Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oh Baby!

So, even though I was supposed to see the doctor weeks ago, our insurance was a bit messed up and we finally got it figured out so that I could finally go and see the doc. I love my new doctor and the office already, which is a very good thing for me, because I was being so negative about not seeing my favorite OB of all time who delivered my other 4 babies perfectly.

Anyway, I finally made it in and after the routine pee on a stick (except they had me pee in a cup! How odd...), get the blood pressure and weight, ask the typical questions, they finally pulled out the machine that let's you hear that sweet little "swoosh-swoosh" sound of.... the heartbeat :)

The nurse had a little trouble finding it, and she kept saying "You're over 12 weeks, this should be pretty easy to find..." and finally after an agonizing 5 minutes (well, it seemed like that long.... it was probably 30 seconds :) that beautiful sound came into my ears. It made me so happy! I don't know if it's because I feel like this will be our last baby, or what, but I am relishing every thing about this pregnancy (you know, besides wanting to throw-up almost every waking moment), and that heartbeat.... music to my ears!

It also reassured me that I haven't been making all of this up, it's not in my head, I'm sick for a reason, and there really IS indeed, a baby inside of me. Hey, you never know. But it's so amazing.

Like I said.... I'm relishing this :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Have Some Water

"I water da pants mama!"

"Oh good, I'm glad the pants are getting some water"


Sunday, April 25, 2010


Wow. How does time fly so fast? I can't believe we've been here for over 2 months. I can't believe I haven't see anyone in my family for that long (literally, as we have yet so set up our webcam). It has been such a huge adjustment. And I guess I've been feeling a bit "down" lately.

I have always had a difficult time with big changes. I am not the type to think "Okay, this is going to be an adventure! This will be something new and exciting!" I have always been a pessimist... I really am trying to work on that, and I really think I have gotten better, but I do have my days. I'm kept so busy by the kids that time really does go by quickly, which makes me happy because I get to go home for a 10 day visit in 25 days! (but who's counting? :)

On top of that, this pregnancy has really thrown me for a loop. We felt like we should try to get pregnant around this time, and I was very nervous to even try because I was scared I wouldn't be able to get pregnant with all the medication I've been on for all of my various health issues. So, when we felt like we should do it, I didn't hesitate for fear that I would never be able to again. And I am very happy to be pregnant and very excited about a new, sweet-smelling, cuddly, squishy being in our home, but at the same time I think "What am I going to do all alone with no mom, no family to help out, no best friends to come visit me?" And I have just been so sick. I am really quite a whiner, I guess.

And I just miss my normal. You know, the normal? Where everyone knows you, knows your personality, knows how you are, knows what they can do to help you out, knows just what to say to make you feel better about something, knows what they can laugh at, and so on. We have just loved our new ward and the friends we've made, the kids are having a great time with their new friends, and everyone has been so nice. We've been invited to dinner several times, and I really love the Relief Society ladies that have reached out to me and been so kind and welcoming. I guess it just takes time. To feel like you really belong again. And I know I will..... I just need to be patient.

I am grateful for my Heavenly Father's love for me. I am grateful that I know He's there. I am grateful to feel like we have done the right thing, I know it will just take some time. I'm just an impatient person and I want it to all be perfect right now. I guess I needed to be taught a lesson in humility. If so, it's workin' :)
P.S. I really miss my hair stylist. I am so nervous to go to anyone else and I have 3 inch roots. It's really ugly, but I'd rather wear a hat every day than have freaky hair that I hate. Maybe I'll be daring this week and find someone to do it. Baby steps... :)
P.P.S. I promise I am not depressed or anything. I'm actually quite happy.... just adjusting, like I said. I just re-read through this and it sounded... sad. I'm not sad.... just so you know :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy 30th Andrew!

My hubby hit a milestone.

He's 30.


Just kidding :)

We had a tiny party with our little family. I made him a big steak dinner, we had a big chocolate cake and gave him a big bag full of all his favorite things. This is NOT how I pictured my hubby's 30th birthday to be, but he picked a heck of a year to move. Not that he minds, or cares that nothing exciting happened, but I tried planning all sorts of fun surprises and none of them would work out (due to the fact we live a million miles away from old friends and family mostly :). They just might later this year, but we'll have to see how that all goes. I hope something will work out to commemorate the big 3-0. I will, of course, let you know if it it does :)

Happy Happy Birthday Andrew. I love you :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Worst Mother of the Year Award Goes to...... Me!

