Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Warning: Rant Ahead

You know, someone should really warn you before you go off and decide to make a whole bunch of babies that grow up and turn into children someday. They really should. Because the things that come along with children are just in a class all their own.

They should warn you of the long, pointless book reports that take up the majority of your evening (think decorating a T-shirt with glitter and glue and sequins and fire-breathing dragons) and make it so you have to skip out on other things (anything, really) you'd rather be doing.

Think Cub Scout pack meeting that you just can't miss (even when it lasts forever and is soooooo boring) because you have to be there so your son can pin his Mother's Pin on your shirt when he gets an award.

Think of the feelings of frustration when you've told a certain child a million times to be home at 6:30 for dinner and they finally come waltzing in the door at 7:15 after dinner is all cleaned up and they casually ask, "What's for dinner?" and I have to stay calm and suppress the feelings of rage that are trying to burst forth.

Think of the hours of sitting, waiting, watching ALL of the soccer tryouts. All of those dang soccer tryouts and the worrying and silent cheering, that accompany it.

Think of the crying, whining, fit-throwing, screaming, tantrums, and absolute meltdowns. Think of the constant, never-ending question, "Mom?... Mom?... Mom?.........MOM?!?"

Think of the hundreds of water balloons you have to fill up for a class party, just because your child's teacher asked you to.

Think of the late nights... The early mornings.... All of the school projects.... All of the sports and recitals... The good and the bad, the sad and the happy. Yes, someone really should warn you.

Because even though I love my kids with all my heart and I would do anything for them... Right now I'm ready to run away to a deserted island.

Summer, please come soon!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Goldilocks Century Ride

 It's over! I did it! I accomplished a goal I have had for awhile and I never have to do it again if I don't want to. Because as of right now I don't want to. But, you never know what the future holds. Here's my recap of the ride (because Goldilocks says over and over that it's a ride and not a race, but they still give prizes out to the fastest riders (not winners! We're all winners!) Haha) Oh, and consider this your warning. I know I've mentioned it before, but I lack brevity. It's a huge fault. But I am a very detail-oriented person and this is my blog. So this sucker is looong. Just like my ride on Saturday ;)

Saturday morning I got up at 5:15 AM to get ready to go. I  had a little bit of a nervous stomach. I had packed up all my gear the night before, so I got dressed, ate (or forced food into my mouth), and Andy drove me to SoDa Row in Daybreak where the race started. I picked up my packet and got all my gear ready. The race started at 7 and since I arrived around 6:30, I felt a little rushed. I am so bummed that I didn't take any photos of the starting line or anything. I figured I would have plenty of time to do that after the race. Also, I had joined a team because there were perks and a discount. I only knew one girl on the team (Lisa, a highschool and cheerleading friend) so I thought we would at least get a photo together, but we didn't. So without many photos, my words will have to do.

I finished getting everything situated about 2 minutes before the start and got into the starting chute just in time. The bell rang and we were off. Since I was doing the 100 miler, there weren't a ton of other ladies, just over 200 or so. The different distances started at different times. We had policemen blocking traffic for the first 20 miles or so which was really nice. I got a flat around mile 15. I was super bummed because I had been going really fast, and it took forever to change. The thing I love about this ride was all of the awesome volunteers and the Papa Bears that rode along to help with any bike problems. It only took a few minutes to flag someone down and he helped me change my flat. After that I only had a few more miles to the first stop. I only stopped for a few minutes to go to the restroom and grab a snack and then I was off again. I should have refilled my water, but I thought I had plenty.

Here's the sweet Papa Bear changing my flat

I got going again and I felt great for the first 10 miles or so. Then the sun came out and I got pretty warm. I realized my water was gone and I still had 10 miles to go. I stopped and took my fleece, gloves, and ear-warmers off so that would help with my water problem. Luckily there were Mama Bears at all the turns holding signs showing which way we needed to go. I stopped and asked some if they had any water I could have. I knew that if I got dehydrated this early on that there would be no way I would be able to finish. They were nice enough to give me an unopened powerade. I downed that 20 oz in about 10 seconds and immediately felt so much better. For some reason this second leg was really difficult for me. Little did I know it was going to get a whole lot harder.

