Monday, May 23, 2016

April Tid Bits

April was BUSY. It always is because we have 2 birthdays in April plus it was Baron's baptism this month! I knew at the beginning of the year that this whole year was going to be a fun and crazy year, so I have been ready for anything.

The only day of Spring break that we did anything was when my cousin Hailey invited us to the zoo. Laylah opted to go to a friend's house instead, but the 5 of us plus my cousin and her little boy had a ball. We actually stayed for about 3 hours and were wiped out when we went home. I got the most darling picture of a baby elephant nursing from its mother. But it didn't upload correctly and I am not going to go try and do it now. Just take my word for it that it was the sweetest thing ever.

 this bird was so colorful and pretty!

 The month of April was spent doing a LOT of home improvement stuff since we were going to have people over at the end of the month for Baron's baptism luncheon. Even though we don't own this house (we rent from my sister and her husband) I want it to look nice, updated, and be pretty. Rachel is so good about letting me pretty much do whatever I want and always comes to help me. She's the best.

As is my husband who tore out this little, crappy add-on. It used to be a covered patio in the backyard and the previous owner tried to make it living space. But it was poorly done and absolutely hideous. I have been wanting to tear it down forever and turn it back into a patio (especially because that is where I wanted the luncheon to be!) and Andy got to it one day. It was so much work and he was awesome for doing it.

I am the Relief Society Activity chairperson in my ward and got put in at the beginning of the year. I planned a MadHatter Un-Birthday Party. It is kind of a crazy story how that came to be, but I won't explain the nitty-gritty. It was to celebrate Relief Society's birthday and also talk about how amazing the women in our ward are and what they do for each other through service. It was a very special evening with lots of happy tears and thankful tears. We had tons of mini desserts and all different kinds of herbal teas with cream and sugar. Delish.

 The night turned out beautifully and I could not have done it without my incredible committee. And my husband who hung all of the lights. Love them!

Fresh spring pedicure! I called this Mermaid Toes.

Favorite snack. Avocado and sunflower seed toast and artichoke hearts. Yum!

 Magnus went on a field trip with his preschool to the fire station and another mom was kind enough to send me this photo.

 Progress! I actually don't have a finished photo, but trust me, it looks amazing. If I could just get some furniture and planters out there it would be perfect. Andy got rid of all of those wires and boxes on the house, and power washed the whole patio and siding. He also replaced missing siding on the attached shed. It all just looks SO much better!

My pup in my lap helping me study late into the night. 

 Sisters at Suzanne's bridal shower! Kaylie had to work :(

 Just one Sunday where we were all playing in mine and Andy's bed and I wanted to remember it because I was so happy. 

 Another project. Project Paint my Fire Place White because I hate it brown and the whole room is dark because of it!

 Rachel came over to help and we got it all done in a few hours. It looks so much better! it's unbelievable.
 And we actually have an "after" for this one!

 McMillan has a Classic Skating night a couple times a year and this night was it! We took all the kids and had a blast skating, scooting, and the like.

 Can you believe that it was actually warm enough for a Popsicle at the park?!

 The sixth graders do a country report at our school. Jonah chose Spain. Andy had lots of stuff for him to take and put in his display. Andy went to Spain on his mission.
 Jo did a great job telling us all about it.

 Birthday check-up at the doctor's! Everyone's favorite!

 Lots of soccer every Saturday!

Some of my friends and I signed up for a half marathon (that I actually did yesterday) and we run a few times a week together and every Saturday morning really early. We had to run 10 miles this day, so we started at 5:30. We all have kids and Saturdays are busy, so we have to get up and get it done! I truly love these ladies. They are all amazing and I am so thankful for their friendships.

 Laylah had to get all dolled up for dance photos.

 Just a typical Saturday schedule at our house. BUSY.

