Thursday, May 26, 2016

Laylah's Dance Recital

Laylah's yearly dance recital is literally one of my favorite night's of the year. Her studio only does this one recital a year and they make it a huge deal. It always has an amazing theme and the best music. Each class gets to do several pieces and it is just such a fun night. It's such a huge deal that the teacher opens the doors to the school where they perform (which just happens to be Laylah's junior high school :) at 5:00 and that is when the line starts for seats. Laylah had to be there at 5:15 and I dropped her off along with Andy so he could get us some great seats.

Good luck tiny dancer!
I found these beautiful flowers to give her after the performance. They have glitter all over them! They're dead now, but they were so cute1

Laylah is in the highest company class this year and they always start the show and end the show. Her group has a lot of newer girls, so it was a lot of girl's first year on pointe. But they did a simple and beautiful dance to start the show. It was so fun to see her dance her heart out!

She had 2 ballet numbers and 2 jazz numbers and they were all terrific. It's embarrassing to admit that I always cry when I watch her dance. I just love dance so much and I love watching my very own talented daughter love it as much as me, and see her growth and progress year after year.

Her amazing teacher miss Victoria

This is missing some girls in her class, but we grabbed who we could for a photo.

Ava and Sadie were in her class last year. They are some of her very good friends in the neighborhood.

Andy's paretns and Andy's brother and his wife came to support our girl.

The theme was Night at The Movies and all of the music was from move soundtracks.

We love watching our dancing girl and can't wait to see how far dance takes her.

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