I made it to the second rest stop (about 38 miles in) and had a snack. The wind had really picked up and I realized that I was freezing when I wasn't riding my bike, so I tried to hurry. I went to the bathroom and filled up my water and then put some sunscreen on (except I forgot about my ankles..... they are fried, haha). I realized I had done almost 40 miles in 3 hours. I was right on for my goal of 7 hours for the whole 100 miles.

I took off on the third leg and immediately felt a little sense of dread. My behind was starting to hurt at this point, as was my back. It was so windy and I just really wanted the wind to stop. I got on the highway that leads out to Cedar Fort and a tiny town that I didn't even know existed called Fairview (I think?) where the third rest stop was. this was only a 17 mile leg and I was riding with the wind so I was going pretty fast. Unfortunately, I got another flat on the way out. I had to wait for a Papa Bear to come and help me, so I lost more time there. Kind of frustrating. I finally made it to the 3rd rest stop and had a snack, filled my water, and went potty again (this is a pattern, if you haven't noticed. I think I drank about 25 cups of water during the course of the day.) There were also guys there checking over bikes, so I had my bike checked because the chain had felt wonky the last few miles when I shifted. Apparently I was missing my lowest gear, but the bike guy fixed it right up and I was on my way again. This next leg was the absolute hardest. I only had to 15 miles to make it to the lunch rest stop and I think it took me 2 hours. I was riding into the worst headwind I've ever experienced. I looked it up later and the wind speeds were around 40 MPH at that time of day. Just crazy, exhausting, hard, relentless, mind-numbing wind, blowing non-stop. It almost drove me insane. When I saw that I was almost to the lunch rest stop my spirits lifted a bit and I cruised into the rest stop. I saw my friend Lisa (from cheer) as she was just getting ready to head out. I told her I was ready to give up and she convinced me to stick it out. She told me to take a break in the porta-potty just to get out of the wind. So I did. I wasn't hungry at all. I updated Andy, my mom, and my dad where I was in the race. I had reached 70 miles and still had 30 to go. It was 2 o'clock, which was the time I thought I would be done with the entire race. I finally left the porta-potty and went to see what the lunch offering was. I had been eating at every stop and by this point I wasn't even hungry but I knew I had to eat something to keep up my energy. I ate half a turkey sandwich and had to force it down my throat. After dinking around for a little bit (I just did not want to start riding in that wind again!) and looking at the map (25 miles to the next rest stop) I finally hopped on my bike and took off.

This leg was the longest, but it actually wasn't too bad. Yes, the wind was still there and as bad as ever. But for part of this leg I was riding with the wind. But then I had to turn around and go back into it for 15 or so more miles. I caught up to Lisa around mile 85 and we rode together for awhile. I just felt like I was going so incredibly slow. But, I just kept pedaling. I had made it this far, so I just HAD to finish. When I came to the first of two huge hills before the last rest stop, I just wanted to be done. Only one way to do that, and it was to pedal. So I did. I made it up the first hill and looked at the second one. Ohhhh, I just wanted to die. But, I just kept pedaling. I had to use the restroom so bad at this point, and I was ravenous (so glad I had eaten that half turkey sandwich!) When I made to to the top of the seemingly endless hill, it went down a little ways and then there was the glorious rest stop with those beautiful pink porti-potties! I literally leaped off my bike and into the bathroom where I peed for about 3 minutes straight. After that I went and stuffed my face with bananas and peanut butter, oreos and swedish fish, basically anything I could get my hands on. I could hardly believe I only had 5 miles to go. Eventually I knew I had to finish this thing so I slowly climbed back onto my bike like a wounded animal, and I set off for the last leg of my 100 mile journey.

