Sunday, September 6, 2015

Jonah's Happy #11

 You've had a birthday, shout Hoo-ray!
We celebrated Jonah's 11th birthday in July and he had a great day.

We started with his birthday breakfast (which he ate so fast I didn't even get a photo) of homemade cinnamon rolls, eggs, bacon, strawberries, and orange juice.
 He opened one gift and it was a kendama, one of those weird toys that all the kids are carrying around these days. I've tried it, it actually is pretty fun and addicting.

We went to church where he had Happy Birthday sung to him in primary and he brought home 3 or 4 large candy bars from his teacher, the primary presidency, and various other people. I can't believe next year he will be going into Young Men's and receiving the priesthood! So crazy. 

After church we got ready for his party and had his birthday dinner of chicken roll-ups with gravy, peas and carrots, blueberries and watermelon, and lemonade.

Now, the pictures uploaded out of order and I am not going to fix it. But he had grandparents over and his Uncle David and Aunt McElle. He opened gifts and got a Fifa Wii game, Holes the movie, ear buds, and  kindle Fire Tablet from Andy and me, money and a gift card from G and G Collette, a bean bag chair from Grandma Claudia and Papa Bry to play his new tablet on, and money from aunts uncles, and great grandparents. It was a good day. We love our Jonah Boy.
 He requested a sour cream fudge cake and vanilla ice cream. Delish, as usual.

 Birthday Boy!

Jonah at 11:

This child, my oldest son, what can I say about my baby boy? I love him with a fierce love. He is so much fun and can be the funniest kid ever. He is highly entertaining and he is an amazing example to his little brothers. He is kind and sweet and includes others. He is determined and smart, and sometimes a little lazy. He is my pride and joy.

Jonah has become an amazing soccer player. He is so quick with that ball, sometimes I hardly see it as he kicks it to the goal, because it is just a blur. He is still the lead scorer on his team and so dang fast. He will go out and play soccer all the livelong day. He'll play with friends, he'll play with his brother, he'll play by himself... he isn't picky. 

Jonah loves to have fun. He is usually down for anything and I can get him to join me for a late night treat run or a walk after church. But he also likes to chill out and enjoys his alone time. He has always been a "self-entertainer" and never tells me he is bored. Well, hardly ever. He can always find something to do or something to play with. He will take his fishing pole and ride his bike down the hill to the park with a pond and fish or search for crawdads all by himself. He usually invites a friend or his brother (which I love) and he can spend hours just playing outside. He can think up any kind of imaginative game and get all of his siblings to participate. 

Jonah loves sports, much to his dad's delight. He will watch tennis, football, basketball, soccer, anything! He loves sports. He loves to play them and loves to watch them. And he is pretty darn good, too. He also LOVES electronics. The wii, his DS, his Kindle, anything. He loves to stick his face in front of anything electronic. He's good about following our rules though and doesn't spend more time on them than he is supposed to.

Jonah is a good friend. I often have parent's of his friends come up to me and tell me that Jonah has been such a good friend to their son. They'll tell me of experiences where their son was sad and Jonah made them happy. It makes me a proud and happy momma.

Jonah is a smarty pants. He excels in school without even trying. Because of this he can become lazy, but he still always does well, if not his best. He is the same way at home. He will do his chores, but just enough to get by. He usually doesn't do his best unless I make him do it again or remind him to do his best the first time.

Jonah is my smallest child. Baron and he share clothes and Bear weighs more and has bigger feet. Jonah is still taller, but I think Bear might pass him someday soon. Despite that, the kid can eat, but only if he is in the mood. If he isn't, he can go without food all day long. I constantly have to remind him to eat in these instances because he is so dang skinny. But if he is in an eating mood, he will eat as much as Andy. He likes most all foods and has recently become more attached to sugar and treats. He used to never eat treats but lately he loves them and I am not thrilled about it. I have to remind him to eat healthfully. Luckily he loves fruit and veggies, especially blueberries, broccoli, and peas. He loves fish, too. Cereal and pancakes are his favorite. 

Basically, Jonah is a pretty awesome kid. I am so glad I am his mom and I love, love, love him. He gives me the best hugs and always tells me he loves me. He is never embarrassed when I give him a kiss in front of his friends and I can't get enough of his mischevious half-smile. I love him so much.

Happy 11th birthday, Jonah!

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