Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tons of Halloween

So... sorry about the million Halloween posts, but I decided I better do them seperate or else it would be one majorly long post. We have had so many Halloween things which is a ton of fun, but I am glad it will be over tomorrow. I promise I will only have two more Halloween things... Laylah's school parade and then of course, the actual Halloween night! fun fun!

Jonah's Preschool Halloween Party

Both classes (3 and 4 year olds) singing Halloween songs and showing us their Jack-o-lantern faces

Daph playing the ring toss

Jo trying his skills

mmmm... cotton candy

Daphne playing get the candy game

claiming their prizes from the cupcake walk

playing the cupcake walk

outside after the party

Jonah and his teacher Miss Rebecca (you'd have to be an angel to be able to teach all those little rugrats...)

Jonah diggin in

I gave Baron some cotton candy and he wasn't too sure at first but then loved it and kept trying to grab more (I darkened my hair by the way... yay or nay? Should I lighten it back up next time or keep the dark? I would appreciate opinions since my husband doesn't give one. He told me it looked the same as always... whatever)

Ready to party!

Today was Jonah's preschool Halloween party. It's the biggest party of the year and so much fun. His teacher invites EVERYONE- siblings, parents, grandparents, anyone who wants to come. They have games, a cupcakewalk, popcorn and cotton candy machine, punch, pretty much just a lot of sugar. It's so fun to watch the kids play and dressed up so cute. The kids also sang a couple of Halloween songs. I got Laylah out of school early so she could go too because she loved it last year and didn't want to miss it. Becca's little girl Mckenzie is in the 3 year old class, so we got to go together which made it that much more fun!

Laylah's Dance Halloween Party

Laylah's on the bottom right corner

In Laylah's dance class they had a Halloween party and passed around treats and dressed up. She said it was so much fun. She's so funny because she and another girl both brought fun size M&M's to share and she said " This girl got confused and got my bag of treats to hand out instead of hers, and I didn't want her to feel bad, so I just got hers and passed those out and I didn't tell her she was confused." She's so sweet :)

Pumpkin Carving!!

Look at all those masterpieces!

All of our cute jack-o-lanterns

Andy working hard... I cleaned out the pumpkins and he carved them all

Daphne sitting on the "duds" (whoever heard of a green pumpkin?)

My cute grandma Marge with Baron

This is what Daphne did while we carved the pumpkins... she wasn't really interested (which is weird- she loved it last year)

Jojies pumpkin all cleaned out and ready to go

Laylah drawing a face on her pumpkin

Cleaning out the guts. When we opened up the first one Jonah asked me "Mom, will you help me clean out these weeds in my pumkin? There sure are a lot!" Cutie

My brother Nate and his wife Annette did a vegetable garden this year and they planted a ton of stuff, but the pumpkins took over their garden. They had about 50, and the funny thing was, only half of them turned orange... they had a ton of green pumpkins. So, they decided to have a pumpkin carving party. We went to their "Pumpkin Patch" and picked out our pumpkins and had a carving party. It was so much fun and I think we should do it every year. Annette made tons of yummy food and it was just fun hanging out and having a blast. I especially liked the part that I didn't have to clean up any of the yucky pumpkin guts :)

Grandma's Halloween Party

The kids all wrapped up as mummies

me and Andy were partners... we lost

My brother Nate and his cute wife Annette... they won (look how tiny she is, he had way less to wrap, of course they won!)

My bro Doug and his cute wife Kimmi... I think they're struggling a bit :)

Andy and Nate blowing their spiders

Jonah (as a pirate) and my sis Suzanne racing their spiders

Cute bear as Winnie the Pooh

Daphers as Tinkerbell

Pumpkin relay... this is so funny, you roll the pumkins as fast as you can across the lawn back and forth. My sisters dog Zule kept on chasing the pumpkins and trying to pick them up in his mouth (unsuccessfully...)

Laylah (she is a bride) and my adorable neice Kiersta ( a chick)

My cute nephew Jack as a cowboy

My cute grandma Jerman

Laylah playing in the rootbeer witches brew

My mom has started a tradition of a Halloween Party every year and I love it. I absolutely love this time of year- the smell, the colors, the weather, everything. My mom never does anything halfway (which is one of the things I admire about her so much) and her house was decked out in decor, which I love. We ate dinner- chili or clam chowder in soup bowls (yummy!) and rootbeer potion, and played a bunch of games like dress the mummy, eyeball relay, roll the pumpkin relay, and chase the spider race. We topped off the night with scary movies- Garfields Halloween for the kids ( does anyone remember this movie? I'm pretty sure I watched it about 100 times as a kid) and Wait Until Dark for the grown-ups. It doesn't matter that I've seen that movie, every time the guy jumps out of the shadows and grabs Audrey Hepburn, I jump about a mile. It made Andy laugh his head off. It was such a fun night and my mom topped it off with delicious caramel and chocolate covered apples. Yum yum :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Guess We Did Make it to Lagoon Enough This Year...

