Sunday, February 9, 2014

Daphne's Baptism Day

 Daphne's baptism day was so wonderful. It was later in the afternoon which I can't decide if I liked that better than morning or not. I definitely wasn't rushed the day before making sure everything was ready, but the day of I kind of slacked and thought I would have plenty of time and we were running late to get to the church on time (of course).

But, as always, everything turned out fine! I wish I would remember that it usually does and that I would take a deep breath and calm down once in awhile.

Anyway, here are some fun photos to document the lovely occasion.

I had to include this blurry photo to show that Andy is wearing his boot. We almost had to postpone her baptism (which, Daphne probably would have died if she had to wait another month) because of his ankle, but he got permission from the doc to get it wet if he did it quick and dried it off right away.

The display table with her photos and programs

I'm so glad to have such a handy hubs that can make stuff like this for me! That guy.... he can do anything. Love him.

Dressed in white and ready to go! Andy used his peg leg (we joke he is a pirate with that thing) to actually go in the water since he couldn't get his boot wet.

The baptism program itself was lovely. Daphne's grandmothers said the prayers, her Aunt Bree lead the music, Uncle Nate played the piano, Laylah did a talk on baptism, her Aunt Rachel did a talk on the Holy Ghost, her grandfathers were the baptism witnesses, her siblings and cousins did a musical number (it was so cute!) and of course, Andy performed the baptism and confirmation. Andy and I have SO many children between our two families, so it was pretty noisy in that tiny room. I think it was the loudest baptism I have been to! But it didn't take away from the special spirit and Daphne didn't notice anyway. She was absolutely glowing with happiness. I shed some tears of happiness during her confirmation to see all of those worthy men who love Daphne so much get up and surround her with the power of the priesthood. Andy always does such a wonderful job and the things he blessed her with just went so perfectly with who Daphne is that I can't doubt it comes straight from our Heavenly Father. The priesthood is an amazing thing. I feel like the luckiest mom ever to be able to have these experiences with my children. Daphne came and gave me the biggest hug afterwards and I think I could just burst from the love I have for that girl.

I just love this little family of mine.

So proud of this girl.

I was so happy to see Daphne's 3 best gal pals come to her baptism. The two on the right have already been baptized and I love that they wore their white dresses! So sweet.  I just love that these girls are so close. (Fun fact: the girl on the left is the granddaughter of the man who delivered Daphne, my fabulous OB! Also, Andy went to high school with her mom and dad. Murray is such a funny little place...)

Cousin (and sister) love

After the baptism everyone headed over to my parents house for a delicious dinner. We had a soup bar with 4 different soups (clam chowder, zuppa toscana,  creamy mushroom, and white bean chili). We also had homemade rolls, salad (both fruit and green), and lots of treats.

Peanut butter brownies, walnut brownies, chocolate covered strawberries, and mini sugar cookies (i love that I caught that little hand in the photo about to grab a cookie, ha!)

 We always have such wonderful support from our fabulous families and friends. Love them all so much!

I think Magnus ate about 10 of these chocolate covered strawberries.

And we presented Daphne with her very own set of scriptures, marking pencils, and a case. She has been waiting for this for so long. I love how excited this girl gets about things. She truly has a zest for life!

She received so many wonderful gifts from family and friends including an amazing baptism book from each of her grandparents. She got a CTR ring from Aunt Rachel, a CTR necklace from her great grandma Roth (who couldn't be here), and some CTR earrings from her great grandma Marge. If she ever has any doubt, she'll just need to check out her jewelry to know if she should Choose The Right, haha!

Anyway, it was a wonderful, wonderful day. I can hardly believe my little peanut Daphne is 8 years old and a member of the church. So blessed.

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