Saturday, January 29, 2011


I love Etsy. I could spend hours upon hours browsing through the wonderful hand-made things that incredibly talented people create. One of my favorite shops is Tollipop.

You Can Share Mine

The amazing artist who draws these darling pictures is actually in my sister Rachel's ward in Las Vegas. I also adore her blog (which you can find on my side bar) as she is an incredibly talented, and entertaining, writer as well. The picture above is going to go in my girl's room.

Bundle of Joy

The one above will go in the nursury, of course!


This one will go in my room. I obviously enjoy her work. I have a list of prints that I will someday add to my collection. Go check her out-you will love her!

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Emily said...

I love Etsy so much, too. I bought my MIL this hand-stamped necklace for Christmas from a seller there and she seriously cried when she opened the present.
The artwork is amazing, LOVE it. I will def check this lady out!