Monday, October 20, 2008

My Jonah Boy

I got Jonah's preschool pictures back and they turned out so cute!! Jonah is such a sweet boy and he brings so much into our family. He is sandwiched by two sisters, so until about a year ago, he used to ask me to paint his nails, he'd play with strollers, babies, and purses, and he would pretend to put on makeup. I never worried about it, I knew it was just because of his sisters and it was confirmed when about a year ago he got really into dinasours, cars, trucks and making exploding noises with whatever he was playing with. Jonah is such a funny little kid and he makes everyone laugh. He can turn anything into a toy including food that he is supposed to be eating. He'll have a couple of carrots on his plate and they will begin talking to each other, and be into an adventure in no time. He also does this at church with crayons (colors like pink and purple are girls, while blue and green are boys, of course :) Jonah is also very protective of his sisters, which I love, and he will defend them to anyone. When we're at the park, the gym daycare, anywhere, if someone picks on his girls, he's there to tell them to knock it off. He says the funniest things and he has the most mishevious little grin. We used to call him Jo Jo until about the time Daphne started talking and she would call him Jojee and this is what he has become. He's also known as Bubba, Mr. Jones, or just plain Jo. He loves school and is so excited for this weekend, he just got invited to his first birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. Jonah is such an amazing kid and we love him so much. I cannot imagine my life without him!

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Rebecca Poulsen said...

You got your school pics already posted I'm impressed!! I haven't recieved the pics yet. Jonah looks so cute :)