Jonah has been having these weird fainting spells. He has passed out a few times while at school and a couple times at home. It is usually when he hasn't eaten in awhile. I thought he might be hypoglycemic, but his pediatrician wanted to do some other tests to rule stuff out. We had to go get a EKG. It took about 2 second. Everything was fine with that. 
 He also had some blood work done and it came back that his copper levels are high and zinc levels are low. He is on a supplement to help that. His doctor wants to follow-up later and see how he's doing. Now, if I could just get Jonah to remember to take his supplements, I would be doing a lot better than I am. I'm sure everything is fine, it is just kind of weird.

Learning about letter Z at school and zebra's!

Sadie is always so happy when the kids get out of school. 

Some of Daphne's soccer team waiting for warm-ups to start. 

Back in October I took Daphne and Jonah to the podiatrist because they had something called Sever's Disease. It sounds bad, but it's not really a big deal and easily treated. Well, Baron has it too. That's what happens with super active kids! 

 This was my lats official day at Salt Lake Community College. Both of my classes finished up this day and I only had online stuff left to do. It was the best feeling! DONE at that place forever!

 And that night I was set up to make a dent in my online assignments. Sheesh! It was a lot of work and I can't believe I finished. I am officially a SLCC grad and will be receiving my diploma sometime this summer and transferring to the U of U in the fall. Woohoo!

 More soccer. This is Jonah's team. Andy is the assistant coach and obviously teaching the boys something here.

 More fixer upper stuff. My front wrought iron railings were a mess and atrocious. But I never thought I could do anything about them because of all the rust, turns out you can! Rachel helped me get all of the rust off, sand, and paint. It was a chore, but now it looks SO fresh and clean and bright.

 Once again, I don't have an "after" (yet!) but it looks so great. My yard just looks freaking amazing right now and it better stay that way... I should add that Rachel helped me get flowers and we planted them in the front and in my big planters by my door. SO pretty. 

Baron had his first ever Pinewood Derby! Since turning 8 this month, we had been working on his car (and by we I mean Andy) and he did great! He took 3rd in his age division.
 So exciting!

 Baron has the greatest teacher and they get to go on SO MANY fun field trips. Here they are with a children's author who gave them all a copy of his latest book. 
 And here they are downtown at somewhere, I don't remember.

More home improvements. We took down (well, Andy did) all of the lights outside and painted them black. Much better than rusted gold. It looks SO good!

 My mom invited me to Women's Conference down at BYU. It was our fourth year going together and it was just as fun as always. We went to some incredible, life-changing classes. I always enjoy every second. It was amazing, with amazing company, and amazing food and treats. A very fun day all around.

After Rachel and I had gone to so much trouble prepping this railing for painting, it kept raining every day for about a week. But one day the rain stopped and we hurried and finished painting. It is marvelous!

A dear friend, Lisa Calderwood (Foster is her maiden name) passed away from a brain tumor. She and I went to high school and cheered together and have kept in good touch through blogging, and other social media outlets. I have posted about her several times on my blog throughout the years. She and I did the Goldilocks bike race together a few years ago and she also came to visit me when I lived in VA. It was just the saddest thing and she fought so valiantly. She left behind a husband and four children. Rachel and I went to her viewing together.

Daphne and Andy went to a REAL soccer game. It was one of Daphne's birthday gifts and one of Andy's as well.  They had lots of fun together and REAL won.

While they were gone I took Laylah to the Salt Lake Temple. The Jordan River temple is being remolded and will be closed for about 2 years! We have no temple now and Laylah decided to make the goal to visit every temple in Utah! Pretty great goal. So, Salt Lake was the first and I will be documenting every one we go to. 

And later that night, to finish off this crazy busy month, I went out on a girl's night with my amazing girlfriends. We had dinner and went to a movie and laughed because that is what friend's do. It was a blast. Love these ladies.

And that was April minus a bunch of big stuff that I have to post about separately because it's a big deal! Like, Andy's and Baron's birthdays, Baron's baptism, Magnus' CLEAN SCAN, woo-hoo!, and I think maybe one other thing. You'll see!

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