Even though I only had 5 miles to go (it was really like 7 because it wasn't an even 100), all of the sudden the sky got really dark and the wind picked up like crazy and it got really cold. My hands were numb, my ears were numb, my toes had been numb since mile 40. The finish line was supposed to close at 5 PM and that's what time it was. However, the race coordinator knew that there were some of us out there trying to finish and knew that it would take longer because of the weather. Those last 5 (7) miles were absolutely brutal. When I finally made it to the neighborhood where we had started the race and saw the cute little volunteer ladies with their signs showing me where to go (and the fact that they had waited out in the freezing cold for us stragglers), made me want to jump off my bike and hug them. I had started crying about 6 times during those last 5 miles. The emotions, the physical toll that my body had taken, the inner strength that I had to dig so darn deep to find.... it all just came to a head. I couldn't believe I had done it. I mean, in the grand scheme of things it really isn't that big of a deal. But the fact that I stayed strong and actually finished it when I wanted to quit so many times was a big deal to me.

As I pulled up to the finish line and saw the people cheering and yelling that had waited for me, even after the race was technically "over" was just a little too much. Especially when I saw Andy, standing right past the finish line, just waiting for me, cheering and clapping, I just let loose a sob and hopped off my bike and into his arms. The sweet race coordinator came over to me and congratulated me and gave me my finishers necklace. And then Andy took the one picture of me from the whole darn day, with the men in the background taking down all of the fanfare and race festivities. It took me a whopping 10 1/2 hours to do it, fighting 40 MPH winds for half of it plus two flat tires. But I did it. It was over.

It was so nice to climb into the car and warm up my frozen extremities. I noticed that I burned almost 5200 calories from the day. Andy and I laughed that it had taken me so long because just that morning when he was dropping me off we kind of laughed that the finish line closed at 5 PM. We thought, "Who would even take that long to finish?!" Haha, me apparently. Oh well, at least I wasn't very last! There were several ladies who came in after me. It doesn't even matter though, it wasn't a race anyway. Just a "ride". And what a crazy ride it was.

I took a blazing hot shower when I got home and then I put on my fluffy pajamas and Andy picked up some takeout (my favorite comfort food will always be burgers and fries with frysauce. Always) and then we snuggled on the couch and watched a movie.
It was the perfect end to a very exhausting, rewarding, emotional, challenging, triumphant, hard, wonderful day.

Us, Lately

This post is for me and me alone, but feel free to read on. There aren't any pictures and it will probably be lengthy. With that being said, I just wanted to do an update on my life right now. Off we go...

ANDY + SARAH: We just finished spring semester. Andy did amazing and got straight A's. I didn't do as amazing. For some reason this semester was very difficult for me. We had a lot of things going on in the beginning of the year and it just all caught up with me. I ended up dropping my anatomy class. I got an A in my chem lab and a C in my lecture class. Halfway through the semester I kind of gave up and since I only need a C to apply for my program, that was my goal this time around. I'm slightly ashamed, but sometimes you do what you gotta do to survive. If I don't get into my program I will retake the class to improve my grade. Until then, I am just thrilled to know that I am average, just like I always figured I was ;) We were going to take the summer off, but just yesterday we both decided to take a couple of classes that we need, but that aren't too difficult. I'll be taking math and psychology and Andy will be doing a chem class and a math class. Shouldn't be too hard. We both really like math. Andy is taking an EMT training course this summer as well. On top of that, he will still have his job which is 30 hours/week. When he isn't working or studying, he will be sleeping. Fun summer, huh? Sometimes you do whatcha gotta do. Besides my classes, I will also have work still, just my usual 4 days/week. It shouldn't be too bad. We are working out a babysitting schedule for the kids to rotate with Magnus. They will probably be running pretty wild this summer, at least on the days I'm working. I'll just be saying lots of prayers that they will be watched over because Andy and I are trying to do what we feel is best and so we just hope to be blessed for it ;) I will also be taking a CNA course at the end of the summer after the summer semester is over, right before the kids go back to school. Fun, fun summer. Very educational. Also, I still have my Young Women calling and I have Youth Conference and Girl's Camp to help with/attend. And lastly, we have a trip to Lake Powell with my family. I am SO looking forward to it. That will be my 3 days in the middle of the summer to absolutely relax and recharge. And amidst ALL of this, I am still trying to lose 10 pounds that I have put on since November due to stress, lack of a schedule, lost discipline (discipline, oh discipline, where have you gone?! Come back! I need you!), and other silly excuses like that. Sigh. Someday life won't be so crazy.

