Saturday, January 29, 2011


I love Etsy. I could spend hours upon hours browsing through the wonderful hand-made things that incredibly talented people create. One of my favorite shops is Tollipop.

You Can Share Mine

The amazing artist who draws these darling pictures is actually in my sister Rachel's ward in Las Vegas. I also adore her blog (which you can find on my side bar) as she is an incredibly talented, and entertaining, writer as well. The picture above is going to go in my girl's room.

Bundle of Joy

The one above will go in the nursury, of course!


This one will go in my room. I obviously enjoy her work. I have a list of prints that I will someday add to my collection. Go check her out-you will love her!

Caterpillar + Decorating = Nursury

Magnus lives in the coldest room in our house. It is really weird actually, in the summer it is the hottest room and in the winter, it is the coldest. I swaddle him up nice and tight for naps and bedtime and then wrap a lovely, thick quilt around him and he immedietly drifts off to Dreamland.... he reminds me of a caterpillar wrapped in a cocoon. He also likes his face covered up. Silly boy. This is the same crib that we have used for all 5 kids. BUT this is the first time it has looked different. My wonderful grandmother bought it for me when I was pregnant with Laylah and I loved the natural wood finish that it had. It was very trendy at the time, but by the time Daphne came along..... not so much. Andy painted it a lovely pale cream color for me and he just finished putting it together last week. I love it! Poor baby had been sleeping in his pack n' play since birth and I could tell he was getting a little cramped in it.

I was so excited to start decorating the nursury. It's still a work in progress, but I'm slowly getting it done. Along with the rest of the house. I basically just have the bedrooms left to decorate now (hanging things, adding a few new things and extra touches here and there). Even though we are in a rental and I can't paint (hence the walls and the crib are the same color... didn't think about that part when the paint for the crib was being chosen :) I can still hang things and bring color INTO the room. I love the green, chocolate brown and white for a boys room.

This sign will actually hang above the crib, but I don't have the right stuff to do it yet, so I stuck it on the crib for now.... my friend Ira made it. I love it. She's now doing one for my girls' room. Some people get all the talent.... my talent is making friends with people who HAVE talent and can help me :)

After 3 years of searching, I have FINALLY found quilts for my girls' beds that I love and that match the colors of their decor. They are such darling, shabby chic, girly girl, ruffly pieces. I am so excited to get it all incorporated and put the finishing touches on their room. I am having a lot of fun. I love to decorate, it's fulfilling to me.

Next up, the big boy's room...

And if I ever get to it (which hasn't happened in, well, ever) I will finally get to decorate my OWN bedroom which has empty walls and is pretty much a blank canvas. Someday... right?

Friday, January 28, 2011


What does this:

Plus this:


Clean boots!

If there's one thing I know how to do after having 5 kids, it's how to get out a stain!
The only problem is, Daphne says they're too small now. I don't care though-she will WEAR those boots the rest of winter if it's the last thing she does... tee hee!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sweet Boys

click on image to enlarge I love catching a moment like this.... it's not the best picture, but Jonah is SO good at making Magnus smile and laugh. I snuck over with my phone and took a quick pic. I am in love with these sweet boys.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


In retrospect, I wish I would have thought it was a bad idea to buy these white boots while I was in the store, and not after a day of rain and mud at the park... Good thing Daphne got to wear them 3 times, or else I might have been disappointed ;) Do you think I could still return them? The store might not notice.... I mean, they're not that dirty..... right?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An Ice Day...?

