Friday, June 5, 2015

Happy 7th Birthday Baron!

On the 13th of April in 2008, a giant baby boy was born 12 days early. This baby boy was so much fun and was the happiest and easiest baby around.

That baby was my Baron! And he had a birthday and turned 7 years old. We celebrated his birthday with family the day before since this wasn't his year for a party with friends. We had his birthday dinner of chicken roll-ups, broccoli (his favorite!), strawberries and bananas, sauteed mushrooms, and lemonade. We also did cake and ice cream and he opened gifts from his grandparents, but he wanted to wait until his actual birthday to open the rest of his gifts. 

He chose a smore's pie for his "cake" and smore's ice cream. I wonder who he takes after.... but not really. It's me.

 He got lots of money from most of his grandparents, aunts, and uncles, to go towards some DS games he had been wanting. He also got a giant fuzzy blanket from Andy's parents. It was a fun night together.

 I had to work a graveyard shift that night so when I got home from work at 6:30 AM I made Baron's birthday breakfast of crepes filled with nutella, berries, and whipped cream. We also had bacon and chocolate milk. He opened his gifts afterwards.

 He got new clothes (this kid is ALWAYS growing), a scooter, a basketball, a football, and pop tarts (haha. He had been asking me to buy some for a long time but I don't really buy those, except very rarely. I saw them in the store and thought it would be a funny gift. He thought it was hilarious.)He loved his gifts.

He took donuts to school for his special day. I was so tired, but he had requested that I take him out to lunch for sushi, so Andy and I went and picked him up around 11:30 and headed to Yi Sushi Bistro. I am mad at myself for not taking any more photos of the day, but I was so dang tired from working all night, I think my brain was in a fog.

We enjoyed lunch together and then took him back to school. I finally went to bed for a few hours, but that evening we had burgers and fries per Bear's request and headed to the movies as a family. Bear chose to see the new Spongebob movie. Popcorn and candy made the night complete. It was a great birthday for our big 7 year old boy.

Bear at age 7:
Baron is the funniest kid. For how quiet and shy he is , he sure has a quick wit and he's actually kind of a stinker, in a way that I don't really know how to explain. I don't remember any of my other kids being the way he is at this age. He is extremely mature for his age. He likes to say naughty words and tries to do it whenever I am out of earshot, but his siblings tattle on him often. He loves to tease little kids. Not just his little brother, any sibling will do. I will catch him teasing younger cousins, younger siblings of his friends, and other kids in the neighborhood. I don't feel like he does it to be mean, he genuinely just thinks it's funny and doesn't realize that they don't like it. I have to explain to him often that what he is doing isn't kind and kids really don't like it!

Baron is really bright. He gets straight A's without really trying. His teacher is always telling me that he is at the top of his class, even above the second graders (he is in a 1st/2nd grade split gifted and talented class.) He loves to spell and read and is at a 4th-5th grade reading level. He excels in math and just loves it. He takes completely after his father and reminds me of Andy all the time.

Baron still adores his big brother, and follows him around like a puppy. A really big puppy. This year he caught up to Jonah in weight and they have been sharing clothes and shoes for the last year or so. He is only about an inch or two shorter than his nearly 4 years older brother.  They get along so well and have so many of the same friends that it works out well. They love to play soccer, basketball, football, any sport really. They also run around the neighborhood with their posse of boys and love to play yard games (steal the flag, kick the can, ghosts in the graveyard, etc) and night games. They will take their fishing poles and go fishing at the pond a few miles from our house and they are just the best of friends. And I love it.

Baron loves food. He is constantly growing and is often complaining that his legs hurt because of growing pains. He eats almost all foods and just has some issues with some vegetables, but he will usually eat everything on his plate.

Bear is becoming more agile and athletic as he grows. He has improved in soccer tremendously over the last year. He tried out for Murray Max, a competitive soccer club in our city, and he made it, along with his best friend Ezra. it will be fun to watch them play together this fall. He wants to play flag football this fall as well.

Bear is so much fun. He is easy-going and has grown up so much in the last year. He used to be the whiniest, most ornery toddler/young kid I had ever met. He would cry about everything. He has stopped doing that nearly as much and has become easier for me to get along with and be around. I love this kid so much. I just know he will be the funnest kid to be around as he grows up. I love him! Happy Birthday, Bear!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Happy Easter 2015

Easter was pretty quiet and simple this year. We started out our weekend with a neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt and a potluck diner. It is always fun and the kids always get lots of candy and money. I always only get photos of Magnus because the other kids run away from me and refuse to let me take their picture. Laylah was actually too cool for the hunt this year and was at a friend's house. So sad that my oldest is getting too grown up for stuff like this anymore. It's weird for me.
 I love my neighborhood.

 The next day we colored eggs. Baron's friend, Asher, joined us.

 That night the Easter Bunny came! He left the kids' baskets stuffed with candy and goodies, hid all of the colored eggs all over the house for them to find, and also left a piece of this puzzle in each of their baskets which led to the grand prize-- a new Wii U game that they have all been wanting.
 They all worked together to try and figure the puzzle out...

 ... And finally found the game in the fireplace.

 Easter morning is so much fun.

We had General Conference on Easter this year (I love when that happens!) so I didn't even bother getting my kids Easter outfits an we stayed in our jammies all day long. It was marvelous. 

So you want to know what else was marvelous? Easter brunch. Deviled eggs, homemade hash browns, bacon, sausage, donuts, fresh strawberries, chocolate milk, and oj.
 Yummy in my tummy.

I am so grateful for Easter and for the reason we celebrate it. I am grateful for the fun, commercial stuff and the time spent with family. But even more importantly I am grateful for my Savior and for the resurrection.  I am grateful that He can make up the difference for me because I need all the help I can get. 

Happy Easter!