KIDS: Life with 5 children is insane. It's insane on a normal basis, but when you add it to mine and Andy's already overly insane schedule, it just gets pretty out of control. For example, I have a dr appt at 7 AM for Baron and Magnus tomorrow morning. Then, I am helping with Jonah's field trip at 8:45 until about 2. Then I need to go run some errands before I pick up the kids from school. After that Laylah has dance and Daphne has soccer practice. Then we have Jonah and Baron's soccer games at the same time. Tomorrow night I need to finish planning Baron's birthday party (ahem, his birthday was over a month ago.... poor kid) and do some laundry so my children have some clothes to wear. And then on Friday morning I have some appts coming over to my house to get their hair done. Right after that I go to work and then I come home and get Laylah ready for her dance recital. After attending that I will crash on the couch because this whole week has been crazy and non-stop and I am just a tired Momma after awhile. I just cannot wait for school to get out for the kids. Only three and a half weeks to go! And then no more homework! Yay!

Anyway, this is my life right now. It is crazy, and it can be stressful. But I am happy. And I want to remember that I can be happy even through challenging and difficult times. I have a lot of joy. I have a very supportive, loving, helpful husband. He is a good man and an amazing father. I have five beautiful, healthy, well-behaved children whom I adore. I have it pretty good, that is for sure. I am a lucky (blessed) lady.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

This Is It

Well, here I go. My first Century Ride tomorrow. I do not feel prepared but I'm going to try my darnedest. This semester has just been crazy (that's how my life is divided up these days... in semesters :) and I did not train nearly enough. I've heard miles 70-80 are the worst, so I may just be calling the Rescue Hotline to come and pick me up. We shall see. Anyway, ready or not, here I come. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Let's Hear It For The Boys!

 The title of this post must be said while being sung to the tune of that song on Footloose. You know the one, Let's hear it for the boys, let's hear it for my babe! Yeah, that one!


As I was uploading photos for this post (it was going to be a little monthly catch-up type post) I noticed it is 95% about my boys, so there you go.

First things first, Spring Cleaning! I spent all the livelong day cleaning junk out of my storage room and organizing a few weeks ago. I got Andy to help me for part of the time, and Magnus kept me company the entire time. What a sport.
 It feels so good. Now I only have the rest of the house to go :/

My sister brought us gourmet donuts. They were simply divine and I wanted to inhale each and every one. But I didn't, so there's that.

During General Conference I curled the girl's hair (I told you this post was all about the boys, and I promise it is going to be after this.) Daphne hates when I curl her hair but she humors me once in awhile. I was hoping it would stay overnight so I could just touch it up and they could wear it the next day to school. But right before bed Daphne snuck a brush in her room and combed out all the curls. What a royal stinker.

I just thought this was darling. Laylah is walking Magnus to primary and I hurried and snuck a pic. I just love how our whole family is smitten with our baby Magnus (haha, our baby who will be 4 this fall).

And I went ahead and snapped a pic of M doing his first talk in primary. He was a hoot and absolutely loved it. All the kids were giggling because Magnus was so exuberant while speaking about his topic of families. It was quite adorable. And I know I am probably going to hell for taking photos during talks at church.

