Saturday, December 27, 2008


Okay... so there are probably a hundred pictures in this post and my mom will probably be the only one who cares about reading it, but without further ado I present.... Christmas!! Christmas was so much fun at our house. We were very busy all week doing fun and exciting things. On Monday night Andy's work had their Christmas party which was so fun and hilarious. We sat with one of Andy's good friend's and his wife ( we were the gossip table :). On Tuesday my mom had her Christmas party, which is usually Christmas Eve, but she had to work, so we did it a day early. It was so yummy and fun to be with my whole family. She had a guy in her ward come (some of you who read my blog will know him- Bliss Roberts, Skyline Seminary anyone? :) and give us a little fireside about Christ and the Three Wise Men. It was amazing and very spiritual. It left me with a greater love for the Christ Child and for my Savior. Because of my mom having to work, my Grandma had Christmas Eve at her house which was delicious. Then we went home and got ready for bed, set out cookies for Santa and read the story of Mary and Joseph and Baby Jesus. Then the kids went to bed and the real work began! We were up until 3 AM wrapping and finishing a little project gift for the girls that was procrastinated. We finally went to bed and the kids woke up at about 8 the next morning. They were very excited to see that Santa had come!They opened their stockings and then had to wait for a very tired Daddy to get up so we could open gifts. It was well worth he wait! They were so happy and excited and played and played all morning until we dragged them away to visit grandmas and grandpas ( my parents) where we were all spoiled more and also had a DELICIOUS brunch prepared by my amazing mother. Then it was off to Andy's parents were we had a Spectacular ham and turkey dinner and got even MORE gifts. I think it is safe to say the kids don't need ANYTHING for quite awhile. They were completely spoiled rotton! It was such a wonderful, fun day and I loved spending it with my family.

Andy's work took pictures of everyone and made them these cute cards

Santa enjoyed his cookies and milk

Christmas Eve right before bed

Sadie enjoying her new toys

The girls and their new Barbie Dollhouse that Santa was finishing until 3 AM

The boys in their fun new wagon that Santa was building around 1 AM in the morning

Jo's favorite new toy... the long-awaited pirate ship!

Andy telling Jonah that Santa must think he has bad hygeine because he brought him some new shampoo :)

Daphne's favorite gift... the singing Barbie's

Laylah's favorite gift (yay! :) the Easy-Bake Oven and some Leapster games

My favorite gift that my sweet husband gave to me. We are going to Disneyland without our kids!!! Their is a little story behind this and I have to tell it before you all think I'm a horrible mom for taking off with my husband to Disneyland without my kids. I have always loved Disneyland and growing up my family would go about once a year or so. For mine and Andy's honeymoon we went there and it was horrible. I was SO sick our entire 10 day honeymoon (allergic reaction to some medication I was taking) and we even had to make a trip to the emergency room before we came home. We still made it to everywhere we wanted to go, but I was miserable the whole time (as I'm sure he was because I was) and I seriously don't even remember half of it. I need to enter one of those worst honeymoon contests, because I'm sure I would win. Anyway, we have always wanted to go back and do it again without kids, but obviously I have been pregnant or nursing for the past 6 1/2 years, so it was a little impossible. And so we are going!! And before you feel to bad about the kids missing it, we are going again in October with my whole big side of the family, all the grandkids and everyone, so they will get to go not to long after we do.

The cute peom and picture that was wrapped up

Poor Bear. He opened this one gift and then was ready for a nap. That is why he is in no more pics. He opened them all later when he woke up.

Mine and Andy's gift that Santa brought us. My mom and dad got us a Wii and Santa must have known because he got us some games to play on it!

Cute Piggy's! (Baron got a navy blue one :) After the kids opened these they ran upstairs and put all their pennies in them. So cute!

All of their amazing dress-ups that I MADE!!!

Sadie in her cute new sweater

All the grandkids on Andy's side in their Jammies Grandma made (except for his sister's Stef's kids who is coming up next week.)

Day after Christmas adult get together that we do with my family. My parents take us all out and then we got to their house for games afterwards. It was so much fun! We went to a new restaraunt called Bonsai. It is my new favorite place. We played some new games called Werewolf and Guillatine. They were so fun and it got a little heated, but I don't think anyone is still mad (hopefully :) In the pic, L to R: My brother Nate, my sis in law Annette, My bro Doug, my sis in law Kimmi, my dad, my mom, My sis Kaylie, me, Andy, my bro in law Don, my sis Rachel. Missing is my sis Suzanne who had enough family time through the week and wanted to stay home with her boyfriend. She's too cool for us sometimes :)


This is another tradition we've had going. Sledding the morning after Christmas. It was so much fun and I can't wait to go again. My kids are finally big enough to all be able to walk up the big hill by themselves. Except Bear who sat in the back of the warm car and played with toys. We bring hot chocolate and snacks and it is just so much fun.

So fun! Going home.

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Time

Pirate Boy

Yes, that is Daphne tackling Jonah :)

Laylah's dance recital- she is the second to the end on the left (yes, I know my camera is horrid with dark pictures- anyone want to buy me a new one? :)

The girls posing before the recital (don't you love Daphne's dress up skirt? It is so old, my mother-in-law made it for Laylah when she was 2!)

After the recital- Laylah did so good! Maybe someday I will learn how to put video on here and be able to show her performance

Our ward Christmas party- all the primary kids did the nativity- the girls were angels and the boys were shepherds and wise men. It was so cute and funny
All the kids seeing Santa and telling him what they want for Christmas. Andy told Santa for Baron... he told him that all Bear wanted was food :)

Well, only a week to go! I can't believe it, why does it go by so fast when your having fun? I look forward to this holiday all year and then it's over in a busy, flurry, crazy flash. I'm actually all ready... except for mailing out my Christmas cards, wrapping all the presents, taking around my neighbor gifts, finishing painting a gift we're giving the girls.... okay, so maybe I'm not ready :) We've had such a fun holiday season, going to Christmas parties, seeing Santa, making our Santa letters, eating candy out of the advent calender, playing in the snow, going to holiday dance recitals, and on it goes. Here are the main things the kids are asking for this Christmas: Laylah would never give me a straight answer about what she wanted and my mom told me that Laylah had told her she wanted an easy-bake oven, so I got her that. And now for the past week she has gone on and on about a hannah montana camera that she saw and wants. So I researched them and it turns out they are horrible, the pixels are so small that you can barely tell what the photo is of and so I didn't want to get her that. I'm trying to steer her toward the oven and get her excited about it without actually telling her that's what she's getting. Jonah has been asking for a pirate ship for 2 years now. When he first started asking for it, it was really expensive, but they have gone down in price a lot, plus I found it on sale, so that's what he is getting. And all Daphne asks for is Barbie and the Diamond Castle movie and Liana and Alexa barbie dolls (from the movie, FYI :) I found these barbies at Wal-mart on Black friday for $5 each. I couldn't believe it! They usually go for $25 each. They sing and their outfit changes by itself and a bunch of other stuff. She probably tells me about 5 times a day what she wants for Christmas. So, those are the main things the kids wanted and I am so excited for Christmas. I love being a mom and seeing my kids happiness. It is truly the best feeling and Christmas is a million times more fun now as an adult with children than it was when I was a child because of my kids. Anyway, here are a few pictures of the past couple of weeks.