Saturday, September 12, 2009

Our Jack-O-Lantern and Other Funny Stuff

We have our very own Jack-O-Lantern at our house. Her name is Laylah, and she has now lost 6 teeth (and counting...). The Tooth Fairy has only forgotten 3 out of those 6 times (hey, 50% isn't bad... I'm great, aren't I? :), but one wasn't her fault. The babysitter (my sister Kaylie- we love you Kay!) was neglectful in letting me know that Laylah had lost a tooth one night when she was babysitting so I could call the Tooth Fairy and let her know she needed to pay a visit to our house! Laylah hasn't ever been too upset, and (shockingly) she still believes in Miss Tooth Fairy.

Baron is getting to the age where he just needs one nap a day. I've been transitioning him from 2 to 1 for a couple weeks now. If he doesn't get that one nap, he can't function past 5 o'clock. The other day, we missed his nap, and around 5:15, this was him:

Falling asleep during dinner. He was sleeping while he was eating, and then he kept falling and then jerking up and crying. It was so funny until Andy took pity on him and just put him to bed. He slept for almost 15 hours straight, not waking up until 7:45 the next morning! (I had it on video, but for some reason Blogger isn't allowing me to upload. If I can, I will later)

Yesterday I had to up my dosage on my medication again. For a couple days every time I have to do that I feel absolutely horrible. It makes me so sick and I get hideous headaches. It hit me all of the sudden yesterday afternoon and I turned a movie on for the kids and then stumbled to my bed. I woke up to Daphne bringing me in some "hot soup and tea" in purple dishes- my favorite color. She also covered me up with her beloved "pink blankie". She rubbed my feet for me and sang me songs. She is the sweetest little thing and I love her so much

Lastly, we have Jonah. He drew this picture at school and brought it home. I was mortified. I hope his teacher didn't see it! Andy and I had a hard time not laughing as we explained to him that he CANNOT draw pictures of people without clothing on. He said he wouldn't do it anymore. I hope this is normal for a little boy to do?? Curiosity? Something....?? I don't know. I sure do love that kid though. Seriously.


Corrine said...

All of those stories are very sweet. I am so sorry you are feeling so rotten. Kids are so innocent and sweet that it makes up for some of the very embarrassing moments that they create :) I love your family. I do want to apologize for how ornery I was last night. I felt really bad all night long. That's the last thing you need is to hear me complain about stupid stuff. Thanks for being my friend, I really do appreciate it.

Travis and Cristan said...

I am glad you have good friends in our ward! The are a neccecity in life!

And I want to thank Jo for giving me the biggest laugh I had today! That is super funny!!!!!

Armstrong said...

O.K. I just about wet myself looking at jo's pic. He is so funny! The things little boys do...I am sure Dylan will do that one day too since he already points at me after the shower and says "boobies mama, boobies!"

Shana Smith said...

Oh man, seriously I cant stop laughing! That is one great naked stick figure.. I think I am waking up Coasten cuz I am laughing so hard! And that little Baron, could he possibly be any cuter, I LOVE when they fall asleep doing various activities! Your kids are TOO cute