Monday, May 23, 2016

Happy 8th Birthday, Bear!

 Our Baron boy turned 8 years old on April 13th! It was such a fun and special birthday because only a few weeks later he was baptized. So exciting!

We had his birthday breakfast of choice: Maple buttercream donuts from Harmon's (the best donuts ever, FYI), sausage, strawberries, and bananas, and oj.

He got to open one present (a new shirt-- I always give my kids something new to wear on the birthday. I feel like that makes the day more special for some reason. I don't know why!)

Handsome boy off to school! He took blue mini lofthouse cookies for his class to celebrate his birthday. 

Andy and I went and got him out of school to take him to lunch. He chose to invite Jonah to come which I thought was very cute. They really are the best of friends and I love it. We went and got sushi at Yi Sushi Bistro. 

Attempting to use chopsticks.

 Having some wonton soup

Look at that face. SO cute. And so grown up.

And also so funny. 

Trying a new kind of sushi that obviously was not a favorite, hahaha.

 That evening Baron had chosen barbecue chicken sandwiches for his birthday dinner along with loaded mashed potatoes (cheese, sour cream, bacon), broccoli and cauliflower, and lemonade.

He chose a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and I did it in several tiny pans so it was small but really tall. It was cute. We also had cookie dough ice cream. 

It was kind of a busy night for grandparents, so one couldn't be there, one was very late because she forgot (but came after we called her), one set was on time, and another was late because they had a conflict. But he loved it because it drew out his birthday longer and presents just kept coming trough the door for him!
Andy and I got him a 3DS XL along with a star wars game, a new book he had been wanting so badly, some adidas sandals, and a minecraft lego set. He was SO thrilled with everything and just so cute. The photos are kind of dark, but you can still see his excitement!

He was so excited about this bean bag chair my parents got for him. Ever since Jonah got one form them for his last birthday, Baron has wanted one. 

I think he is happy with his new DS!

 And his new legos!

Grandma Marge gave him money. Grandma Darlene couldn't make it, but she also gave him money and took him out to lunch the next week. She also got him a new DS game when she took him shopping. He also got some money from aunts and uncles and other great grandparents. Lucky boy!

Happy Birthday to you!

And getting some more teasing from dad.


Grandma and Grandpa Collette made it and he got money, a giftcard, and a little ipod nano from them.  
What a happy birthday for Bear!

Baron at 8:
This is always the hardest part whenever I write my kids' birthday post. I have so much that I want to say! And I don't want to forget anything. It's hard to put into words how your heart feels about someone. But here it goes...

Bear is such a fun kid. He can be so inappropriate, but the way he does it always catches me off guard and I can't help but giggle. He acts so much older than 8, probably because he is the 4th child, but also because he is expected to because of his size. He wears a 14-16 size pants and shirt and a men's size 7 or 8 shoe (depending on brand, of course). He hangs out with older kids, he's at least a head taller than all of his friends (and any other kid his age) and he is big and strong. That being said, he has this very babyish side to him as well. He will whine and cry about the silliest things and throw these major temper tantrums when he is overly tired or really upset. That's how I know he is still my 8-year-old little boy :)

Bear is not a very affectionate kid. He used to be as a toddler, but that has changed since about preschool. He really doesn't like giving hugs and freaks out if anyone ever kisses him. And I mean FREAKS (see above-- whining and major tantrum). It doesn't make me feel bad, because apparently I was like that around his age and I grew out of it. Now I love hugs! It's just weird when I try to hug him and he always pulls away. My other kids love when I hug them, so even though I know this about him, it sometimes catches me off guard. Once in a great while, when he is especially sad or extra lovey, he will come and give me a great big hug and I live for those moments and try to hold onto him as long as he will let me. I really do adore this boy. 

Baron is super smart. And I am not just saying that like a mom who is bragging about her kid. His teacher is always telling me that he is a little genius. He reads at a 7th grade level and we have a hard time finding age-appropriate books for him that aren't too easy. He is a whiz kid at math and already knows all of his times tables. He can figure out stuff in his head all of the time when I would need to use a calculator. It is crazy to me! There is a point-based reading program at school and he has the most points of anyone ever in the second grade. He is such a good little writer and I love reading his stories. He loves science and wants to go to science camp every summer (unfortunately it is too expensive, or else I would totally let him!) I am just so proud of how motivated this kid is and that he really enjoys school and learning.

Baron loves his friends. He has a few best friends, one from school (Asher) and one in our neighborhood (Ezra). He is a good friend and his teacher has told me he is a leader in the classroom. She said he always includes other kids and always plays with everybody. I am so glad. His size is a good indicator that he will be looked up to. That's just how life works sometimes, and I am glad he is learning those leadership skills now. Baron loves sports. He plays soccer, basketball, and football. His first season of competition soccer just wrapped up, but he doesn't want to try out again. He wants to do tackle football. It doesn't start until July, so he will have a break for awhile. I think I'll put him in swimming lessons. He is athletic and strong and enjoys being active, riding his bike, playing on the tramp, and just being outside with his brother and the group of boys that roams around the neighborhood. He loves night games in the summer and especially yard games like Capture the Flag. 

Bear also loves playing electronics like his iPad and DS. He is very good about following the time limits we have set and literally never complains when it is time to be done. He is still working on remembering chores and not complaining about Saturday jobs. But overall he is learning and growing and becoming a contributing member of our family. Bear LOVES food. He eats a ton and while he is thin, he is strong and solid. He loves to joke around and laugh and is just so much fun. We all love our Bear so much. 

Happy 8th birthday, my boy!

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