Friday, May 20, 2016

Easter Holiday 2016

 Hello there! I'm trying to squeeze a posting in wherever I can these days, so while I am currently waiting for my laundry to wash I am posting really quick! I need to pack to leave overnight to Ogden with some girlfriends because we are running the Ogden half-marathon tomorrow. Actually, Marcie is running the full. She is a rockstar. Whew! It's been three years since I ran a half marathon. I'm not nervous, but we'll see how I feel tomorrow. Right after I finish I have a Genetic Counseling Camp to attend tomorrow at the U of U and I am way excited for it. Busy weekend.

But.... EASTER! Our Easter was very celebrated this year. We had a bunch of events and several egg hints and it was lots of fun. 

First up, the week before Easter... Make-A-Wish's annual egg hunt at Discovery Gateway. It was lots of fun. We had donuts for breakfast, ran around the whole museum looking for eggs (and got WAY too much candy) and saw some friends from our neighborhood. After the hunt we stayed and played in the museum for a bit. The kids love it there, even the older ones. There is so much to do and it is so much fun.
 Magnus and Carson. They were diagnosed within 3 weeks of each other. Carson's family is in our stake and we have gone through the whole cancer treatment process along with them. Carson has medulloblastoma, but is also currently in remission like Magnus.

 SO many fun things at the museum...

including the Easter Bunny!

Later that same day we had our annual neighborhood egg hunt and potluck. Lots more candy to be had...
 I should mention that Andy was out of town this weekend, so I carted these kids to all of this stuff by myself. Good thing I have such amazing and helpful kids. They all took turns with Magnus and helped him find eggs. Sweet loves. I adore my kids.

 My mom and dad had a super fun Easter party at their house a few days before Easter. Dinner was Mediterranean style (such as in Jesus' time) and it was so delicious. Fish, olives, naan, fruit, veggies, etc. Very yummy. We sat on the floor like Jesus would have and experienced how the days before Christ was crucified would have really been (well, to a very small degree :)

My mom did a cute Easter story with the kids. 

We had a super fun egg hunt for the kids with candy AND money! The kids were so excited to find $4, $5, and in Jonah's lucky case, $13!

Then the adults had an egg hunt and Andy and I cleaned up! There was cash in our eggs, along with candy. So fun. I think we got $50. We also got a gift card. My parents are awesome and so generous with their family. We sure love them.  

Last thing was an Easter craft. The kids had a blast that night. I love spending time with my family.

 The next weekend was the actual Easter weekend. We had a busy day and didn't get to coloring Easter eggs until about 9 o'clock that night. BUT, we did it! It is always fun and cool to see what creative things the kids come up with.

After the kids got to bed the Easter Bunny came and filled baskets and then hid them. 

The kids searching for their baskets in the morning is my very favorite thing about the "commercial" side of Easter. It is so much fun to see their anticipation and so funny when they find someone else's basket and have to leave it there.  

They all got lots of candy, socks, Easter clothes, and something they had really been wanting. Magnus got some minecraft toys.

Baron and Jonah each got a laser gun. A bunch of the boys have them in the neighborhood and now they can join in the night games fun. 

Daphne got an art kit.

Laylah had a hard time finding her basket, but she finally looked in a very obvious place and found it :)
 She got a new dress and some dance clothes.

 Fun Easter morning!

 And of course, a delicious Easter breakfast.

All ready for church!
 Easter Sunday at church is always the best, and so very touching. I love hearing about the Savior, and His resurrection. It is so special and important and I am so glad that we could have a special Easter lesson that evening with our children and talk about just what it means for us. I am glad they are so receptive and seem to really understand how important it is. It brings me so much joy as a mother to see my kids grasp the basic principals of the gospel. 

We went to my brother's house for Easter dinner (it was amazing) and then went to see Andy's parents. It was a fun and busy weekend full of celebration.

 And two tired boys to show for it. 

Happy Easter!

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