Ohhhh boy. This kid will be the death (or the incarceration) of me. Let me start at the beginning...

Last summer we went to California at the end of July. It was a long drive and we left late to come home and got home around 6 AM. We all went back to bed and then when we all woke up around 9, I started cleaning out the car, and had all the kids come out with me to take their travel stuff inside-toys, movies, blankets, pillow, etc. Well, apparently with all the coming in and going out, and coming in.... Baron escaped out the screen door and was playing out front (remember, he was only about 15 1/2 months at this time) The front door got shut and the kids went back to their cartoons. I went downstairs to do laundry (which, once I turn the washer on, I cannot hear anything going on upstairs, it's so loud) and was sorting clothes for awhile. When I finished I had a quiet feeling to check on the kids, and went upstairs to check on them. The older 3 were watching cartoons. I went up to the boys room to see Bear because I knew (or so I thought) he had been in his room playing with toys. I went in there and....

No Bear. Ran back downstairs thinking he was in the playroom and I hadn't seen him....

No Bear. Run back upstairs and ask the kids where Bear is....

They have no idea. I search the house from top to bottom in about 3 minutes flat.

No Bear. I run in and wake up Andy, getting a bit hysterical (he had driven most of the night, so he was sleeping a bit longer than the rest of us.) and we run outside in our pajammas calling Bear frantically, praying in our minds that he's okay. Down at the corner by our house we see a cop car pulling around. Andy runs over and converses with the cop, and then I see a little group of kids across the street and about 3 houses down. Bear is in the midst of them playing, running around and laughing. There are also a couple adults (now, our ward boundries ended with us. Across the street was a whole other ward, not to mention about 75% of our immediate neighbors were non-members, so I had no idea who these people were) talking to each other. I run to Bear, he sees me and gets a big grin and runs to me. I have never been so happy to squeeze that chubby little body. I talk with one of the ladies who says she saw Bear wandering around about 20 minutes ago and thought he was ours, as we are the only other family with kids in the immediate vicinity. She said she knocked on our door a couple times, but no one answered (darn that washing machine-oh, and my kids who listen to me and don't answer the door without me telling them to! ;) And then after about 10 minutes of no one frantically searching for him, she decided she better call the police. I thanked her profusely for being a good person and not a kidnapper (not really :) and watching him while his oblivious parents were otherwise occupied.

The cop took Andy's info and told us to be more careful. And that was that. I never shared it on my blog because... well... I honestly didn't think much more about it and so many other things were going on at the time, it just slipped from my mind (I usually do that with horrifying experiences).

And then it happened again.... Crap.

Last Saturday it was suck a beautiful spring morning and I was up early. I started cleaning my house and realized I needed to get Sadie some food as she was completely out. I asked Laylah to keep a very close eye on Bear and that dad was upstairs sleeping if she needed anything. She agreed.

I ran to the store quickly; came home where all was well. I decided to take Sadie for a quick 20 minute walk because really, it was SUCH a beautiful morning (the hymn Oh What a Beautiful Morning even came to mind) The kids all wanted to come but they were all still in jammies, so I told them to just turn on the nintendo and they could play while I was gone and when I got back we'd start chores. I reminded them to watch Bear and started out with my walk. I was gone about 10 minutes when I had a quiet feeling to turn around and go home. I immedietly did so, much to Sadie's disappoinment-she kept trying to walk the other way. I walked about 2 minutes when a little figure came into my view. It was a little barefoot boy, walking down the middle of the street looking at the ground with a little frown on his face. I yelled "Bear!" in surprise to which the figure looked up, face cracked into a giant grin and he started pumping his little legs as fast as they would carry him towards me, and I, to him. I picked up that boy and squeezed with all my might until he grunted, needing some air.

