Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Just Some Little Things

Hi there! Wow, it's been a long day. For some reason instead of going to bed I thought I'd whip up a quick little blog post. My eyes burn because I am so tired, but I just don't want to go to bed. It's been a long day. I left my house at 9:30 AM after getting kids off to school. I went to work for a few hours and then I went straight to school to meet with my study group and then my tutor. I had an anatomy lab (where I had my second test.... I didn't do so hot) and then I finally made it home around 8 PM. We all hung out together as a family and watched the Olympics until about 8:45. Then we had family scriptures and prayer and the kids went to bed. Andy and I lounged on the couch for a bit until I dragged my bum up to finish my online chemistry homework and quiz that was due by midnight. I made it just in the knick of time. And now, I blog. Next, sleep. But first... just some fun little tidbits that have been going on around these parts.

Magnus did pretty well at potty-training, but he still manages to have an accident every couple of days. We decided to do a sticker chart with a prize incentive to see if that would help. Once he filled up the sticker chart he got his prize. It did help, but he still has accidents once in awhile. Ugh, I just hate potty-training more than anything.

I take the kids to the library every couple weeks. I never get any books while I'm in school. I decided to get a few this last time because my "To Read" list just keeps getting longer and longer. I thought I'd knock a few off of it. I liked a couple of these, but some of them were pretty raunchy, so I didn't finish them. Plus, instead of studying I would read, so back to the library they went. I am officially banning myself from reading until this semester is over.  I just can't manage a balance.

Half of a skull. Did you know there are like, 12 separate bones inside a skull? With weird names like ethmoid and sphenoid and vomer? Yeah, me neither before I started anatomy. Oh anatomy, you are the bane of my mortal existence.

We had a fun night going to celebrate Laylah's advancement to the state Reflection's contest. She was awarded a medal and we got to see all of the entries that were moving on from the Murray school district.

These six little ladies are all in my ward.The four in the back are in my Young Women's group, and the little gal to the right of Laylah is one of her best friends. I am so proud of the talent my ward has! Go girls! I know they will do awesome at state. Laylah and two others are going in the dance choreography division, one of them is going in music composition, one is going in writing, and one is going in art.

This kid.... he cracks me up on a regular basis. How I love him so.

I went with Daphne on a field trip. It was a good time.

Jonah has been playing Jr. Jazz. His poor team isn't very good and they have lost every game, but they sure try hard.

I hate when I accidentally grab a yucky banana. Oh, and see that tape on my steering wheel holding those buttons on? Andy and I decided to see how long our car would actually last before it literally refuses to go one more mile... or explodes... or just falls to pieces all around us while we're riding in it. Fun experiment, huh? Not really. Someday we will get a new car.... someday. Fun fact: Our car is 17.5 years old. An oldie but goodie.

Jonah is required to participate in the science fair because of the class he is in at school. He decided to do an egg drop. He did such a great job, I only helped him with his poster. Oh, and I helped him throw things off the roof :) He did the report all on his own.

Andy and I took the girls and some of their friends to a Ute gymnastics meet. It was fun. We will be taking the boys with some of their friends next time.

Silly girls with cotton candy mustache and popcorn boogies

Baron has also been participating in basketball. He did a developmental league and he loved it. Especially because his cousin Evan was in his same group.

These boys are only 18 months apart and good little buddies. They got a trophy on the last day.

Aaaaaaaand lastly we have..... a giant snake. Andy took the boys to my nephews birthday party one Saturday while I had to work. They had a live reptile show and the boys ate it up. They loved every second. This python is enormous. And super yucky.

And that completes this edition of Some Little Things. Carry on! 


Monday, February 10, 2014

My Happy Birthday

 I had the best 31st birthday a few days ago. My family went above and beyond to make sure I had a great day and it definitely did not disappoint!

I always do a "birthday breakfast" for the kids (and Andy) where they get to open one gift. Usually Andy will make me something I like, but this year he asked what I wanted and of course I told him cinnamon rolls because anytime I can eat those without having to make them I will! He also made sausage and hot chocolate, probably the best meal ever, haha.