My guy just brought these home for me for no reason at all. They lasted for weeks and smelled amazing and were so beautiful. 

And one morning I did this to Jonah. He loves whipping cream and is always trying to sneak and spray it in his mouth. I can't stand that because I think it is disgusting. So I told him if he let me do it I would spray some in his mouth.... along with a few other places.

Just riding with dad and mowing the lawn.
I failed to mention earlier that Andy had a birthday the day before Easter (this picture was taken on his birthday). I did not take one photo of any of our celebrations, so does that make me a terrible wife? I can hardly believe this is the only photo I have of him on his 34th birthday, but this tells you something about him. He doesn't love his birthday. What guy would choose to mow the lawn on their birthday? My guy does because he is so selfless and wonderful. We did gifts and a yummy breakfast in the morning and then I had to work while he dyed eggs with the kids and cleaned up the house and yard. We went to a neighborhood Egg Hunt that night and then we went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. It was a good night. I love Andy and all that he does for our family. He is a good one.

My three gangstas.

Jonah had his Pinewood Derby last month at Cub Scouts. He did a shark car. It looked cool but didn't do so hot in the races. Oh well, it's the fun that counts.

And here is Magnus stuffing a big cupcake into his mouth.

Well, I guess that kind of turned into the Jonah and Magnus Show, but oh well. We have so much coming up. May is a busy month. We have had a ton of soccer games, end-of-school-projects, dance recital prep, piano practicing, choir performances, along with the normal day-to-day stuff. I will be glad when school is out and activities are over for the summer. It will be a fabulous break. Simply fabulous.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Easter Sundee

 Easter was great this year. And that is not always the case, so I am counting my blessings. We always have a neighborhood Easter Party complete with a giant egg hunt (literally, hundreds of eggs), treats, neighborhood camaraderie and great conversation. It was a fun night. I always run with Magnus, so I don't have any pictures of the other kids running around to gather up eggs, but that's okay. They all got lots of eggs that were full of candy and money.

Andy also dyed eggs with the kids while I was at work. I got TWO pictures from him. TWO. That's all. He told me that no one was really into it except Magnus. I found that odd because they have always loved dying Easter Eggs. I even made extra this year so they could do more than usual. I guess my kids are growing up. *sniff

The evening before Easter (which also happened to be Andy's birthday, but more on that later) the Easter Bunny came and hid all of the eggs, filled up the baskets, and then hid those too. He tried to be super sneaky this year.

It took the kids almost an hour to find all of the baskets! I'm sure the Easter Bunny was chuckling about his sneaky hiding places such as the laundry hamper and the spooky storage room. They found the eggs in about 5 seconds, what a rip-off.

 Besides the usual candy in their baskets, the kids all got new swimsuits, flip-flops, and sunglasses. I mean, it was stuff they all needed anyway. What a smart Easter Bunny we have. Good looking too. They also all got a new Webkinz. They were excited about that for 2 seconds (except Daphne who wasn't excited about hers at all because it had a pink bow in its hair). These kids of mine.... they are getting tricky in their grown-up age. That's okay. They acted grateful which is what matters, haha.

We then got to do my favorite part of Easter.... getting dressed up in our Easter best for church! My mom got the kids their new Easter clothes (how many times can I say Easter in one post?!) I loved how colorful and pastel they were.

Church was awesome. We got a new Bishop that day. We had some amazing lessons on Christ. I watched the new Easter movie put out by the church with my kids. I cried and they saw me cry and I was glad. I was able to bear my testimony to them about my Savior and how grateful I was for what He did for me. Laylah had done a little Easter lesson every day of the week leading up to Easter and I loved it so much. It really set the tone for the holiday and why we celebrate it. I am so thankful for my Savior. I know He lives and I love Him.
I am so thankful that because of Him I get to be a wife and a mom and live the wonderful life that I do. 

Happy Easter.