I immedietly looked around waiting to see someone point an accusing finger at me, or waiting to hear the wail of a siren. None came. I put Bear over my shoulder for a piggy back ride and began jogging the half mile home. That's right.... a half mile. On the way I thought about what I should say to the kids. I knew I couldn't get angry, I was the mother after all, and Bear was my responsibility. When I reached our porch, I set Bear down and looked him right in the eye. "You cannot leave the house all by yourself Bear. Do you understand? That is very dangerous and you could get hurt. Owie! Okay?" To which he replied "Okay.... owie!" and showed me his bloody, stubbed little toes from walking along the asphault barefoot.

I walked inside (the cracked open door) and called to the kids and explained what had happened. They felt horrible and apologized. I told them that if they agreed to watch bear than they needed to do it and be responsible. And then I grounded them from nintendo the rest of the day. I didn't think that was too harsh.

Later I found Bear playing in here: I decided we should get him one of his own. Just kidding (kind of :)

I've learned a lot of things about these experiences. I have never been a "worried" mother. I am just not overly concerned and I always think nothing bad could, or would, ever happen to my kids. I've learned that is simply not true. I need to be more diligent and responsible. I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost in my life and that still small voice. I am grateful for the gospel and my Father's influence every day. These experiences could have turned out a lot worse. But they didn't and I am lucky enough to get another chance and try again.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Zoo.... Finally

Well, I am finally getting around to posting about the zoo, one of the places we went over spring break. The kids thought this was the highlight of the week. They loooved it. It was enormous and we also chose the hottest day of the year thus far to go (92 degrees!!) so by the time we were done I was sick and completely exhausted.

We had a bit of an adventure though. Even though D.C. is only 55 miles away, because of the traffic it takes nearly 2 hours to drive there. I had my map, but I was very nervous to drive to the busy city alone. However, to make my kids happy, I will try anything at least once :) So, we arrived without incident only to find out that the parking lot was full. I had called and they told me it does get full but that it shouldn't be the day we were going because it would be less busy. BUT, it was. So I drove around for another half hour trying to find parking, calling Andy to try to help me find parking, driving up and down the street trying to find a spot. Finally, they took the sign away that parking was full and opened the lot back up because enough people had left that there were spots available. YES! Relief.

We got into the zoo and started walking around. The zoo is free, but everything else costs money, including maps. I wasn't about to spend money on a piece of paper with pictures, so we used the sign maps located all around the zoo. However, for the first hour or so we saw maybe a total of 2 animals. The kids were very discouraged, I was very discouraged, and decided this zoo sucked and was the worst zoo ever and even said so and all the kids agreed. No wonder it was free. They wanted to leave, but I wasn't about to do that after all the time and trouble I had gone through to get here. So I tried to be more positive.

We ventured down to another area and found a lot more stuff. It actually turned out to be great. The "houses" of animals were much better than the habitats outside because it was so hot, everything was hiding out. So when we finally made it to the mammal house, the monkey house, and the reptile house, the kids were in heaven and had an absolute blast. We stayed for hours and then spent another hour in the gift shop picking out a small toy. Jonah said "This was the best day ever, thanks mom! Oh, and this ISN'T the worst zoo, it's the best!" I laughed and had to agree.Climbing the fence because they were so bored from the lack of animals.

The male panda. The mama is pregnant and in confinement to make sure her baby is safe and will be born nice and healthy.

They requested to have their picture taken by this red panda statue because the real red panda was no where to be found.

They were SO excited to see the tiny goldfish in this habitat because of the lack of animals

Finally, something to see!

Bear was enthralled by these merecats and watched them for nearly a half hour

This orangutan was awesome and swinging all around and playing. We especially like it because Laylah had just done a project on animals the week before at school and had chosen orangs. She was very excited.

This snake was HUGE. It could have eaten Bear.

There's a huge croc in the top left part of the pic-it kind of looks like a tree root. It blends in amazingly (what a concept, right?) Jonah's favorite animals are crocodiles, he was SO excited. He even chose a croc as his toy in the giftshop.