This morning as we were eating breakfast, Baron woke up and I went upstairs to get him. When I brought him downstairs, I put him in his highchair so I could finish my food. When Jonah finished his, he went over to Baron and started playing with him. Then he went behind his highchair and said " Do you want a ride Baron? Okay, keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times, don't stand up, and have fun! " He then proceeded to push him around the kitchen for his "ride". What a cute little stink :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Frightmares... and our Last Lagoon Day

My friend Becca and me. She is one of my best friends and we do everything together. We have known each other since highschool. Our kids love each other. That's Mckenzie peekin her cute little face in the picture
My kids and me on the train

All the kiddies on the boat ride

Daphne and Maddi on the swings

In front of the scary Halloween decor

Cute Daphers

Cute Jo Jo

On Saturday it was so beautiful and I didn't have any plans so my friend Becca and I took our kids to Lagoon for the last time this season. We had so much fun and the kids had a blast. We are going to miss Lagoon! Until next year...

Daphne's Haircut

So I was trying for awhile to grow Daphne's hair out and just decided that she is a short-hair girl. She just looks so darling with it in a little bob, so I think that's what we'll do for awhile. I cut it and I love it, it's so easy and cute.

Friday, October 24, 2008

One of THOSE Days...

I'm having one of those days... (or rather weeks) you know, those "I'm tired of being a mommy and dealing with everything and I want to go away from it all" kind of days? Ya, one of those. I'm not even supposed to be blogging right now, but should be cleaning my kitchen and folding the rest of my laundry (only 3 loads left to fold, YES!!) but facing that just seems impossible right now. I am currently listening to my girls jump on their beds and giggling when they are supposed to be sleeping and I can't go in there to tell them to be quiet for fear of what I will do to them. I have had it! I'm tired of dealing with it all, tired of feeling like their aren't enough minutes in the day to do everything, tired of cooking dinner (actually just tired of even thinking of something to cook) and all the rest. Does anyone know of someone who wants four adorable little children for awhile and then when I'm ready, I'll take them back? :) Ahhhhh, it feels good to vent...thanks for reading :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

My Dapherdill

I noticed I've done a post on each of my kids except Daphne recently, so I thought I should do one for her too. Daphers, Missy moo, Dapherdill ( like daffodil :), and Dashne(this is how she said her name when she first learned to talk- she would get a big smile and say "Mom, I Dashne!") are a few of the nicknames we call the cute little thing in our family named Daphne. We all adore her and put up with her attitude because she is just too cute! She is so tiny ( for our family anyway) and she only outweighs Baron by about 3 pounds now. She is such a sassy pants and can get anyone to give her anything by giving them her "look" and saying in this tiny little voice "can I have (insert want here)?" and you just have to say yes. She is such a sweetheart and adores Laylah and especially Jonah. They really bonded last year when Laylah was in school and they were home alone together. She also loves making Baron laugh and smile and she loves to play with Barbies and My Little Ponies. She loves the Barbie movies and will dress up and dance around and sing while she watches them. She also can't wait to start going to dance class like Laylah. She is such a dainty little girly-girl. She loves jewelry, nail polish, and lipgloss. If I am at an appointment and need to keep her quiet and entertained, I let her play in my purse where she finds the lotion, lipgloss, hand sanitizer, and cell phone and she'll stay busy for an hour. We all love our Daphers so much and her sweet little heart.

Big Boy Bear

Look who we had to get a new carseat!! Outgrew his old one a couple of pounds ago... the sad thing is, he doesn't even look small in it- my baby is getting so big!! :(

My Hubby and Me

So, being the amazing wife that I am , I decided to get these great tickets for my husband to go to the Utah (one of his favorite college teams) football game last Saturday. I told him about them the day before I went to St. George so he would be able to find someone to go with him. Well, he never found anyone, so I had to go (this was my attitude BEFORE the game) My brother and his wonderful wife watched our kids and we took off for trax to watch the Utes demolish Colorado State. I wasn't too into going because after all, I was a cheerleader in highschool for 3 years cheering at football games, and I still have no idea how the game goes, the rules, etc, nor do I have the desire to. My sweet husband does not mind this about me, even though he LOVES sports, he still loves me more. I have never watched a game of football with him before, even on TV. He told me it would be fun and I didn't really believe him. I even tried to sneak a book to read with me and he saw it and wouldn't let me bring it. I thought it would drag on and on. Well, we get there (we missed the first quarter much to Andy's disappointment and my delight) and we get to our seats and I'm thinking "This isn't so bad..." The weather couldn't have been more perfect- gorgeous sunshine, about 72 degrees. We had great seats, we could see all the action. Everytime I didn't understand something, Andy patiently explained it to me. We did chants, yells, dances to the school song and even the wave (which was so cool to watch, I've never seen one where everyone participates) Needless to say, I had such a great time and I loved spending it with my husband doing something he loves to do. I wouldn't even mind doing it again! Andy is so amazing and does so much for me and our family, I sure do like him. A lot!