Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Family Home Day

So, ever since Andy went back to school, we have struggled a little with FHE becasue his one class that is not online is on Monday nights at 7:30. So we have kind of started doing things during the day because it is just to crazy to try and get the family fed and hurry and do fhe all before Andy has to go. Yesterday we went to Kung Fu Panda after the kids naps. It is such a cute movie and they loved it. Bear is kind of at a stage were he's not so good in movies- I think they are too loud and they bother him. So Andy being the wonderful husband that he is, stood in the back with the baby while the kids and I enjoyed the movie. He was able to get him to sleep and come and sit by us. It was good though because there were only about 3 other families in there besides us. Fun fun!!

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