Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I should not be blogging right now. I have so much to do that I cannot even think straight. I hate when people complain about how busy they are, like they are so important and they have so much to do all the time. Yet, here I am, doing just that. Haha :)

I'm sure my husband is tired of listening to me complain. I'm sure my mom is too, but she never says so. So here I am, complaining to all of you. And myself. I really try not to complain a lot, but once in awhile, it feels really good to just get it all out there and get it all off my chest. And for some weird reason, this is a break for me to get to write and slip out of my reality for a few minutes. I used to blog a lot more and now I always feel too tired or too overwhelmed or too busy. I miss my daily or every other day postings. I'm trying to get back to that. But for now, here are the many reasons why I cannot (in no particular order except maybe my subconscience told me to do it in this order ;) do that just quite yet.Laundry-It. Never. Ends.

I do not know why, but I cannot seem to get on a regular schedule with laundry. I can never seem to get it all done. Even when I do a load or two a day, it just doesn't happen. We're always digging through laundry baskets of clean clothes looking for matches to socks, underwear, or outfits to wear. About once a month I take a whole day and catch it ALL up. Linens, towels, blankets, clothing, and odds and ends. And then it's all clean and put away and I think "I am not going to let it get out of control again". But then it does. The only thing that makes me feel remotely better about this is that people who have 2 or 3 kids will ask me "HOW on earth do you keep up with your laundry?! I cannot even keep up with mine and I have half as many kids as you do!" So, that makes me feel better. A little :) As I write, my washer and dryer are running and there are 5 loads of laundry waiting to be folded.

It just occured to me that maybe I should just stop buying so many clothes.....

Medical Bills Suck

Andy's company is based in Utah. So they use a Utah based insurance company. We are on the one national plan that they have, which is really crappy. Everyone out here has problems with it apparently. It is extremely frustrating and I have spent literally hours on the phone this past year figuring out medical bills with providers and our insurance. Because we had a baby using it, there are about 100 different doctors trying to get money from us right now. I ignored it for awhile and one night Andy and I decided (well, more like Andy forced me ;) that we needed to figure it out. The picture above is after 4 hours worth of work figuring out who needed what (insurance info, getting paid, remaining balance owed, we needed to call them, etc, etc) and a sticky note was placed on each one telling us what went where, etc, etc. SO time consuming. Isn't this the insurance and providers' job? That's what they get paid for, right? Stupid waste of time. Still, it has to be done. Luckily it's almost all figured out, and everyone has been paid (thanks to my awesome hubsters.)

Birthday Season Begins

After July, I heave a sigh of relief. You see, Jonah is (well, WAS :) the last birthday of the year in our family. After July, I didn't have to worry about birthday gifts, parties, special outings, etc.... until January when it all starts over again with Daphne. We have a birthday every month (except 2 in April, none in March.... which is why I always claim Baron should have come 2 weeks earlier so we could have a January (Daph), February (me), March (should have been Bear :), April (Andy, and really Baron too), May (Laylah) June (actually, no birthday here, but it is our anniversery month which is still a big celebration and involves gifts, so good enough :), and July (Jonah).... and now Novemeber (little stinker Magnus messed up my perfect schedule :) from January thru July just about. But, I digress with that ridiculous little episode of explanation.

Anywho.... it all starts up again. And since the day after Christmas I have been planning and thinking about Daphne's birthday. It is her first "real" friend birthday party this year and she is super excited. I have been planning it, shopping, running errands, and figuring everything out. Birthdays are a big deal around here and I try my best to make them as special as possible. That's how I always felt growing up and I want my kids to feel the same. I want them to know that their birthday is all about THEM and they are special and loved in every way. Although, I don't know why that when I start to do something, it somehow consumes my every thought, and my life, until it is over.

And it's not over for 2 more days....

