Friday, May 20, 2016

*Kaylie and Bob's Wedding Day! March 5, 2016*

My baby sister is married! She got married about 2 1/2 months ago and every time I talk to her she doesn't seem like she could be any happier. It was an absolutely beautiful wedding and SO MUCH FUN. 

The evening before her wedding we had a dinner at a Chinese place. Bob's parents hosted and it was really a fun night. They had toasts from grandparents, parents, and people in the wedding party. They had the bride and groom play some funny games, and it was just really enjoyable. I love my family, we always have a blast together. Doug left early, and we were trying to take a sister picture, but Nate kept making us laugh too much. We finally got a decent photo.

Aaaand I have too many like this where he is trying to sneak in...

 I did Kaylie's hair and make-up the next morning. I love that I got to help her get ready and spend that one-on-one time with her. Very special. 

Andy and I headed to the wedding at the Salt Lake Temple.

The ceremony was lovely, and I was able to go into the bride's room afterwards with my mom to help her button up the hundreds of buttons on her dress, fix up her make-up, put her hairpiece in, and fuss over her. Loved it. 
 They were so cute together. Kaylie was absolutely beautiful.

And there's the sibling picture we were looking for! Picture of a picture.

The reception that night was so much fun. It was in the atrium at Western Garden's and seriously could not have been more dreamy. Her colors were purple and yellow.

Cutie family. 

Getting the bride ready for photos!

Keeping the boys busy.

They had little meat sandwiches from Kneader's, green salad, and Art City Donuts food truck making various kinds of delicious little donuts.  So yummy.

 We danced the night away and had such a fun DJ. It was juts so much fun dancing with everyone. 

Bride and Groom's first dance

 Daddy daughter dance.

 The little boys were all so silly and sat in the back room watching movies.

When it was time for them to go we sent them off in style.

 They were just so happy. It was a lovely day and a beautiful night and everything went perfectly. I am so happy for them and they are so cute together. 

And they lived happily ever after!

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