Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Let's Hear It For The Boys!

 The title of this post must be said while being sung to the tune of that song on Footloose. You know the one, Let's hear it for the boys, let's hear it for my babe! Yeah, that one!


As I was uploading photos for this post (it was going to be a little monthly catch-up type post) I noticed it is 95% about my boys, so there you go.

First things first, Spring Cleaning! I spent all the livelong day cleaning junk out of my storage room and organizing a few weeks ago. I got Andy to help me for part of the time, and Magnus kept me company the entire time. What a sport.
 It feels so good. Now I only have the rest of the house to go :/

My sister brought us gourmet donuts. They were simply divine and I wanted to inhale each and every one. But I didn't, so there's that.

During General Conference I curled the girl's hair (I told you this post was all about the boys, and I promise it is going to be after this.) Daphne hates when I curl her hair but she humors me once in awhile. I was hoping it would stay overnight so I could just touch it up and they could wear it the next day to school. But right before bed Daphne snuck a brush in her room and combed out all the curls. What a royal stinker.

I just thought this was darling. Laylah is walking Magnus to primary and I hurried and snuck a pic. I just love how our whole family is smitten with our baby Magnus (haha, our baby who will be 4 this fall).

And I went ahead and snapped a pic of M doing his first talk in primary. He was a hoot and absolutely loved it. All the kids were giggling because Magnus was so exuberant while speaking about his topic of families. It was quite adorable. And I know I am probably going to hell for taking photos during talks at church.

My guy just brought these home for me for no reason at all. They lasted for weeks and smelled amazing and were so beautiful. 

And one morning I did this to Jonah. He loves whipping cream and is always trying to sneak and spray it in his mouth. I can't stand that because I think it is disgusting. So I told him if he let me do it I would spray some in his mouth.... along with a few other places.

Just riding with dad and mowing the lawn.
I failed to mention earlier that Andy had a birthday the day before Easter (this picture was taken on his birthday). I did not take one photo of any of our celebrations, so does that make me a terrible wife? I can hardly believe this is the only photo I have of him on his 34th birthday, but this tells you something about him. He doesn't love his birthday. What guy would choose to mow the lawn on their birthday? My guy does because he is so selfless and wonderful. We did gifts and a yummy breakfast in the morning and then I had to work while he dyed eggs with the kids and cleaned up the house and yard. We went to a neighborhood Egg Hunt that night and then we went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. It was a good night. I love Andy and all that he does for our family. He is a good one.

My three gangstas.

Jonah had his Pinewood Derby last month at Cub Scouts. He did a shark car. It looked cool but didn't do so hot in the races. Oh well, it's the fun that counts.

And here is Magnus stuffing a big cupcake into his mouth.

Well, I guess that kind of turned into the Jonah and Magnus Show, but oh well. We have so much coming up. May is a busy month. We have had a ton of soccer games, end-of-school-projects, dance recital prep, piano practicing, choir performances, along with the normal day-to-day stuff. I will be glad when school is out and activities are over for the summer. It will be a fabulous break. Simply fabulous.

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