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September TidBits

 September was a bit of a weird month. Surprisingly, it wasn't as busy as I thought it would be. But it did bring some change. Since I've already blogged about the major things that happened in September, these are pretty much the leftover photos. 

I already talked about Andy's motorcycle accident. Not the greatest way to start out the month. And I told you about my fun, last hurrah before starting my new job, ie best girl's day out ever. 

These are just some cute photos I snagged of Magnus loving on Sadie.

 We had Sunday dinner at my mom's and my dad is the cutest Papa. Here he is, out on the tramp with some grandkids, playing.

 Labor Day was easy going and relaxing. EXCEPT for the fact that I had to get up early with Jonah and go put up flags for scouts. Normally I make Andy do stuff like this, but my feminism bit me in the butt this time. I told Andy he had to go do flags and he told me he did it last time, so it was my turn. I told him it was a boy job and he said to me, "You're the one always preaching that there are no boy jobs or girl jobs." Ouch. Alrighty then. I got up early and we put up 100 flags around the neighborhood with Jonah and another scout.

 At least he had a yummy breakfast waiting for me when I got home :)

We took the kids swimming for the last open pool day. It was not the warmest, but we still had fun. I had Rachel's' kids with me for some reason, but now I can't remember why...

My cutest baby E hung out with me. I want to eat him up, he is so cute!

After swimming we went to Andy's parents house with his family for a barbecue. It was a fun day. And driving down the flag filled street made me realize just how much I love America, once again. I love our nation, and I love our flag. 

This is something I have been meaning to document for months and just kept forgetting to take photos. Back in April the city ripped up the entire main road to replace a bunch of piping. We use this road to get everywhere. To the kids schools, to the freeways, to the stores.... anywhere. It takes much longer to go around, plus everyone was now taking the other way which equals way more traffic. It was AWFUL!! AND-- here in September, the project was still ongoing. There were several mistakes made and parts delayed and the whole thing was supposed to only take 6 months, but ended up taking about 8. It was hell. Pure hell. Every time I saw those stupid orange poles, road closed signs, ripped up gravel roads, holes in the ground, everything... it made me mad. Ugh. SO glad they finally finished in December. It was awful.

 On Tuesday, September 6th I started my new job. I also took on this mantra. For the first time in forever since having kids, I would be working full time and going to school. (that's not quite true-- I did work full time at the hospital, but full time there is 3 days a week for 36 hours. Not every day fro 8 hours, 5 days a week-- big difference)

Remember that hematoma that Andy got from his motorcycle accident? This was the aftermath during the healing. Huge, black bruising. It looked much darker in person.

Besides normal day to day school and work, we also had soccer practice, soccer games, dance, football practice, football games,  and the kids started piano lessons with a new teacher. This is Baron's first year. As always, lots of activities going on and with 5 kids, it's a little chaotic! Daphne also begged and begged to start orchestra. She wanted to play the cello so badly. I finally signed her up, only because it is in the early morning and she promised she would never complain about going. And she hasn't! Plus she has a ride there and I pick up when I drop off Laylah and Jonah to school. 

I have people ask me constantly why I let my kids do so many activities. Here's the thing-- I loved keeping busy and doing stuff when I was younger. I love being involved and trying new things. I loved exploring new talents. And my parents supported me, as crazy as it made them. I loved that support and want my kids to feel that way. It does get a little crazy and chaotic, but they also understand we can't make it to every single game or performance they have. And one of the biggest reasons I do it is exactly this-- to keep them busy. I want them to be busy and involved so they aren't doing other things like playing electronics, or sitting at home bored. Or worse, when they get older-- getting into trouble. They still have plenty of time to play with friends and do other things. And I am willing to sacrifice for my children. Anyway, just wanted to document that I do what I do out of love and understanding.

 Baron got pretty sick in September with a terrible respiratory infection that sounded like croup. He was coughing so bad one night that I took him early from football practice and into the instacare. The doctor there wondered if he has a touch of asthma. I have wondered that myself before, but after a breathing treatment and a prescription for some steroids, he was on the mend.