I have experienced a lot of new things from living out here in the east. For the first time yesterday, I experienced an ice day. I had heard about these occurences but hadn't yet had the opportunity of seeing it. It was crazy! School was closed because there was a thin sheet of ice over everything. It had been raining the day before and through the night. It was not very cold but it progressivly became colder until the rain froze and everything that was wet turned to ice. I had checked the school website early that morning (I got into the habit of doing that when there is a even the slightest chance of closure or delay because otherwise, we get all ready, and then I find out after my kids are already waiting at the bus stop :) while I was nursing Magnus, and school was to be closed. I looked outside and not seeing any snow, thought it was ridiculous. After I found out that it was because the Ice Capades were happening outside, I decided it was probably a good idea my kids weren't riding a big bus that could slide out of control at any moment. I still had to be to a doctor's appointment around 9:30, so Andrew had to come out to help me even open the car door because they were frozen shut. He scraped and scraped my windows while chunks of ice flew off everywhere. I also went to put some letters in the mailbox to go out and the mailbox was frozen shut! There were tiny raindrop sized icicles covering everything. It was beautiful.

I wish I would have had time to take a few more pictures, but I was in a rush, so I took what I could. Luckily by mid-morning it was all melted and wasn't as scary to drive around in. I'm getting used to all of the different and new experiences here, and I have to say, I am loving it. I really love the east coast and I love Virginia.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

THAT Time Has Come.... *Post Edit*

About 6 years ago Target changed their prescription drug bottles (can I just stop right here and mention how much I simply ADORE Target? Okay, just had to get that out there :) I personally loved the new design, and with the color-code system (each member of the family has their own color so meds don't get mixed up) it was even better. With 2 tiny children, and just having found out I was pregnant with my 3rd, we were purchasing quite a few medications at our house on a yearly basis. I remember choosing out which color each of us would have and when the time came that any one of us would need a prescription filled, letting the pharmacy know which color went with who.

Well, around the time Daphne was born, I remember thinking "Hmmmm, we've used up 5 of the 6 colors. I wonder what will happen when I have 2 more kids? What will they do?"

So then Bear came along and with that, we had used up all 6 colors that the Target Pharmacy offeres: Me:Red

Well, today I had to take Magnus to the doctor because he's been sick the past week and not getting better. We found out he has double ear AND eye infections. Poor baby. I received 2 prescriptions for the little guy and on the way home stopped at Target.

Right then , I remembered something....we had no colors left! What were they going to do?! I also had to admit to myself that I am a total NERD for thinking about this the past 6 years and that I was finally going to find out what would happen!!! Are you as excited as me to find out?!?!

Well, that's just what you're going to have to do. Wait with me. Because I was in a rush and dropped them off because I knew Andy would be going by there later and could pick them up.

I do have to mention though, when I explained the situation to the pharmacy tech, he just laughed and laughed and thought it was so funny that I had 7 people in my family and that he wasn't sure what they would do..... I know you're all on pins and needles waiting to find out what happens!!


*Post Edit*
Total let-down to my expectations.... they gave Magnus the color orange. So, my two youngest are both orange. That is not very creative. I am a bit disappointed.... ;)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Chocola-"Tea" Party

Whew!! What a party. I am so glad it's over. It took up an entire 2 weeks of my life. It was a huge success and Daphne loved it.

When she told me that she wanted to have a "chocolate" party, I immedietly went to my dear friend Ira (she needs to open a party planning business-she's amazing) and asked her what I should do. Between her, Google, and some ideas I found on a few other friend's blogs, we came up with a Chocolat-"Tea" Party.... get it? A chocolatey party? Haha...I found these super cute invites and included some delicious chocolate with them-the info part slid into the teapot as the lid.

We set a beautiful table for afternoon tea (hot chocolate) and some chocolatey snacks

rice crispy treats, 2 different flavors of marshmellows, pretzels, and fruit to dip into our chocolate fountain

I got this idea from my friend Miranda's blog-super cute for our skewers

tiny cupcakes for our party-everything is cuter when it's a mini version :)

Ira made this darling sign for me

The place settings

The hot chocolate maker made the "tea" a breeze

Take home favor-a little purse filled with everything a girl needs-lip gloss and nail polish to touch up any chips :)

One of our games was Put the Lid on the Teapot. The girls earned their boas by playing this game

We also played Musical Teapot (the teapot was filled with beaded necklaces and whoever was holding the teapot when the music stopped got to reach in and take one) and read the adorable book "Tea for Ruby"

