Monday, May 23, 2016

Mighty Magnus Raises His Star at Make A Wish!

 We had Magnus' last event at Make A Wish at the end of March. This process takes awhile and has several steps along the way. Since we had finished everything but the final party, where Magnus raises his "star" in the Make A Wish building. Every child that has ever had a wish granted has a star in the building and there is a huge constellation of stars on the ceiling in the entrance. The child gets to choose the color they want, write their name on it, and draw pictures of things from their wish. After they hang the star they show the Wish Kid where it is so that any time they come to the building they can find their star. It is so special and sweet. 

We headed to Make A Wish for our final party. He was so happy to be back at that wonderful place once again.

 Our wish granters provided a pizza dinner with soda, and donuts (Magnus' favorite, as they well know :) for dessert. Most of our family was able to come and Magnus loved having everyone there that he loves so much.

we were able to take a tour for those that hadn't been there and they walked everyone through the entire wishing process that we had done back when this all started. 
 It made me pretty emotional all over again, especially when we went in the wishing room.

 Magnus showed us all where he made his wish and sent it to the Wishing Wizard. We talked about when we all gave our wishes to Magnus. I love that room. There is beautiful music and it changes color and there is a waterfall right in the middle. It was so fun. 

Then it was time for the star raising ceremony.

 We talked about Magnus' wish and his favorite parts on the cruise and then they played the "When you wish upon a star..." song while Magnus raised his star up to the ceiling.

There are normally tons of other stars up there, but they are remodeling the wish building, so they weren't there. His little star was up there all by itself!

Some of Magnus' friends from Cottonwood High even made it to his party to celebrate with us. It was so sweet of them and he was so happy to see them. 
 They have this fun plane there that Magnus loved sitting in. 

Make A Wish has many, many scrapbooks of every Wish Kid. They have photos from each kid's wish and their families write notes to them  on their pages. It is so sweet. Everyone at our party wrote Magnus a message on his pages.

 It was such a special night and we could not be more thankful to the Make A Wish Foundation and to our incredible wish granters, Stefanie and Joe. They made the process seamless, easy, and very enjoyable.
 We love Make A Wish!

And here's a link you can click on to see the video Andy made to tell Make a Wish and Cottonwood High thank you for our amazing wish: Click HERE.

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