Is it just me, or does this iguana look to be smiling? Funny.
After we were ready to head home, I realized the road I had taken to come to the zoo was closed for construction, so I had no idea how to get home. Not to mention that we were leaving at prime rush hour traffic. I called Andy to be my GPS and he guided me to the freeway and told me which streets to take and everything. It took us an hour to get out of the city and onto the freeway. I kept pointing out all the sights to the kids (the Washington monument, Lincoln monument, the Capitol, the Senate building-where daddy works sometimes! and the Jefferson monument. They were very excited and can't wait to come back and see it all up close) so they weren't too bored. Andy warned me it would take another few hours to get home. After getting lost one more time and having to call Andy again to guide us home (I really need a GPS-but more preferably, a new car with navigation ;) we made it after nearly 3 hours. Andy had dinner waiting, but I felt so sick, I crashed on the couch and Andy put the kids to bed.
It was quite the adventure, but I think we'll wait to do anything like this again until I am feeling more up to it and it's not so hot. Hence, for this reason, we didn't make it to the beach the week of spring break, but I bribed them with a Mcdonalds trip instead with a promise of the beach another time. We had a fun busy spring break, but it's nice to have the kids back in school :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

S'more Please

A few nights ago I had to run to the grocery store for a few things we needed for our barbeque. I saw marshmellows and decided we needed some s'mores too (because for some reason, the only thing that I ever want to eat is sugar these days :) We roasted the marshmellows over the grill and they were yummy!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Letters for You

*Dear Andrew.... Love of my life. How amazing are you? I don't know how you put up with me (maybe by continually reassuring yourself that I will never be pregnant again :) and my whiny, complaining self. Thank you for doing laundry, cleaning our house, rubbing my back and feet, cooking meals (by the way, you really outdid yourself with that amazing potato salad last week!) doing the dishes because I can't stand the smell, giving our kids baths, laughing at my sudden mood swings instead of getting annoyed at me, and many many more things that you do. I Love You! You are the best. Thank you for being so thoughtful and always having little surprises for me that make my day. What would I do without you? Probably lie down and die :)

Forever yours,


P.S. Happy 30th Birthday today Lover.... and sorry I'm so lame that I didn't make you a birthday breakfast this year.... but I know you understand because you're you :)

*Dear Lovely Children.... Thank you for being so patient with me while I am a boring, no fun mommy. Thank you for helping so much more than usual. Thank you for being such good kids. I am so grateful for you all and I love you more than words can express. I love love love love you (one love for each of you :) You are the best kids, and you have the sweetest hearts.


Your Mom

*Dear Rachel.... Sister Extrodanaire. Thank you for talking to me on the phone all the time about.... nothing. Thank you thank you for going out of your way and mailing me your very expensive, wonderful sickness bracelet (and spending so much to do it :) that has made my evenings much more bearable (even though my hand has a permanant twitch ;). Thank you for being so wonderful and understanding and always on my side. I sure do love you.

Love your sister,


*Dear Mother Dear.... Oh how I miss you! I miss seeing your lovely face and getting to have you all to myself for 3 hours every 5 weeks while I do your hair. I miss your "hysterical" laugh when something is just so funny and you can't catch your breath.... especially when I am the one who made you laugh like that. I miss seeing you play with my kids and having them yell "Grandma!" and run up to you for big squeezes. I miss your yummy food. Thank you for always talking to me on the phone, especially when you're busy but I'm not ready to hang up yet. I love you mom.

Love always,


*Dear Daddy-Bry.... Ohhh Dad. I miss you. I miss you coming to see me at home at the most random times during the day and not caring that I'm still in my pajammas and my house is a mess. I miss cutting your hair. I miss you coming to help me with the silliest things. I miss you bringing me lunch. I miss seeing you in my backyard pushing my kids on our tire swing. I miss coming home from somewhere and seeing your truck parked in front of my house on the street. I miss calling you to ask you the silliest questions that you always know the answer to. I miss you asking me "Do you know your daddy loves you?" I miss my Daddy.

Love your favorite,


*Dear Kaylie.... I miss my little sis. I miss riding with you and talking about all of your highschool "stuff". I miss having an amazing babysitter who my kids love and I know will do a wonderful job. I miss laughing our heads off until our stomachs hurt. I miss being silly with you. I miss teasing you. I miss YOU!!



*Dear Friends who I left back in Utah.... I miss you all! I miss seeing you, chatting about anything and everything, having our kids play, getting to have a girl's night out with you, having heart to heart's, and many more fun, girly things. I am so happy so many of you tell me how much you miss me too. It makes me glad to know I am not forgotten (yet :). I miss good, close friends who I can tell anything and who support and love me and know me. I miss you!