He and the kids also gave me my "breakfast gift" as they called it. Andy gave me a gift card to Ulta (because I've been complaining that I need some new makeup for awhile, but I just never buy any.) and the kids gave me a Camelbak! I was so excited about this because I had mentioned to Andy that I wanted some new stuff for my bike. I don't have water bottle holders on my bike so the Camelbak will be perfect for really long rides. The kids also gave me some new pens and pencils because I am always complaining that someone takes the pens and pencils out of the pencil holder in the office. As soon as I replace them, they slowly disappear, never to be found again. That was Baron's idea and I was seriously thrilled.

My mom and I had gone shopping a couple days before my birthday and she brought my gifts over all wrapped up. I love opening presents, so it was fun for me :) I love that my mom takes me shopping still. We go to lunch and just get whatever I've been needing or wanting. This year it was new curling irons (my old one hasn't been doing the job for about a year), some clothes, workout pants, and of course shoes because I think it's become a tradition that I have to get at least one new pair of shoes every birthday ;)

I had to go to work on my birthday, but it was fine. The store was pretty much dead and I just had a few nail appointments.  Andy brought the little boys to see me. He brought balloons and lunch and another gift which he dubbed my "lunch present". I joked that he was going to give me gifts at every meal and he said he was. Score! It was new inner tubes for my bike, ones that aren't supposed to pop as easily. I was so excited! After they left my manager came in and brought me a gift of some cute new earrings. It was a good day at work :)

After work I had to take the kids to their piano lesson and then I read a book while they did homework. Andy was at class until 7. I made the kids dinner (ummmm, I mean I poured cereal and milk into their bowls and peeled oranges for them. Haha! I wasn't about to cook on my birthday...) 

While they were eating I was checking out instagram and found myself tagged in this beauty:
 I am not sure how old I am, maybe 2? One of my oldest friends, Shaunna, posted it on instagram and wished me a Happy Birthday. Look how cute we are! Her family moved away when I was about 4 years old, but her parents and my parents have remained dear friends and she and I have kept in touch through blogging and facebook. I just love Shaunna. She is so real and down to earth and hilariously funny. Friends for life!

After Andy got home we did birthday cake. I am so annoyed at myself because as I was uploading pictures for this post I realized I don't have one picture with my kids on my birthday! Lame.
Oh well. Everyone had cake and then the kids got ready for bed. Andy and I kissed them goodnight and headed out for a late dinner to one of my favorite restaurants, Bonsai.

We had an AMAZINGLY delicious dinner. We also had one of the best chefs we've ever had. He was hilarious and we were practically rolling with all of his funny jokes. It was such a fun night and I love my husband for making it such a good birthday. I love that man.

He gave me my "dinner gift" in the car. It was new clip-pedals for my bike. I just had regular platform pedals before and I broke one of them last summer, so I was really looking forward to getting new pedals that I could wear my cycling shoes with.

After we got home I had to actually do some quizzes and homework before midnight. But all in all, the day was fabulous, peppered with texts, messages, and phone calls throughout from family and friends making it even better.

Last year I was so scared about turning 30. I don't know what it was, but it terrified me. I am so happy to report that the first year of my thirties was one of the best yet. I got back into great shape, I lost 40 pounds, I ran my first half marathon and signed up to ride a 100 mile bike race. I went back to work and am using my cosmetology license, something I never thought I would do. I am helping our family financially and I am really proud of that. I went back to school and have maintained a 3.8 GPA thus far. I have served for a year in the Young Women's organization in my ward for the first time (including a year of temple trips, lessons, activities, girl's camp, and youth conference) and grown to love all of the girls like they were my own. I have made new friends and kept in touch with old ones. I have learned to control my shopping addiction (but seriously, I am so proud of this!) I have learned to let things go that just don't matter. I have done my darndest to "just keep swimming" when my life seems crazy and hectic and insurmountable. I feel like I have a bigger and brighter testimony of the gospel and a better outlook on life. And lastly, I have a happy and healthy marriage and family that I adore more than anything else on this earth. I am so proud of myself for my accomplishments this last year, the first of many in my thirties. I hope to accomplish many more things over the next nine years. It will be quite a ride, I'm sure.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Daphne's Baptism Day

 Daphne's baptism day was so wonderful. It was later in the afternoon which I can't decide if I liked that better than morning or not. I definitely wasn't rushed the day before making sure everything was ready, but the day of I kind of slacked and thought I would have plenty of time and we were running late to get to the church on time (of course).

