Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Daphne Turns 8!

 Oh goodness, my middle child is 8 years old. It makes me feel old! This little girl LOVES her birthdays. She has literally been counting down since her half-birthday last summer. She has never been so excited for a birthday because ever since Laylah turned 8, it couldn't come fast enough for Daphne. The three things she was looking forward to most were #1 being baptized, #2 an American Girl Doll, and #3 getting her ears pierced. They have all come to pass (more on her baptism later) and she is one happy girl.

She woke up on her birthday and I made her favorite birthday breakfast of stuffed french toast, sausage, strawberries, apple juice, and hot cocoa. She was able to open one gift (new clothes) and then go to school.

We didn't have time to get her ears pierced other than during the day (because of her birthday parties-more on those later!) so I took her out of school to go to lunch and get the deed done. Laylah joined us since Daphne had been invited to go with Laylah when she had her ears pierced. Life is much more fun with a sister to share it with!
 Daphne chose Chick-Fil-A and all during lunch I could see her nervous little face trying not to think about what she was going to have done.

We headed to Claire's after lunch and Daphne chose some new studs. She was so nervous and started throwing a little tantrum going back and forth about whether she really wanted to do this. I was starting to get fed up with it and told her that if she didn't do it now I wouldn't bring her again to do it (I'm so mean!) but I am so glad Laylah was there. She was such a calming influence over Daphne and convinced her that it really didn't hurt that bad.
 Daphne was whimpering the whole time the girl was getting everything prepped. She finally got ready to do it and Daphne said, "No! I don't want to do it!" The girl turned to me and said, "I already opened the earrings, you'll have to pay for them." I turned to Daphne and said, "You're doing it."

The girl went over and did it super quick, and then the other ear and it was done.

After a few tears were shed, Daphne couldn't have been happier!

I took the girl's back to school and Daphne took her birthday donuts to take in and share with her class. She said she had a great rest of the day showing off her new earrings to anyone that would look at them. 

After school I picked the kids up and we got ready for Daphne's birthday party. All of her friend's came over and we headed to the Lion House for her Pioneer Party, but that will be another post.

After her party we came home to celebrate with her family and grandparents. Daphne was so excited to receive all of her fun gifts.
 She got her American Girl Doll from me, Andy and also my parents, and her grandma Collette had made a bunch of clothes for her doll which she named Stephanie.

She also got a horse for her doll to ride. Along with those things, she got some new earrings, the High School musical CD, and a few Fablehaven books. She got some new jammies from Grandma Darlene and money from grandma Marge and Grandma and Grandpa Collette. She also got cards and money from aunts and uncles.

We sang a little Happy Birthday song and had cake (the rest of her cake from her Lion House Party earlier. It looks like a full cake, but the other side of that cake plate is empty ;)

Lots of pictures with people that adore this little Missy.

And one last photo of Daphne and Stephanie in their matching pajamas.

Daphne at 8:

Daphne is such a unique child. She has always been different than my other kids, in her own wonderful way. She is so tenderhearted and thoughtful of those around her. She is responsible and has been from such a young age. She loves to help people. She is so messy. She can be a little spit-fire sometimes and can throw the biggest tantrums I have ever seen (literally. I think only Baron has rivaled her in the tantrum throwing department). She is as stubborn as they come. She can be so incredibly silly and just completely serious in a matter of seconds. She is a good listener. She does amazingly well in school without even having to try hard. She adores learning and going to school. She is in the accelerated program and is so creative. She has an incredible memory. She is a little daredevil.

Daphne is my still my pickiest eater, but she is very good to try anything once. She doesn't even complain when we have something for dinner that she doesn't like, she just eats it with a grimace on her face. She needs to learn how to use her filter. Sometimes she says things that can be hurtful without realizing it. She always talks about being an only child and wonders why Andy and I decided to have so many kids. She cracks us up when she asks questions like that. She definitely has "middle child syndrome" and likes to have the attention on her whenever she can.

Daphne can be quirky sometimes. I can't really put into words how, she is just different and unique (like I said above) in a refreshing way. She likes funny little things (for example, she wanted a nutcracker for her birthday last year because she was in the play The Nutcracker). She kind of becomes obsessed with certain things and after awhile loses interest and moves onto something else to be obsessed with. It keeps life interesting and I love her for it.

Daphne is so incredible funny. She has the funniest laugh and is always cracking us up. She is such a wonderful big sister and plays with her little brothers all the time. She and Laylah play so well together too, but they also fight (like sisters!) and she and Jonah have a sweet little relationship. She still considers herself a tomboy, but she likes girly things once in awhile too. She hates makeup and nail polish and cannot understand why anyone would want to wear it. She still loves soccer and horses, her rollerskates, her bike and scooter, playing outside, playing with friends, and singing and playing the piano. She has three very dear friends at school named Nicole, Hailey, and Grace. Those four are the best of friends and I love their relationships with each other.

Daphne is such a lovebug. She has to kiss everyone and give them a hug before she goes to bed. She always wants people to know that she loves them and says it often. It is so hard to get upset with this girl. She is so sweet. That's not to say she doesn't have her moments. I mentioned temper tantrums, but she also pouts and pouts and pouts if she doesn't get her way. She is good to get over stuff quickly and is always ready with an apology if needed. She is the best.

I love you more than I could ever say my Daphne Girl. Happy Birthday sweetheart!

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