Sunday, June 28, 2009

Taylorsville Dayzz

We had such a busy weekend. After the ward campout, we had to rush home to get Laylah ready for her last dance performance of the year. It was at Taylorsville Dayzz (our city's yearly celebration) and she did a great job- it was the best I have ever seen her do her dance. It was just me and her because Andy stayed home to give the other (exhausted) kids a nap. Luckily I was able to hangout with Becca and her family.All of the younger classes were hiding under this table to escape the heat.

Cute Mckenzie and Cute Laylah

Lay and Mom

Me and my gal Becca

Later that day our friends, the Kendall's, had invited us over to their home for a barbeque. The kids had so much fun running around like crazies and playing (we have 8 between us). Some of their old friends- who used to live in the ward- (Karma and Scott) joined us as well with one of their kids. I have not laughed that hard in a LONG time! We had so much fun- especially listening to Jeff (who is the bishop) play a version of Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater on the piano, as well as sing. Hilarious is the word that comes to mind. Later, we met up with some more friends from the ward (Pitts and Monsons) and went over to the ballfield to watch the fireworks from Taylorsville Dayzz. So much fun.
Whiny, tired, pouty Daphne

Daphne loves Corrine. I think she would like her to be her mom instead of me.

My good lookin hubby having an intense conversation with Jeff (aka Bishop Kendall- hahaha) (I know its dark, but I just thought Andy looked so good ;)

Look at Laylah putting her hand up so I can't see her face. Little stinker. She is such a sassy pants
Too much fun... all tuckered out

Camping!... Sucks

It's that time of year again... time for the Ward Campout! I am not a camper, and I do not enjoy it whatsoever. I only do it for my kids because they love it. And I only do it once a year, at this event. And because I love my ward, and besides the dirt, bugs, smells, lack of sleep, cold, mud, rain, etc, it really is fun! This year was no exception. When we got there, the weather was beautiful. The ward provides games and crafts for the kids. They love it. Especially my big kid as you can see.The Women's Club

Waiting in line for the AMAZING dinner the ward provides. It was seriously delish.

Good thing I had Daph wear her galoshes since the forecast was rain. They were very useful for this giant mud puddle (and the tons of rain) that was inconvenienlty located right in the middle of our campsite

This was during the wonderful fireside (given by our awesome stake president who amazes me) after the rain and wind had started.

Luckily it only lasted about and hour or two... and luckily our friends (who we missed!!- wish you could have come!) let us use their camper trailer, otherwise I think I would have made Andy take me home. Thank you Corrine and Jeff!!!

The next morning was a little chilly, but beautiful. All of my kids slept great, except Baron. He woke up a few times, because I think he was cold.

These girls were the Three Musketeers on this trip. Laylah, Caitlyn, and Kajia

Baron found this cup and it kept him busy for about an hour

The kids had fun playing with all the cute puppies people brought
Taking down equipment. I look like I am being very helpful, don't I? :) Until next year.... thanks ward- it was a blast!


These little lovelies showed up on my doorstep last night. As you can see, one is already missing. They are to die for... vaNIElla cupcakes from The Sweet Tooth Fairy. Thanks Olsens... you are the best home teachers a gal could ask for!And I love NieNie...

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Well, it's gone! The highchair that has cluttered up my kitchen, sat dirty and covered in food, been used to give rides in, that I have kicked at least 231 times at night in a dark kitchen, been used for 4 darling babies/toddlers, slowly fallen apart, been useful to doggies to find a few treats in the seat, and many other things, is gone! We moved Baron to a booster at the table a few weeks ago (I do this ASAP with my children because I absolutely despise cleaning up a dirty highchair- almost more than anything) when we recieved a notice in the mail saying it was time for the yearly neighborhood cleanup. The city brings dumpsters to the neighborhood for 1 day for everyone to clean-up their yards and throw their junk away. Well, I've had it with the highchair- it was time to say goodbye. Kind of funny considering I was so excited to get Laylah this highchair and couldn't wait until she was big enough to be able to sit in it. Well, goodbye old friend- you've served your purpose, and it's time to go. Funny side note- after I threw it in the dumpster, a little girl rode by on her bike and asked if the highchair was broken. I told her no, that I just didn't want it anymore. She said "Oh! We need a new highchair for my little sister, we just moved in!" And off she sped down the street to tell her mom there was a surprise in the dumpster waiting just for them. :)
Baron is such a cheese these days. As soon as he sees me with the camera, he runs in front of it and says "cheese!" Funny boy.

Goodbye! and good riddance. Now, where can I find a cute little black table to take the place of this highchair... ;)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

A Dad is a son's first hero and a daughter's first love...I just wanted to give a shout out to Dads on this day. They are so great, and we especially love the ones in our family. First is Andy. He is such a great, fun dad. The kids love that he will wrestle, play, and tease with them. He's so much fun and does everything for us. He is a great teacher and the kids are always learning new things from him. He is always fixing their stuff even when they are the ones who broke it. He is very patient (most of the time :) He is always making up funny nicknames for the kids. They love when he reads to them because he will change the story and see if they can catch it. He is so much fun and we just LOVE our Dad!!!

The other 2 dads are my dad and Andy's dad aka Papa Bry and Grandpa Collette. They are such wonderful grandpas who do so much for us and they are both such hands-on grandpas. They will do anything their grandkids ask them to whether its to play with them, make them something, or take them somewhere. They are also amazing fathers. They are both still so involved in their childrens lives and Andy and I both know that our dads would do anything for us.We LOVE our Grandpas!!
Papa Collette
Papa Bry

Happy Father's Day!!

Jo's Soccer Season

Well, soccer season is over. The last game was on Saturday and Jonah had so much fun and loved playing soccer. He really improved throughout the season, and he made several goals. One game he made 4!! We are so proud of him, and I loved watching him play. Andy was the coach and he loved it. It was a lot of fun.Look at the concentration!

Going up for a "five" from coach aka dad

This is what the kids do during half-time...
That would be Daphne's finger

Hi mom!!
Jo was so excited to recieve a trophy

Team pictures