But, as always, everything turned out fine! I wish I would remember that it usually does and that I would take a deep breath and calm down once in awhile.

Anyway, here are some fun photos to document the lovely occasion.

I had to include this blurry photo to show that Andy is wearing his boot. We almost had to postpone her baptism (which, Daphne probably would have died if she had to wait another month) because of his ankle, but he got permission from the doc to get it wet if he did it quick and dried it off right away.

The display table with her photos and programs

I'm so glad to have such a handy hubs that can make stuff like this for me! That guy.... he can do anything. Love him.

Dressed in white and ready to go! Andy used his peg leg (we joke he is a pirate with that thing) to actually go in the water since he couldn't get his boot wet.

The baptism program itself was lovely. Daphne's grandmothers said the prayers, her Aunt Bree lead the music, Uncle Nate played the piano, Laylah did a talk on baptism, her Aunt Rachel did a talk on the Holy Ghost, her grandfathers were the baptism witnesses, her siblings and cousins did a musical number (it was so cute!) and of course, Andy performed the baptism and confirmation. Andy and I have SO many children between our two families, so it was pretty noisy in that tiny room. I think it was the loudest baptism I have been to! But it didn't take away from the special spirit and Daphne didn't notice anyway. She was absolutely glowing with happiness. I shed some tears of happiness during her confirmation to see all of those worthy men who love Daphne so much get up and surround her with the power of the priesthood. Andy always does such a wonderful job and the things he blessed her with just went so perfectly with who Daphne is that I can't doubt it comes straight from our Heavenly Father. The priesthood is an amazing thing. I feel like the luckiest mom ever to be able to have these experiences with my children. Daphne came and gave me the biggest hug afterwards and I think I could just burst from the love I have for that girl.

I just love this little family of mine.

So proud of this girl.

I was so happy to see Daphne's 3 best gal pals come to her baptism. The two on the right have already been baptized and I love that they wore their white dresses! So sweet.  I just love that these girls are so close. (Fun fact: the girl on the left is the granddaughter of the man who delivered Daphne, my fabulous OB! Also, Andy went to high school with her mom and dad. Murray is such a funny little place...)

Cousin (and sister) love

After the baptism everyone headed over to my parents house for a delicious dinner. We had a soup bar with 4 different soups (clam chowder, zuppa toscana,  creamy mushroom, and white bean chili). We also had homemade rolls, salad (both fruit and green), and lots of treats.

Peanut butter brownies, walnut brownies, chocolate covered strawberries, and mini sugar cookies (i love that I caught that little hand in the photo about to grab a cookie, ha!)

 We always have such wonderful support from our fabulous families and friends. Love them all so much!

I think Magnus ate about 10 of these chocolate covered strawberries.

And we presented Daphne with her very own set of scriptures, marking pencils, and a case. She has been waiting for this for so long. I love how excited this girl gets about things. She truly has a zest for life!

She received so many wonderful gifts from family and friends including an amazing baptism book from each of her grandparents. She got a CTR ring from Aunt Rachel, a CTR necklace from her great grandma Roth (who couldn't be here), and some CTR earrings from her great grandma Marge. If she ever has any doubt, she'll just need to check out her jewelry to know if she should Choose The Right, haha!

Anyway, it was a wonderful, wonderful day. I can hardly believe my little peanut Daphne is 8 years old and a member of the church. So blessed.

A Photo Shoot For Daphne

 Daphne needed some photos taken for her baptism invitation and well, I just wanted some cute ones of her in her dress too. In the past whenever I have needed photos taken I have just traded with someone (hair for a photo shoot) but this time nobody wanted to trade! Bummer. So, I took my new camera that I don't even know how to use and Daphne and I set off to get some photos taken. I did my best, but I am by no means a perfectionist. I think they turned out fine, and it was fun spending the afternoon with my girl.

I used Natty Sue Designs for the invitation. I love the way they turned out. I have used Natalie for my other kids baptism invites. She is great to work with and so fast.

 We had a fun time!

Love this Daphne girl of mine. It makes me so happy to spend one-on-one time with my kiddos because sadly, it doesn't happen all that often. I love when special events come up so we can get more time together and talk. I loved getting to take Daphne shopping for her dress and shoes and also for this little photo shoot, as much as I felt inadequate to do it. It was a fun fun afternoon.