Here is the basket for our "stations". We had 3-hair, nails, and make-up, to be beautified and ready for our tea party. After the girls completed the 3 stations, they received a beaded bracelet

At the hair station, they received a flower clip in their hair (I MADE these!! Proud? Yes, yes you are :)

So, after the girls arrived (they all looked SO adorable dressed in their Tea Party finest!) we read Tea for Ruby and talked all about our tea party manners and how we need to behave at a tea party.
I then turned on the tea party scene in Alice in Wonderland for the girls to watch while we rotated them through our 3 stations and they got all nice and pretty for the tea party
Ira and her daughter Hannah came to help me with the entire party. She is such a wonderful friend. Ira did the make-up, Hannah did the nails, and I did the hair.

The girls all dolled up and watching the movie

We then played our party games to earn the rest of our tea party attire. Here is Musical Teapot
Daphne choosing a necklace

Playing Put the Lid on the Teapot

Daphne choosing her boa

All the girls waiting patiently for their turn

Finally! All decked out and ready for our Chocolate Tea Party! Such darling girls!

Yum Yum! Perfect Tea Party manners!

That's right Birthday Girl.... use that napkin!

Having a grand time

Daphne "leading" everyone in singing Happy Birthday to her
After we washed 10 little hands and faces (and tried to spot clean a few dresses!) it was gift time! Daphne received lots of fun presents-barbies, make-up, a princess phone, and littlest pet shop-all things girly! I had to include the picture below. She received a chocolate treat making kit-perfect for a chocolate lover like her! Can you tell that she liked it?! :)

After we passed out 10 little purses and ten pink and brown balloons, it was time to say farewell to her friends. Daphne loved her birthday party so I can say it was a success!

Daphne turns 5

My Daphne girl turned 5 on Thursday. She has been so excited to turn 5, mostly because a) She gets to start kindergarten in August and b) She no longer has to take naps. She is so funny.

We started out the day with her choice of birthday breakfast. She wanted powdered sugar crepes, hard boiled eggs, and pears (she always chooses the weirdest combinations for her birthday meals). She got to open one gift (her birthday outfit) and was just so happy all day long. I had planned on taking all of my kids to Funland's softplay area after the other kids got out of school, but Daphne, Baron, and Magnus have been so sick all week. They have had horrible, nasty coughs and noses, and I didn't want to infect the entire place, so we stayed home all day. Daphne chose chicken fingers, home-made fries, artichokes, and crescents for her birthday dinner. She also wanted raspberry lemonade, of course.

Daphne was very eager to open presents. She has been asking for the same thing for 2 months. Barbie and her walking horse. She saw it at Kohl's in November and has been talking about it ever since. What I found interesting is that she didn't ask for it for Christmas. Just for her birthday. Funny how their little minds work.I found this used book on Amazon for $0.01! It is Daphne's absolute favorite book. We have checked it out at the library and renewed it 100 times. Not quite sure why she likes it so much, but she does. So I got her her very own copy. Unfortunaely, Andy was the photographer and missed her initial, thrilled excitement when she opened it and saw what it was. It was adorable :)

I had ordered this cd player/karaoke/mp3 hookup player the day after Christmas. By her birthday (the 13th) it still hadn't arrived. I was so mad and when I called they told me it would be arriving the 14th. Lame. So I wrapped a picture of it along with the cd's we got her and I was very surprised that she knew exactly what the picture was ("that's a cd player!") and was very excited for it to arrive the next day.