Love your friend,


Friday, April 16, 2010

A Dinosaur Par-tay

Well, I guess we could say the Dino party was a success with a few (minor) exceptions. One of them being that most of Bear's beloved dinosaur balloons popped before the party, another being that I had no energy or desire to even decorate for the event, and the 3rd being that Baron did not even want to open, nor have anything to do with his presents. It was also weird having just our little family to celebrate, but it was still fun. Good thing he's only 2 and won't even remember this. The pictures may fool you, but it was a bit of a rough night. Here we go....

To start off the day, we watched a movie, played outside, and then went to run a couple errands. Bear and Daphne and I went to lunch, got a donut (Bear's choice) for dessert, and then came home for naps.

For dinner Bear chose french toast topped with berries and we also had bacon. We are a breakfast for dinner family, and that is his favorite. Here he is pretending to be a dinosaur while eating:

After dinner we went over to open presents. Bear was excited at first and kept pointing to the gifts and saying "dinosaur? dinosaur?" Too bad we didn't get him a dinosaur.... I hope he wasn't too disappointed.
He opened this cute R/C airplane from his Collette grandparents which he loved. I then went into the kitchen to get something and told him to play with that for a minute and then we'd open another one. Well, he decided to go ahead without me and started opening this little gorilla toy that walks and growls and is a little scary (I guess, but it is really funny) I came back over to see it's head poking out of the wrapping paper and Bear just staring at it in horror. I picked it up and finished unwrapping it and said "Look Bear, it's funny!" He started screaming and backing away from it as fast as he could, so fast in fact that he fell off the couch and then jumped up and started running away screaming in terror. Andy and I and the other kids just started laughing our heads off, it was so funny (And ohhhh, I wish I had it on video!). I said "Bear, come here, it's not scary, it's fun!" I turned it on, and put it on the floor. It started making monkey noises and walking towards him. He turned and ran and hid in another room and kept yelling "No mama! Scary, scary!" We just all though it was so funny. Finally I took mercy on him and put it up in the closet. Afterwards though, Bear did NOT want to open anymore presents. He was so sad and scared. I felt really bad after that. Andy and I and the kids had to help him open his presents and convince him they were fun and to come play with them. If he heard a loud noise or anything "scary" sounding (like his fire truck that had sirens on it), he would run over to me and jump in my lap and sit there until he was sure it wasn't that gorilla coming back to get him.

He was finally happy again after he opened his big tent with tunnels and we got it all set up. He loved it in there, hauled all his toys in and sat and played until we made him come out for cake.

He also got some money and cards from great grandparents, aunts and uncles, a magna doodle from my parents, along with some summer clothes, and lots of fun new toys from Andy and I, and candy from his brothers and sisters. I hope he only remembers the good stuff and not that "scary" gorilla. Maybe someday he'll like it. We'll see :)

Dino Cake

He couldn't resist taking a big bite before we cut it!

Happy Birthday cute Bear, we love you!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Birthday #2 You Crazy Kid!

Warning: this post is pretty much a novel, and pretty much just for my records, so skip it if you don't like long, drawn out stories :) My Baby is 2. TWO!! I can hardly believe it. I still treat him like my itty-bitty baby. This boy has brought SO much happiness into our home. I am so grateful he came when he did. It was perfect timing, even though I didn't think so at the time. I just can't believe how much I love him. He makes me laugh every day. He is so sweet and funny. He loves to cuddle with me which I love. It's a good thing he's the 4th kid and that I've relaxed a lot as a mom because he is a little trouble maker. Here are a few recent antics...

I was downstairs doing laundry when I heard a huge CLUNK followed by some whining. I ran upstairs to see this:
I just sat there and laughed. Later on I was up in my room and Daphne came running in saying "Mom, come see Baron!" I went down to the toy room to see this:

Monkey Boy.
A few days later I heard Baron sneaking around in the kitchen. Andy had been substituting an early morning seminary class at our house that week and the last day he did it, he had gotten some donuts for the kids. He had told me there were a few leftover on the counter. Apparently Bear had spotted the package (that kid can sniff out anything treat-related in our house :), pushed a chair over to the counter, snuck into the dining room and started scarfing that donut as fast as he could.
He looked very ashamed until I busted up laughing, and then he smiled.... and ate the rest of his treat.

