sure cure to all that ails you) He found a babysitter (my lovely sister Kaylie- thanks lovely), got pizza for the kids, and we were off. He wined me (okay, diet coked me), dined me, and romanced me at The Gateway. We had such a fun night. I got some new clothes and a new purse AND a Haagan Daz ice cream cone (heaven!) We strolled around hand in hand, listened to some guy playing his guitar and singing (and gave him a few bucks and also made him laugh right in the middle of a song! whoops) and enjoyed each other. Our lives are stressful right now, and it was so nice to just have each other to worry about for a few hours. Like I said- I love my husband, and I'm also pretty crazy about him- and he makes me laugh more than any person I've ever met. Later that night, he almost made me pee my pants laughing at Target... true story. But thats all you need to know about that :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009


This is what I hear. "Uh-Oh". I have left Bear at the table alone, in hopes that he might finish his dinner without distraction.

No such luck."Ewwww" he says. (which it's really not. Who doesn't like nachos for dinner?!)
Our silent vacuum cleaner/ mop. (Look how dirty my chair is.... grubby little hands tend to do that :)
Great job pup.
Nothin' a little Tub Time can't fix.He cleans up pretty good, eh?Freshly lotioned bum. Mmmmm, smells good. :)