Sunday, November 27, 2016

2017 Coming Right Up

Can you believe this year is nearly over? I can't. It has been the best year ever. I would like to re-live it, actually. After having so many trying and difficult years in a row, I'd say we were due for some happy and more easy times. Not to say life has been perfect-- it never is. Andy was unemployed for awhile and has had three different jobs this year. We have probably had more marital problems this year than ever before, but we have worked through it. It has been happy and full of fun and adventure and good news. I've just loved 2016 so much, despite the trials that we've had.

Thanksgiving was wonderful. I loved having four straight days off of work and in just 4 weeks I'll get almost two weeks off for Christmas. I saved my time off for the week between Christmas and New Years to be with my kiddos since they are out for school. It will be so much fun and I am super excited. 

Also, I only have two weeks left until this semester is over. HALLELUJAH! It has been a little rough. My classes were online and just way more intense than I thought they would be. They just had a lot of reading and busy work involved. I have an A in two classes and a B in the other. But I also have a huge paper left to write, a poster presentation to create, a little project that shouldn't be too hard, and one more exam. So hopefully I can pull that B up to an A and also keep my A's in the others. School ain't for the weak. I will never stop telling my kids that they need to get it done when they are single and childless. HA! I have read research that says the more you tell your kids something, the more likely they are to do it, so that's good, tee hee.

Also, another goal I've made for myself is to catch up this blog over Christmas break! I always have one project or another over the break and that will be the one I try to work on each day while I have time off work. I can't wait. I miss writing. Well, one of my classes is actually a writing class, but it's Scientific Writing.... so it is incredibly boring. Haha. Anyway, can't wait.

Nothing much else is going on. School, work, family. Not in that order, of course. My little fam is doing terrific. My cute little kids have been doing fabulous in school. Yesterday we took them to Moana (such a great movie!) because they all had straight A's for the first semester. They're amazing. They are doing so well. The school, year is 1/3 of the way over and I'm so proud of each of them.

Andy is loving his job. I love my job as well. While life is pretty crazy with two full time working parents, our schedules work out great so that one of us is always with the kids. Andy takes them to school in the morning and I am done in time to pick them up in the afternoons. While life is crazy and busy, it is also pretty sweet. We are doing so well and are so blessed. 

More later. I'll finish catching up from our wonderful summer and tell you all about what has been going on this fall and beginning of winter. It's been so great. Until then!

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