One morning Daphne went outside to jump on the tramp and Bear wanted to join her. It had been rainy, so it was muddy and I told him to go get some shoes. He brought me some lovely ones to put on him:
Plastic dress-up shoes. Nice Bear, nice :)
As you can see, this kid keeps me on my toes and constantly laughing. He loves to eat. He is an excellent eater and literally likes everything-veggies, fruit, breads, dairy, meat, treats. Every food group. He does have some favorites which include: oatmeal, cereal, berries, BANANAS, cheese, yogurt, milk, toast, turkey, chicken nuggets, apples, broccoli, asparagus, artichokes, pickles, fish (tilapia is his favorite), baked potatoes (prefers them to mashed), carrots, hot dogs, hamburgers. he won't have his 2 year well child exam until we visit Utah in May, but I think he's around 35-36 pounds, and maybe 38 inches tall. Still just a big, solid boy. He wears 3-4T clothing. He talks all the time and says a ton of words and will copy anything you tell him to say-and sometimes things you don't tell him to say-whoops :) He's been talking in sentances since he was about 18 months old. We can always understand him and he can tell us whatever he needs/wants. He loves to play outside, loves movies, loves to watch his brother and sisters play games on the computer or nintendo. He looooves dinosaurs and usually has a toy dino tucked into his chubby little fist wherever he goes. He also likes toy cars and riding his 4-wheeler. He just learned to ride his tricycle and can peddle all by himself now. He likes to play Leapster, make messes in his and his sisters' bedrooms, get into stuff, and follow Daphne around. They have become great friends since Laylah and Jonah are gone all day. He and Laylah are very close and he gets so excited when she gets home from school every day. He loves to pretend to be a kitty and crawl all around the floor and "meow" and be pet and held. He gives the BEST hugs and says "I duv you" so sweetly. His grin is infectious and it is very difficult to stay upset at him for any period of time. He is spoiled rotten and Andy and I give into him way too much-one of the reasons being his ability to apologize perfectly "I saw-wee mama, I saw-wee!" He's been in a "big boy" bunk bed since we moved and he has done terrific. He's only fallen out once. He likes to sneak up the ladder and get into Jonah's bed with him, so we had to take the ladder out of the room. He still LOVES his binky. We decided to wait and try to get rid of it after the move, and we did try a few weeks after we got here. It didn't work out so well and we ended up giving it back. We'll try again soon. He is such a wonderful, perfect addition into our family and we all adore him and love him to pieces.
Now, to make this post even longer than it already is, I wanted to tell about my labor and delivery story, as I never have recorded it anywhere, and I wanted to do that on all of my kids birthdays this year. Baron is my most exciting story because it's the only delivery where I wasn't induced. I was supposed to be, but Bear had plans of his own...
I get induced a week early with all of my kids because I have huge babies and my doctor doesn't want to risk them getting stuck or anything like that. Anyway, I was scheduled for an induction on Tuesday April15th. My due date was the 22nd. I had been so exhausted the entire week before my scheduled induction. Andy was still traveling at the time and he was out of town one last time before the baby came. My mom and dad were also out of town that week. I had never gone into labor on my own, so no one was worried that I would go early. My house was a huge mess, I hadn't washed anything or gotten ready for the baby at all and I had also done a lot of hair that week. My sister was planning on coming the Monday before my induction to help with my kids that week and everything. Anyway, Andy got home Friday the 11th. Since his birthday is the 19th, we decided to celebrate early and we went out that night. We had a lot of fun and throughout the night I was having sporadic contractions. I figured they were just braxton hicks, but they were a bit painful at times. The next day I did some more hair and Andy went to help my brother who was moving. He was gone ALL DAY and I should have been cleaning my house, but I was just so tired and had been having a lot of random, painless contractions again. Plus, I had all day Monday to get ready, so I didn't care much. Cristan was planning on giving me a pedi and doing my nails that night, so I dropped the kids off with Andy who was still helping move my brother and headed over to be pampered. It was so nice to just sit there and do nothing. I stopped and got some food on my way home and when I got home the kids were in bed. Andy and I watched a movie and I continued to have more painless, random contractions. I mentioned them to Andy and he said "Oh, are we gonna have a baby tonight?" I laughed it off becasue I had never gone into labor on my own-I didn't even know what it was supposed to feel like! Around 10 I decided to call the hospital just to see if this was labor. I talked to a nurse who said "What # baby is this for you?" I told her it was my 4th and there was a bit of a pause and then she said "And you don't know if you're in labor?" I laughed and explained my previous inductions and she told me I should come in just to be safe, but I told her I would probably wait awhile. She told me to take a bath to see if that stopped the contractions. So I did. And they stopped for awhile. I went back downstairs-Andy had fallen asleep on the couch, so I watched another movie. Throughout the movie the contractions kept getting stronger and more regular. They still didn't hurt very much at all. After the movie it was about 2 AM. I decided maybe I should pack a bag for the hospital and find some clothes to bring our baby home in just in case this was the real thing. I also packed a bag for my other kids to take to my mom-in-laws (my mom was still out of town-which I was upset about because she was supposed to be my nurse for the delivery-another