Thursday, April 20, 2017

Howdy Hey-- A School Rant

Hi there folks! Wow, it's been a long time. I can never figure out how so much time has passed in between my posts. The last time I blogged it was February (TWO MONTHS AGO?!) and I was blogging about SEPTEMBER. Hahaha. Oh my, but I am behind. To be honest, I have not even thought about my blog since I last posted because LIFE. 

Yup, Life happened. In those past two months, I got a promotion, we bought a house, we moved, we started a renovation (which we are still int he middle of..... UUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH, I just want it finished), Andy and I went on a 15th anniversary cruise, and of course, we have five busy kids, I'm in school, Andy is traveling for work every week.... and yeah. I think that's about it. Holy moly. I always think I am the busiest I will ever/could ever be, and then I somehow get busier. I don't really know how that works, but it does. I literally cannot ever fathom being done with school. I just can't. I feel like it will last forever. 

The other night I was doing a graduation audit to see what other classes I had left to take. I have about 35 credits left, give or take (give, of course, it's never take). I have taken 88 credits, but 35 more seems like SO MANY. And that is just for my bachelor's degree, along with my minor. Since I am only taking 9 credits a semester (approximately 3 classes), that is FOUR more semesters. Oh man. That is two years if I don't go in the summer. And I really don't want to go in the summer. I already work full time, so I want to spend any extra time with my kiddos. Ugh. I will say it again-- GO TO SCHOOL WHEN YOU'RE YOUNG, FOLKS! Don't be like me. Be smart. At this rate, it will have taken me seven years, and thirteen semesters to get my bachelors degree. That is just gross.And then I have 5 more semesters to get my Master's degree. THAT IS 18 SEMESTERS! Oh my heck. Why am I doing this again? Hahaha.

Any-who, that was a little rambling tangent, but that is just how I felt the other night. Like I will never, ever finish. I am a little discouraged. I suppose the time will pass either way, but sometimes I just wish I could not stress about school and just watch Netflix for crap's sake. 

So, yeah. Lots of life going on over here. I need to catch-up on my blog, especially before I forget the last 6 months! Soon, folks, soon. School is over in 2 weeks, and then I get four glorious months off!! Hallelujah. 

Plus, now that Andy is traveling all the time with his new job, I will have free time in the evening once I'm done with the semester. Yeah! Cannot wait.

But first, I have four more tests to take, a huge paper to write, and several smaller assignments. The end of the semester suuuuuucks. Wish me luck!