Sunday, October 16, 2016

Busy Wife, Busy Life

I wish I was here right now! I have been wanting to go on a beautiful fall hike for several weeks now and I literally do not have the time. The last two weekends I whined to Andy that all I wanted to do was go hiking, but house, kid, and school stuff have prevented me from doing just that.

I am laughing at my year of blogging. If you look over to the side at my blog archives, it shows that I have written one post in January, and one in February, because that is the beginning of the semester, and it is always crazy. Then I caught up and kept up (when my computer wasn't giving me grief, that is!) throughout the summer. But then come September and October, I only have one post again in each month (now 2 in October, counting this one :) because of the crazy start of semester (and the start of my new job, too!)

I just found that funny because I really love blogging! In fact, I have about 30 posts ready to be written, but I have no time to do it! Someday.... someday.

Last week was the craziest of the whole semester. I took the week off work so I could attend a week long condensed course worth 3 credits and it met every day from 8 AM-5PM. There was a test every day and I still have to write a paper for the class that is due in a few weeks. All I did last week was attend class all day and read and study all night. I think I survived the week on caffeine, sugar, and the goodwill of my wonderful friends and family who brought dinner a couple times. It also happened to be the last week of my kid's soccer games, so it was just all around BUSY.

I know that this time in my life will not last forever. I know that it is a means to an end. I know that I really love what I am doing! I love my classes. I love my job. I love my crazy life. But sometimes it is really nice to just be able to go on a nice hike and enjoy the nature around me. I crave it and I miss it. I really miss summer and its carefree days of lounging, having fun, and doing nothing, if I didn't want to. 

Phew. Well, I am halfway through the semester. It has flown by. But I have a lot more work ahead of me. The second half always seems to be busier and crazier. But come December 9th, I am done and on my way to a little girl's trip to St George. It's always nice to have something to look forward to!

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