reason I was hoping I wasn't really in labor) I also started cleaning up a bit, because I was so upset that my house was such a mess and my mother-in-law was going to see it like this! I'm a weirdo, what can I say. All of the sudden the contractions started to HURT!! Just like that. It was weird. I kind of started moaning quietly and bending over and it woke up Andy. He came and asked me what I was doing up and I told him I thought I was in labor. He kind of laughed and then he said "Seriously?" He ran and called his mom and said "Mom, can you come over? I'm going to take Sarah to the hospital-we're having a baby tonight." He told me she replied very sleepily "Right now?" For some reason I thought that was incredibly funny and burst into fits of laughter. I finished getting all ready to go, had the kids stuff ready, Andy grabbed some stuff and we left and passed Andy's mom on the road. It was about 3:15 AM. Luckily the hospital is just down the road from us. We were passing Wal-mart and I suddenly remembered something- "Stop! Go to Wal-mart, we don't have any more video tapes for the video camera!" Andy looked at me like I was crazy, becasue I was in the middle of a contraction and just groaning and doubled over. He said "Ummm, are you sure?" And I said "Yes, I'm fine, I want a video tape, now go!" So, he said "I'll hurry!" And he parked, jumped out of the car and ran in. I only had one contraction while he was gone. I timed it and it was about a minute long and they were about 3-4 minutes apart. I saw him running back waving the package of tapes, he jumped in and started to drive. He was laughing and told me this funny story. He said he ran to the back of electronics, grabbed some tapes and then ran back to the front. He said only one cashier was open and there were about 5 people in line ahead of him. He said he didn't want to wait so he yelled "My wife's in the car, we're having a baby, I need to hurry! She made me stop to buy these!" He said everyone got out of his way said "Oh!! Go ahead, go to the front!" And the cashier suspended the things she was ringing up and did Andy's purchase and he ran out of the store and everyone started clapping. He said it was just like a movie. I thought it was hilarious and started laughing, which hurt, so I had to stop. We made it to the hospital and the doors were locked, so we had to wait for someone to buzz us in. We made it to Labor and Delivery and went to talk to the receptionist. This whole time I am of course having contractions and thinking I'm about to die, so I am in no mood for this snarky receptionist who is sarcastic and obnoxious. She kept making inappropriate lame jokes and made us wait forever. I wanted to punch her face in, but I refrained. Luckily, Andy made a snide comment and put her in her place and she finally got a nurse to take us to our room. I wish I would have complained about her, but I didn't. Anyway, after the nurse checked us in and asked all those lame questions they have to ask, she said "Let's check you so we can get an anesthesiologist in here." She checked me and said "Oh! You're almost an 8-we better hurry!" Later I found out she was the Night Charge nurse and she knew my mom, so I got excellent care. She was also the one I had spoken to on the phone earlier and she said "I knew I'd be seeing you later, I was positive you were in labor and thought it was funny that you weren't so sure." Another bonus of the night was that my actual doctor was the one on call! I was so happy, I love my doctor and he has done such an amazing job with all of my deliveries. So, I finally got my epidural around 4 AM, and then my doctor came in and prepped me and were all ready to go. I started pushing around 5:07 and out popped Bear at 5:12 AM (I think that was the time, it's written down somewhere ;) I remember screaming through that last contraction and pushing so hard and my doctor saying "I am woman, hear me roar!!" And then I just started laughing and Bear was out, I didn't need an episiotomy and I had no tears, which I was extremely happy about. It makes the healing process so much faster and smoother. Bear was a big 9 lbs. 11 oz. and 22 1/2 inches long. A BIG boy! He had a black fro of hair with a little bald spot right in the middle in the front, almost like a hole in his hair and there was also a squishy bump right under the bald spot- which I noticed right away. I made a mental note to ask the pediatrician about it. I also noticed during my examination of him that his 2nd and 3rd toes on both feet were fused together, so he had webbed toes. I knew a girl in highschool with webbed toes and everyone though it was so cool, so I just laughed about it and thought "Oh well!" He was perfect to me, and I already loved him to pieces. It was a fun and different way to have a baby and I'm glad I didn't have to be induced because I'd always wondered what it was like to go into labor on my own. I hope it happens again :)
Just for your info (because I have people ask about Bear's little bald spot all the time) the pediatrician said that it must be from when he was in utero and he must have been pushed up against something right there for a long period of time, that's why the hair follicles didn't develop there and that's why it created the bump right under it. He'll always be bald there, but if his hair gets longer, it's pretty easy to hide. I think it's cute though, so I dont' care about hiding it. And the doctor had me take him to get an ultrasound on the bump under the bald spot just to make sure it wasn't a little tumor or anything. We did, and it was just a little deposit of fat. It has since shrunken and almost completely gone away, but I can still feel it there if I push on it. I also asked him about the webbed toes, and he said I could have surgery on them to split them up, but that would just cost a lot and it wasn't necessary. He said "He can still wear flip-flops, so it doesn't really matter" And I agreed :) Anyway, that's the story of how Bear came into my life and made a place in my heart that he'll stay forever.
Happy 2nd Birthday Bear!