She looks a little bored in this pic, but I promise, she likes getting new clothes :)

Receiving some green is ALWAYS fun :)

And finally.... the long-awaited Barbie with her walking horse Tawny. Daphne was thrilled when she opened this gift and immediately opened the box up and played with it the rest of the night. Funny side-note: The horse needed batteries to walk and Andy put them in and it wouldn't work. I asked Daph if she wanted to return it. She said no, that she didn't care if it worked, she just loved this horse so much. I asked Andy if he put the batteries in correctly and he gave me a look like "Duh, you think I would put the batteries in wrong?" Well, later (as Daph was playing with her new horse) the battery pack had been left on the couch and I sat down to feed Magnus and picked up the pack and examined it. One of the batteries was installed incorrectly. I fixed it, put it in the horse and Voila'! The horse walked. Happy day. And of course, I had to give Andy a hard time :)

Daphne receieved a cute dress, leapster game, candy, and drawing pad from her Papa Bry and Grandma Claudia. She received money and a darling book called "You Know How Much I Miss You" that was recordable and Grandma and Grandpa Collette read the book and recorded their voices reading it. It was very cute. Daphne and all the other kids love to sit and listen to it. Her Aunt Rachel and also all 4 of her wonderful great grandparents sent money and cards. She was so excited all week whenever she received a card in the mail. Andy and I got her new clothes, boots, a necklace, cd player, cd's, the walking horse, and a book. She loved it all.

I asked Daphne what kind of cake she wanted and I can't believe how specific she was. She told me she wanted me to make her a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and decorate it with a clock. What?! Well, that's what I did. it turned out pretty comical, especially after the cake split down the middle and fell apart. At least I got a picture before that happened :) Notice the time? 5:00? get it? Okay, so maybe I'm the only one who thought that was clever!

Notoice it starting to split already....


Look! Her cd player was delivered while Daphne was at preschool on Friday. She was so excited to come home and try it out. It is a huge hit and all of the kids love it.
Daphne at 5
Daphne is such a fun girl. She is so sweet and cute. She has an electric personality and I cannot believe how many people comment to me how sweet she is. Her primary teachers, preschool teachers, friends mom's, and random people at the grocery store will tell me how sweet and wonderful she is. Here's an example: I was waiting in line at the store to check-out and it was at Christmas time, so it was super busy. An older woman behind me was going through her purse and it dropped on the floor and everything spilled out of it. Her stuff, including coins, receipts, lipsticks, etc. flew everywhere. Daphne immedietly ran over to her and started helping her pick it up off of the floor. It took her about 5 minutes and the lady had tears in her eyes after they cleaned it all up and she told me what a special little girl I had. Later, Daphne told me that she knew that the right thing to do was to help that lady.
She is also hilarious. I just cannot believe some of the things that come out of her mouth. She always has us all laughing around the dinner table. She is very smart and has an amazing memory. Several times a primary teacher or preschool teacher has told me that they'll ask a question to the class that they don't think anyone will know the answer to, but Daphne will know the answer. She loves to read and retains information. She can count past 100, and taught herself how to write her name before she started preschool, as well as the entire alphabet. She is always asking questions about everything and she will remember the answer you give her. She loves to ride her bike and scooter and play with friends, and also sing and dance in dress-ups. Barbies are her favorite, but she also likes her Baby Alive and taking care of her. She asks to color or play with play-do at least once a day. She and Baron have become very close since we moved to Virginia and play really well together. She adores Magnus and loves to make him smile and also read him books and play puppets with him. When he was first born she didn't pay a lot of attention to him, but over the past several weeks, she has loved to help out with him and has become much more involved. She loves to play nintendo with Jonah and pretend with Laylah. She likes to play with Sadie and take her for walks. She is so good to share her toys and has gotten so much better about her fit-throwing. She rarely gets into trouble and is a very good listener.
She has become a little bit pickier with her eating, but she will always try something once. She loves fruit, peanut butter and honey sandwiches, cereal (frosted mini wheats the most), and eats veggies, but they are not her favorite. She loves treats, especially chocolate. She is pretty little still. I think she weighs 35 pounds and is about 38 inches tall. I'll find out for sure at her 5 year check-up next Tuesday. Baron is going to be passing her up in height soon-he passed her up in weight over a year ago.
As you can see, Daphne is a complete joy. I adore her and apparently, so does everyone who knows her.
Happy Birthday baby girl.
*post edit*
Daph had her 5 year exam.... I was a bit off and she's grown! She is now in the 50th percentile for height and weight. She's 38 pounds and 41 inches tall.