Thursday, May 26, 2016

*Suzanne and Mike Tie the Knot! May 14, 2016*

Well, all of my siblings are married! Suzanne and Mike had their big day a couple weeks ago and they are literally two of the happiest people I have ever seen. Suzanne was simply glowing all day and she looked absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. I love that I got to do her hair and make-up the day of because I loved helping her get ready and beautifying her and getting her ready for her big day. I loved the time we were able to spend together. She got completely ready at my house and then my dad came to take her to their venue for photos before the ceremony.

Almost ready to walk down the aisle!
Maid of Honor, Bethany, on the left and our sister Kaylie on the right. Of course, beautiful bride in the middle. 

These two cuties were the ring bearers.

And the three flower girls!

Mike waiting for his girl

The two boys did a great job walking the rings down the aisle tot he Best Man.

And these cutie flower girls did a lovely job paving the walkway with rose petals.

And here comes the bride...

The ceremony was beautiful, touching and quirky, just like the two love birds, and could not have been more perfect for them.


The wedding ceremony was at one venue and the reception was at another, so after some mingling we headed tot he other venue for photos.

Our family arrived first, so we got our photos over with. Her colors were cobalt blue and cream. It was very beautiful all together.

Sister, sister. I am sorry, but Rachel looks like she could be adopted, haha!

And our mama.

The reception was relaxing and fun with yummy food. There was a to-die-for crepe bar with all sorts of fillings and toppings, little turkey roll-ups, cheese and crackers, veggies, fruit, various delicious beverages like sparkling peach cider, some sort of punch that tasted like a pink jolly rancher, and lemon water. There was also a candy bar with little bags for everyone to fill up and take home. Our family had a ball just hanging out, and seeing our sister so happy.

Cutting the cake. Their cake had little sigils on the back of them, Batman and another one that Mike loves, I can't remember.

Doing the toasts from the Best Man and Maid of Honor.

First dance as husband and wife.

Daddy/daughter dance. They did it to Butterfly Kisses, which has always been Suzanne's and my dad's song. It was very sweet and I teared up several times.

Tossing the bouquet!
Laylah caught the bouquet! But I told her she couldn't get married for many, many years.

Garter toss!

After a little more mingling, it was time to go. I helped Suzanne change out of her wedding dress, got her bag ready and then we blew bubbles at them as they ran to their decorated car to head off to their honeymoon suite.

It was a very beautiful day and lots of fun. I am so glad that Suzanne and Mike fell in love and got married. They are so perfect for each other. I am so happy for them!

Laylah's Dance Recital

Laylah's yearly dance recital is literally one of my favorite night's of the year. Her studio only does this one recital a year and they make it a huge deal. It always has an amazing theme and the best music. Each class gets to do several pieces and it is just such a fun night. It's such a huge deal that the teacher opens the doors to the school where they perform (which just happens to be Laylah's junior high school :) at 5:00 and that is when the line starts for seats. Laylah had to be there at 5:15 and I dropped her off along with Andy so he could get us some great seats.

Good luck tiny dancer!
I found these beautiful flowers to give her after the performance. They have glitter all over them! They're dead now, but they were so cute1

Laylah is in the highest company class this year and they always start the show and end the show. Her group has a lot of newer girls, so it was a lot of girl's first year on pointe. But they did a simple and beautiful dance to start the show. It was so fun to see her dance her heart out!

She had 2 ballet numbers and 2 jazz numbers and they were all terrific. It's embarrassing to admit that I always cry when I watch her dance. I just love dance so much and I love watching my very own talented daughter love it as much as me, and see her growth and progress year after year.

Her amazing teacher miss Victoria

This is missing some girls in her class, but we grabbed who we could for a photo.

Ava and Sadie were in her class last year. They are some of her very good friends in the neighborhood.

Andy's paretns and Andy's brother and his wife came to support our girl.

The theme was Night at The Movies and all of the music was from move soundtracks.

We love watching our dancing girl and can't wait to see how far dance takes her.