Third Times the Charm?!

Well, Jo broke another pair of glasses. He was reaching into the couch for a toy that had gotten stuck down there, pushed his face just a little farther into the cushion to reach his hand down into the depths and SNAP! Came up with the toy and a broken pair of glasses.

We went last night to get some new ones. I love Lenscrafters. For kids 12 and under they do these awesome, amazing deals (year warranty's, 1/2 off everything, 1/4 of the price for a new prescription lenses, etc). Also, we have been very lucky that both times he has broken his glasses, they have the same frames available so we don't have to buy new lenses also. They actually had his same frames in 2 different colors, so he went with silver instead of black this time. He looks different to me because I am so used to the black ones!

We made an FHE night of it and had dinner at the mall, got treats, and then played at the mall playplace. It was fun.

Let's hope the third times the charm and these glasses stay in one piece for awhile :)

Friday, April 9, 2010


We had a great day during Spring Break at The Old Mine Farm. It's pretty close to our house and an actual working farm. It reminded me of Wheeler Farm. We had so much fun, and the kids loved it.They each went for a pony ride.

Not quite sure what happened to this picture, it didn't upload correctly

We went for a hay ride

Had a picnic

Jonah kept gobbling to this turkey and it would gobble right back. He was having a great time playing copycat.

Bear was especially excited to see the bunnies

They gave us each a bucket of food to feed all the different animals all over the farm. Several goats were roaming free and they would come right up to be fed.

They had some weird looking sheep and a llama, tons of ponies, peacocks, pygmy goats, chickens, turkeys, and ducks

The little goats were so cute! And they had a bunch of brand new baby sheep. I love babies...

Baron decided to gather some eggs.... the chicken cages were filled with them.

These ducks were mean! I got a little to close and they started pecking at my legs. Jonah got daring and tried to feed them this way.

Daphne was a bit scared to feed anything. She sat and threw food into the cages.... and that's as close as she would get to any animal.

The had a moon bounce (ummm, it looked like a little farm on the outside, at least they stayed with the theme ;) and the kids jumped in it forever. It was a fun HOT day!