Monday, October 27, 2008

Frightmares... and our Last Lagoon Day

My friend Becca and me. She is one of my best friends and we do everything together. We have known each other since highschool. Our kids love each other. That's Mckenzie peekin her cute little face in the picture
My kids and me on the train

All the kiddies on the boat ride

Daphne and Maddi on the swings

In front of the scary Halloween decor

Cute Daphers

Cute Jo Jo

On Saturday it was so beautiful and I didn't have any plans so my friend Becca and I took our kids to Lagoon for the last time this season. We had so much fun and the kids had a blast. We are going to miss Lagoon! Until next year...


Rebecca Poulsen said...

I'm glad we made it out one last time together :)I'm so sad that I cant go one more time. The pictures turned out cute. I had a blast with you guys!!

Tommy and Teisha said...

It is good to see that Becca and you have stayed so close--- I think the only person I still talk to on a regular basis from high school is Jill and she doesn't live in Utah so... we don't get to hang out too much