Saturday, February 8, 2014

Daphne's Lion House Birthday Party

 After Daphne got home from school on her birthday we waited for all of her friends to come to our house to we could head downtown to the Lion House for her birthday party. My mom helped me drive all of them. We listened to the "Frozen" soundtrack on the way down and it was the cutest thing ever to hear all of those cute little girl voices singing their hearts out.

We headed through the Joseph Smith memorial building where we parked and walked up the street to the Lion House.

The Birthday Queen

 We started out with a tour of the Lion House. Our party hostess was actually a lady who is in our ward and because we were the only party there that evening we got to go all over where normally parties don't get to go. It was so much fun to learn all about the pioneer children, games they played, and things they did back in the day. Daphne knew all the answers because this was her 4th party there in the last year. She was loving it (she likes to be a know-it-all :)

We played some pioneer games when we got back to the party room (Hide the Thimble, Button Button) and after that we had an old-fashioned taffy pull. 
After our taffy was pulled and shaped and starting to harden, we ate dinner.

Daphne is ringing the dinner bell.

Dinner was followed by singing to the birthday girl and birthday cake (The Lion House makes THEE best cakes ever. I want some right now.) Daphne's cousin Alauna got the gumball in her piece which will insure that she has good luck the rest of the year. Daphne also receieved a little package in her goody bag from the Lion House. It was a traditional gift pioneer children used to receive from their parents. It had 12 raisins in it (one for every month that would be eaten on the number date of the birthday and when they were gone it was your birthday again!), a few sugar cubes (because sugar was so rare and so special), and sunflower seeds (for a wish to grow big and tall like sunflowers do.)

We opened gifts after cake and ice cream. Daphne was well-taken care of and received many fun things from her friends.

Here is Daphne with our hostess. She is explaining that Daphne gets to choose either a stuffed lion or a porcelain doll as her gift from The Lion House. I remember being the most excited about this when I was a little girl having my party at the Lion House.

Daphne was very conflicted because she really wanted one of those lions.

In the end she chose the darling doll with the dark brown hair just like I knew she would :)

Everyone received their goody bags with a traditional molasses cookie, their taffy, a lion house sucker, and a lion house bib. Daphne's party was a huge success and I'm so happy that she decided to have her party here. My boys don't seem too interested in having a party here, so I guess this will be my last Lion House party for awhile.... maybe until I have granddaughters?!

Happy #8 Daphne girl!

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