Icky Sicky

My kids have all been sick since my baby was born. Sure, we've had a very few, sporadic, wonderful days of cough-less nights. But, for the most part, the Booger Monster, Cough Queen, and Fearsome Fever have reigned superior in our home. It just keeps passing from one person to the next until it gets back to the one it started with. I know it's to be expected with 5 little kids in my home, but I sure do tire of it. And it is super sad to listen to my 2 month old have coughing fits and try to cry in between. And also spit-up mucus. Gross.

Luckily, the winters are shorter here and spring comes mid-March (for real.... not like those teasers in Utah where it's 60 degrees one day and then snowing the next ;). I was just telling a friend that I was so glad it has JUST been coughs and colds and not The Pukes. But I forgot to knock on wood because this morning Jonah woke up with just that. And dashed all my hopes and dreams of having a full and productive day of errand running (last minute stuff for Daphne's birthday), visiting teaching (my partner and I had appointments set up for all 4 of our ladies in one day!! If you've ever lived out of Utah, you know how rare and wonderful that is :), 2 appointments with friends who were helping me with a few different things, a workout at the gym that I'll now have to go and do tonight, along with a hair appointment that will be moved to tonight also. I guess I'll be up late. Again.

Sick kids suck.

Time for Training

I don't know how I used to fit the gym into my schedule. I never used to miss a day. And I used to think that everyone who said they were "too busy" to fit in a work-out were lame and full of excuses. I always did it, so why couldn't they?

Well, now I know. After being out of the habit for nearly 5 months, working out is so hard to squeeze back into my schedule! I know I have to do it, and I want to do it, but actually getting it done is another story. I went at 1 in the afternoon yesterday, sacrificing my kids' naps, because that was the only time I could go. Which made them ornery, which made me ornery and by the time I got home and got showered, it was time to make dinner, do kids' homework, eat dinner, get kids ready for bed, run a few errands I had to run, and then put myself to bed. It took away my "folding laundry time" (it's beginning to sound like a vicious cycle, this schedule of mine... ;)



I hate it....

but I love to work out.

Everyone is Busy

It all boils down to one thing. LIFE. Everyone is busy. I know that. You know that. But doesn't it feel good to complain about it once in awhile and get some sympathy?

Okay, okay, I really don't want anyone's sympathy.

I just like to complain sometimes ;)


Jasmyn said...

Thanks for this, Sarah - this is completely how I feel right now, and I only have ONE KID!

I'm doomed if we have any more. :)

We've all been sick for three weeks, which means the laundry is piled up, and I haven't been working out. Winter sucks.

Hope you're doing well besides everything, though - I'm jealous of your March spring! :)

Most Happy Girl said...

I think everyone feels like this most of the time. And then, inexplicably, you get a break for a little bit. I think it's Heavenly Father say "Okay, I think that person has had enough for right now. Let's let them breathe for a few moments."

I find, for me, if I don't prioritize, life will do it for me and not necessarily the way I want or need thing prioritized. :)

Mrs.Spy said...

Oh birthday season begins in June and hits us hard in July. We have a Junebug and FOUR July birthdays. Just when I've recovered fully from Christmas spending, July comes.

Hang in there, enjoy your family and make memories. In the end, they remember how you loved them, how you lived and not much else.

Personally, I'm a big supporter of blog whining. I'm quite good at it myself. :) Miss you!!

Laney said...

I read this yesterday an apparently it effected me so much that I dreamt about it! We made a deal that I'd do all your laundry if you'd wash my dishes. HA! It was an entertaining dream to say the least. We don't have kids and I feel the same way as you do on most of that. Life is just too busy sometimes. Hang in there!

Joanie said...

i could comment....but if i actually think about how my life is exactly like yours (and add a job in there too) i might have a break down so i will stay in denial for now.

Emily said...

Its your blog so feel free to vent! Life does stink and I'm afraid all those things won't really be resolved until the kiddos are out of the house and who knows how long that will be!! Hopefully never, right? ;) I missed ya at VT the other night but Sarah W figured out that Jonah probably kept you away.