Monday, May 23, 2016

March Tid Bits

March was a fun month with so many things going on. We had Kaylie's wedding and Magnus' Star-Raising party with Make A Wish, as well as Easter, of course. But we had some other fun stuff as well!

Magnus celebrated some fun things at preschool. It was Dr. Suess' birthday and they did a few celebrations with that. They also did a fun Easter party and he brought home some darling bunny ears that he had made. 

Me and my boys :)

Ice cream for FHE

Mid-March was pretty busy because I had midterms. While I didn't have any exams I had projects and papers due. One night I came home to this:
my cute hubby picked it up for me after a super long day.

I looked out the window one day to this:
Magnus is such an easy-going kid, and really doesn't have much of a problem playing by himself while his siblings are at school all day. But once in awhile he gets pretty bored and wanders around aimlessly. Luckily he has a few little girlfriends in the neighborhood that he plays with, as well as his cousin Liam. But some days nobody can play and i feel bad for him. He will be really happy when summer comes and everyone is home all day. And it will be super crazy when he starts kindergarten this fall!

We had a special event in March. Some friends form high school, Steve and Savanna Tate, have a baby boy with brain cancer. I went and saw them in the hospital right after he was diagnosed in January. I am happy when I am able to offer support and reassurance to people who are going through what we have. It is a scary road, and anytime I can help out, it is worth it to me. 

Anyway, they had a fundraiser in March on their baby Hayes first birthday. Hayes is also a triplet, so it was especially fun. There was a 5K run and a carnival afterwards. I heard they raised around $60,000, which is just amazing. Hayes will be in treatment for a year, and with 5 other kids at home I'm sure that money will come in handy.

Savanna and I and our cancer cuties.

The carnival was really fun. The kids had a blast choosing treats, dancing, and playing carnival games.

We had lots of indoor soccer in March for Baron. Jonah and Daphne had finished their indoor seasons by now. It was so fun to watch Bear. He scored his first goal ever and played awesome defense all season. They were undefeated the entire season!

On March 14th, one month after Valentine's Day, Cupid visited us! The kids mentioned how he had forgotten, probably because we were on our cruise, so while we did have a lot of fun celebrating Valentine's Day as a family, they missed our traditional visit from Cupid. So he brought us a movie and ice cream, just one month late. Never too late for celebrations :)

This silly Sadie dog. She was staring intently at me while I was eating and as soon as I dropped a tiny crumb, she runs for it. She's so weird.

Kisses for my boy.

I scored the best deals at GAP while shopping for some gifts. I got three shirts, a pair of pants, a hoodie, a baby coat, a baby hat, and a baby romper all for $25! I love their clearance rack combined with their store sales. Best deals ever.

My girlfriends from Ulta and I get together for lunch or dessert a few times a year. Jenn was expecting (and has since delivered a beautiful baby boy!) and we got together to give her some gifts and eat treats. We always take a photo. We finally got a normal one, but it took awhile.

Daphne had her 4th grade biography fair. She chose to do Lis Hartel, the first female Olympian horseback rider who also happened to be paralyzed from the waist down because of polio. She also earned a silver medal in the games! SO cool. 

They do a program before taking their spots at their desks to talk about their individual person. They sang some cute songs. Daphne is in the back in a black top hat. 
It is so cute. They have a "button" on their desk for people to push and they do a 1 minute speech about their person and their life. Daphne did an amazing job, as usual.

Andy had the fun opportunity to go to Colorado for the first and second rounds of the NCAA basketball tournament. His little brother David plays for the U of U and while he can't play until November (legal reasons because he left Utah State while still under contract, blah blah blah, long story), he still gets perks and had tickets. So Andy and his 2 brothers went on a fun boys trip and had a blast. The U won their forst round, but sadly lost the second. He still had a blast. 

St. Patrick's day was celebrated with Lucky Charms in green bowls, sneaky green clothing, and a visit from a leprechaun who brought gold coins and green rock candy to all.

It was so beautiful and Magnus and I got to the park a few times. There is one in Holladay that he loves going to. It really is a fun park.

We had a super fun girl's night to Waffle love and I got pulled over. Yikes. All because I had a headlight out. Lame. Luckily, no ticket! Girl's night's out are so fun though!

We had our annual Sperry luncheon at the Lion House with all of the ladies on my mom's side. My grandma, my mom , sisters, nieces, aunt, and cousins. It was fun and yummy, as usual :)

My favorite food. And so pretty!
Yummy welcome home dinner for Andy.

Of course, it wouldn't be Utah (or March) without a snow storm in spring. It melted by the end of the day.

Baron had his grandparents day program. It is the cutest thing ever. I love all of the songs they sing. He is in the back row in the red plaid shirt.

Bear with all of his grandparents!

Laylah had a choir concert. She is right in the middle in the white shirt with black stripes.
With her BFF's.

More soccer for Bear! He's number 19.

Mag had kinder orientation. He wasn't very happy to be there for some reason.

March was full of illness in our house. Lots of colds, injuries from soccer, strep throat, and sinus infections. Lots of visits to the doctor and instacare. Must be spring.

Jonah got to go with his best friend Josh (who's an only child) to San Diego for spring break. The rest of us did nothing for spring break because my spring break fell on a different week and I was busy with school. My poor kids. Someday we will have fun spring breaks.

And that was the end of March!

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