Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Dream of Mine

I love to excercise. It makes me feel great about myself, it makes me feel productive, and it is a wonderful feeling to know you are doing good for your body.

I have a had a membership to Gold's Gym for nearly 6 years now. It was there that I gained knowledge, experience, self-confidence, muscle, weight (well, I have been pregnant 3 times during those 6 years ;), and a love for cycling.

I love to cycle. I love the feeling I get when I sit in that familiar seat, start my legs pumping, get into the zone and just imagine myself riding through a desolate countryside, alone, on my bike. I love feeling the sweat drip down the side of my face and down my arms that tells me I am working, and working hard at that. I love that when I am finished, I can take 10 minutes to completely stretch my body, this way and that, and feel amazing and accomplished. It is a wonderful feeling.

That's why 2 1/2 years ago I decided to do a triathlon. I really enjoy swimming and running is slightly enjoyable (even though I am the s-l-o-w-e-s-t runner I know) so I thought a triathlon would be just the thing for me.
I educated myself, found a few races I could do, and looked into training schedules. I was getting ready to sign-up for my first race when I had a few set-backs. Some interesting health problems arose. I had to see several specialists, one of which was booked up and I wouldn't be able to see him for several months. I felt like I should stop training and just worry about my health for the time being. I wanted to make sure everything possible was being done for me and I didn't want to do anything to myself that might be harmful. After I saw my reumatologist, he told me I could indeed excercise to my heart's content and do any race I decided to do, but that I just needed to listen to my body and make sure I felt okay. He also told me that biking and swimming were great because they are low-impact when done properly. This news excited me and although it was too late to do a race that season, I could definitely do one the next year. So that's what I planned to do.
That summer more health problems arose and back to the doctor I went. I had so many tests done, labs performed, medications taken, MRI's done, and blood drawn. That fall in the midst of this, we found out we would be moving our family across the country in the middle of winter. As you can imagine, a triathlon, although still a dream of mine, was probably back in the furthest recess' of my mind.
Finally, in January, after a lot of medication, I was deemed healthy. Well, healthy enough. My endocronologist recommended that if I were going to have any more children, I should do it ASAP. Even thought we had a huge change coming up the next month, Andy and I decided it was time for our final child to join our family.
With the packing and craziness, moving, and good-byes, having another child kind of left my thoughts. I didn't think much about it for several weeks. After we arrived in Virginia nearly a year ago, I had joined the Gold's here and decided to look into triathlons in my area and maybe sign-up for one to do during the summer. I found one and signed up. My heart did a little jig. I was finally going to do it! Something I had dreamed about, had such a long time goal for, and just really wanted to finish what I had started.
That weekend I found out I was pregnant. Thrill! I was so happy.
Then I tried to talk Andy into letting me do the triathlon anyway. I would only be about 16 weeks along. He said no. I begged. No. I asked that if the doctor cleared me to do it, could I? He said... maybe! So, I called my doctor thinking that since I was a fit, healthy woman, he would indeed let me do it. The answer.... of course not. No way. No how. Especially with my health problems. Boo :( I gave up.
But guess what?!? I had my baby! I am healthy as can be! (so far...cross your fingers for me!) I went back to the gym for the first time a few days ago and I feel great! Oh, how I love to work out. And guess what else?
I think my dream can finally come true.


Lisa said...

Exercise is awesome! I love how I feel during and after. I've fallen in love with spinning also. I tried real mountain biking this past fall and loved that too. There's just something about being outside. Anyway, good luck with your triatholon training. I've been wanting to do one of those as well, but am scared of the swimming in open water part. I should just buckle down and sign up for one. That will be my motivation. : )

Ashlie said...

You go girl!

Chris and Brittani Knudsen said...

Oh my goodness what a dream, you are amazing for even training for that!

Laney said...

That's really an awesome goal. I hope that it comes true and that you enjoy every minute of it! I couldn't agree more about exercise. Miss you guys.

Tara said...

Okay lady I blogged Christmas just for you! I love your love for excercise. It makes me want to feel the same way. I am excited for you and can't wait to hear about it! I loved your Christmas post. Will you come and cook for me? Your food always sounds amazing. Your kiddos are darling as always and I love your New Years goal. It sounds perfect!!

Matt and Liz said...

Yay Sarah! i hope you can fulfill your dream. Go do that triathalon super woman! And then post about it when you are don.