Monday, May 23, 2016

Bear's "Bouncy" Birthday Party!

It was Baron's year for a friend birthday party and he had his heart set on one thing-- Airborne Trampoline Arena. I found these darling invitations:

It was a couple days after his actual birthday and everything went perfectly. He invited a mix of kids from school, our neighborhood, and his soccer team. The great thing about boys is that they all get along and are best friends within minutes. No drama. 

I took this group picture and then told them all to tackle Bear and dog-pile. They loved that!

Laylah was such a huge help to me. She stayed home and decorated and cooked the pizza while we were gone. We had to take both cars to fit everyone and every seat belt was used. With Andy and I that was 15 people! Two parents, one little brother, one big brother, ten party guests, and the birthday boy. (Daphne was at a friend's house). Anyway, I couldn't' have done it without Laylah's help.

We arrived at the trampoline park (same one we went to for my birthday!) and jumped, jumped, jumped. We played tag, dodge ball, and flipped off of big jumps into pits of foam. It was fun.

After we were done we came home and ate pizza, soda, ice cream cones, and donuts. Perfect.

Baron got so many fun gifts, a little boy's dream!

Simple goody bags with (bouncy) things in them. Bubble gum, a hackie sack, bouncy balls, and a balloon.

After eating and gifts, the boys went out back to play Capture the Flag until parent's arrived to take their boys home. It was a fun and successful and simple party! Bear loved it.

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