Monday, June 1, 2015

Happy Easter 2015

Easter was pretty quiet and simple this year. We started out our weekend with a neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt and a potluck diner. It is always fun and the kids always get lots of candy and money. I always only get photos of Magnus because the other kids run away from me and refuse to let me take their picture. Laylah was actually too cool for the hunt this year and was at a friend's house. So sad that my oldest is getting too grown up for stuff like this anymore. It's weird for me.
 I love my neighborhood.

 The next day we colored eggs. Baron's friend, Asher, joined us.

 That night the Easter Bunny came! He left the kids' baskets stuffed with candy and goodies, hid all of the colored eggs all over the house for them to find, and also left a piece of this puzzle in each of their baskets which led to the grand prize-- a new Wii U game that they have all been wanting.
 They all worked together to try and figure the puzzle out...

 ... And finally found the game in the fireplace.

 Easter morning is so much fun.

We had General Conference on Easter this year (I love when that happens!) so I didn't even bother getting my kids Easter outfits an we stayed in our jammies all day long. It was marvelous. 

So you want to know what else was marvelous? Easter brunch. Deviled eggs, homemade hash browns, bacon, sausage, donuts, fresh strawberries, chocolate milk, and oj.
 Yummy in my tummy.

I am so grateful for Easter and for the reason we celebrate it. I am grateful for the fun, commercial stuff and the time spent with family. But even more importantly I am grateful for my Savior and for the resurrection.  I am grateful that He can make up the difference for me because I need all the help I can get. 

Happy Easter!

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