Sunday, October 16, 2016

Busy Wife, Busy Life

I wish I was here right now! I have been wanting to go on a beautiful fall hike for several weeks now and I literally do not have the time. The last two weekends I whined to Andy that all I wanted to do was go hiking, but house, kid, and school stuff have prevented me from doing just that.

I am laughing at my year of blogging. If you look over to the side at my blog archives, it shows that I have written one post in January, and one in February, because that is the beginning of the semester, and it is always crazy. Then I caught up and kept up (when my computer wasn't giving me grief, that is!) throughout the summer. But then come September and October, I only have one post again in each month (now 2 in October, counting this one :) because of the crazy start of semester (and the start of my new job, too!)

I just found that funny because I really love blogging! In fact, I have about 30 posts ready to be written, but I have no time to do it! Someday.... someday.

Last week was the craziest of the whole semester. I took the week off work so I could attend a week long condensed course worth 3 credits and it met every day from 8 AM-5PM. There was a test every day and I still have to write a paper for the class that is due in a few weeks. All I did last week was attend class all day and read and study all night. I think I survived the week on caffeine, sugar, and the goodwill of my wonderful friends and family who brought dinner a couple times. It also happened to be the last week of my kid's soccer games, so it was just all around BUSY.

I know that this time in my life will not last forever. I know that it is a means to an end. I know that I really love what I am doing! I love my classes. I love my job. I love my crazy life. But sometimes it is really nice to just be able to go on a nice hike and enjoy the nature around me. I crave it and I miss it. I really miss summer and its carefree days of lounging, having fun, and doing nothing, if I didn't want to. 

Phew. Well, I am halfway through the semester. It has flown by. But I have a lot more work ahead of me. The second half always seems to be busier and crazier. But come December 9th, I am done and on my way to a little girl's trip to St George. It's always nice to have something to look forward to!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Happy Independance Day + Lake Powell Lovin'

 This post has about a thousand pictures, but c'mon! Lake Powell?! The Fourth of July?! Two of my most favorite things! And it has to have been one of the best trips ever. 

Prep for Lake Powell is always fun. Lots of treats and yummy (bad for you) food!

 The drive down was uneventful. We left after church and I slept a lot of the way. The kids were busy with their ipads and I didn't here a peep out of them.
 Utah sure is beautiful.

 We finally arrived and I just couldn't wipe the smile off my face. I LOVE LAKE POWELL SO MUCH.

We had a late dinner, got settled and had ourselves a little dance party and also had a game night. The only other people there besides my parents was my sis Kaylie and her new husband, Bob. They decided to go for a late night paddleboarding. Kind of creepy.

 Beautiful sunset. Obviously, it's Lake Powell ;)

The next day was the Fourth of July. We celebrated by packing the day full of paddleboarding, cliff jumping, water-skiing, dancing, playing games, eating good food, tubing, swimming, and just being together. My favorite things with my favorite people.

Showing Magnus how it's done.

Daphne lost a tooth while we were boating. Luckily the Tooth Fairy was able to make it all the way out to the middle of the lake, into the houseboat, and leave Daphne some money under her pillow!

Movie time while dinner's cooking

Happy Independence Day with my family I love!

So many fun fireworks from all of our neighbors around us.

 The next day we went to the sand hill bright and early before it got too hot.

Climbing is hard work!

We all made it!

Time to run down!

Ice cream at the marina store, a favorite of mine.
 Looking at all of the giant carp at the dock. Yuck.

The best Papa who teaches all of his grand kids to drive.

 My brave boy jumping off the houseboat! Don't mind my dumb finger.

 These two big boys throwing each other off the tubes.

 Love this red rock!


 Sleepy kids.

 My little daredevils jumping off cliffs.

 The older four kiddos have never learned to ski and they decided this trip would be it. Three out of four having a success was great! Bear will try again next time, haha. Way to go, my cute kiddos!



Paddleboard Wars!

Beautiful Powell

For some reason I decided to stop taking pictures the rest of the day... probably because it got a little bit crazy when Rachel and her whole family arrived, and then Nate and his whole family arrived. But the cousins were absolutely ECSTATIC to play together for the rest of the day. After that, Andy and the older three packed up to head hom. The older two had youth conference, and Daphne had soccer. I stayed one more day with Mag and then we went home the next day with Kaylie and Bob.

This was on the way from the houseboat to the marina. This trip wore him plum out!

Goodbye my beautiful, amazing Lake Powell! I love you the most!

 Rachel asked if Bear could stay for the rest of the week with her so Ethan would have a buddy. He was stoked, of course.

I loved this trip and this family time. It was just so much fun. Thanks to my mom and dad for always providing wonderful trips for our family. It serves as some of my best memories ever, and I know my kids agree.