Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Happy 36th, Andy Poo!

 My honey turned 36 years old! His birthday is a week after Baron's and I am usually scrambling to get something together for it because there is a reason my children's birthdays are all in different months! It about kills me to do birthdays because I try to make them so special and important. Baron was supposed to be born in March (in a perfect world) haha. Then there would be enough time between for me to recover. I am so weird. Anyway!

On the day of Andy's birthday I made him his favorite breakfast-- breakfast burritos with all the trimmings. I had to go to class in the late morning, but later that day we went to lunch at Rubio's, one of our favorites. Of course, we had our cute, little tag-along with us who took this photo.

I made a steak dinner-- just look at all of that beef on one plate! 

After dinner we had presents and Andy's favorite, a lemon jello cake. Andy never requests anything and never wants me to make a big deal about anything. So I try to do things that I know he will enjoy. He seemed to have a great day :) 

I had this idea for the kids to each give him something that they enjoy doing with him. So, Laylah got him a gift card to the movies so they can go together, Jonah gave him U of U football tickets so they can go together, Daphne did Real Salt Lake tickets so they could do that together, Baron did jazz tickets (which we will have to buy when the season starts again), and Magnus did a Leatherby's gift card. Daphne and Andy have already gone to their Real game, and Magnus and Andy have already gone to get ice cream together. I was glad it seemed to be a successful gift giving. All of the things Andy loves!

Pretending to be super surprised, haha. The kids wrapped their gifts in weird things so that he wouldn't have any idea what they got him... Like this Life cereal box.

I gave Andy a weekend away (just to Salt Lake City) to do whatever he wanted. Let me tell you what we did becasue here is a funny story about being married and that even after nearly 14 years of marriage, sometimes you still don't understand each other!

After checking into our hotel, Andy wanted to go to dinner. We went to Rodizio because we hadn't been there in a long time. It was super delicious. Then I tried to talk him into going shopping with his birthday money, or going to a movie, or doing something. He just wanted to go back to our hotel and relax. Here's where his introvertism and my extrovertism clash. I have the hardest time when we are away to not take advantage of every second. But, I kept my mouth shut and did what he wanted, even though I was kind of annoyed deep down. We went back, relaxed, and watched 2 movies in our hotel room. I was kind of annoyed, but kept telling myself to relax and just have fun together. After all, it was his birthday and he got to choose what he wanted to do.

The next day we were going to go to breakfast, but I was still kind of annoyed that we didn't do anything the night before (believe me, I have asked myself why I can't just let things go. It is a work in progress). We had to be home by noon because the kids had some stuff going on. So we slept in and after getting ready Andy asked where we should go to breakfast. I kind of snapped that now he was going to let me help choose what we were going to do?! He was a little confused and asked me what was wrong and I kind of went off about how this weekend was supposed to be fun and active and all we did was sit around and watch movies in our room and how I thought it was so boring and how we could have saved the money and done all of this at our own house. Then he asked, "Well, was this weekend for you, or me? Because if it was for you, you should have told me. I thought it was my birthday and that I was the one who got to choose what we were doing." 

That kind of stopped me in my tracks. He was right! I had done this for his birthday! What is wrong with me sometimes?! I even remember thinking that instead of doing a party or something for him, I did this weekend thing because I know he likes to just spend time with me, relaxing. And this weekend was just what he wanted and he loved it. I have a hard time remembering that he is very different than me and that things I like to do are not always things he likes to do. But it is still hard to accept that because to me, it is just so boring.

But of course, I realize that now. In the moment I was annoyed and I told him I didn't want to go to breakfast and so he was kind of exasperated and we just went home. Leave it to me to ruin his birthday weekend. 

I write all this so that I can hopefully learn something from it and be a less selfish person. I can be so hot-headed and go off at the smallest things. I guess we are all a work in progress and always trying to better ourselves. I am so grateful this man was born and that I get to be married to him and experience all of these crazy things in life together. I am thankful that he accepts me for who I am and loves me anyway.

Andy is such a great guy, so loving and so forgiving. He doesn't hold grudges and he is such a great dad. He is silly and funny and would do anything for anybody. He is always trying to better himself and his situation. I sure love him.

Happy Birthday, Andy!

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