 The big BYU vs Utah football game came. Our friends are pretty divided, but it was funny to show up to a Relief Society activity with Marcie and I on opposite ends of the spectrum. Luckily the Utes pulled out a win, woohoo!

The relief society activity I am talking about was Super Saturday. I was in charge and we planned a breakfast, many crafts to choose form, and a service project (quilt tying) for those who didn't want to do crafts. It turned out great and I was relieved to have it over with, as usual. 

My friend Julie couldn't make it, so I did her crafts for her. It was fun. 

Laylah needed new point shoes for dance. She has grown so much from last year! She was just about an inch shorter than me at this point, and he feet are a size 10!

We made homemade chips and guacamole for an after church snack one day. It was so yummy. 

I wanted to go for a drive up in the canyon one fall day and nobody wanted to come except Magnus. We were gone for over an hour and drove up Big Cottonwood Canyon, over Guardsman Pass, and down through Park City. It was so beautiful and I couldn't stop taking pictures. I love our earth and where I live. I adore the mountains!

To keep this boy entertained we stopped and played in a creek for awhile.

 Magnus finished up his fall season of soccer. His team was undefeated thanks to his cousin Liam who would score about 10 goals a game, haha. Andy was actually the coach, and I helped out a few times. One time another coach got mad that they were losing so badly and I had to take him aside and explain that they were 5 years old, it was just a game, and he needed to calm down. It was ridiculous.
 Best Cousins!

Andy and Nate (Marcie's husband) are in the Elder's Quorum presidency and they had a brilliant idea to have a dad/kids campout. They did it in someone's backyard, which left all of us mom's to have a guilt free girl's night out! It was so much fun. We went shopping, went to dinner, and saw a movie. On the way home (at one AM), a car in front of us started driving sporadically, and then it pulled over. As we drove past, it started driving again and swerved right into us, almost hit us, and it tried to run us off the road. It was super bizarre and a little scary (didn't help that we had been talking about kids getting kidnapped in plain sight while we were driving) and Eliza sped up and the car followed. She started driving all crazy trying to get away, and finally we lost them. It was so weird. And then we all went home to our empty houses and were terrified! Haha. We kept texting each other, but I was finally able to go to sleep. I slept in and it was glorious.

Andy said the campout was super fun. They played games, ate foil dinners, roasted s'mores, and went to bed late. 
 Sleepy kids. No pictures of the girls, they slept in a tent with some other girls that were there.

 Just one of Baron's football games after half time, running through the banner.
 There;s my #90!

This is Daphne's first year in soccer that she has pretty much played goalie exclusively. She got the "brick wall" wall award several times this fall as she does such a great job playing keeper and defense.

 I took Laylah, Jonah, and Laylah's friend Ella to the Bountiful Temple. Another temple crossed off of Laylah's goal list!

 Andy and I were able to take Jonah and Daphne to a Real Salt lake game with their soccer club. They were able to be in the King's Parade and go on the field with the players. It is always a fun time and we love watching Real Salt Lake. They won and it was a great game.

With their teams, getting ready to go on the field.

Murray Max Soccer Club represent!

It was a beautiful night.
 Daphne's team got to be "bench warmers" while the team warmed up. They got up close and personal and got to give the players high fives.

 There they are on the big screen!

 Just some more photos another mom took of the team on the bench. So fun.

 That is Julie, one of my dear friends who also happens to be Daphne's coach. She got super sick and has been bed ridden ever since this photo. This was her last game coaching and the girls have missed her. She has ulcerative colitis and has been hospitalized multiple times, has tried tons of different meds, and has finally found one that is working. She is still super weak and needs help, but she is on the mend finally after 6 long months. She is the one we were going on the "birthday cruise" with all of our friends for her 40th birthday, but we had to cancel it since she was so sick. It is moved to next year, but Andy and I decided to still go and call it our 15th wedding anniversary celebration. Anyway, I am glad she is finally doing better.

 Baron's scout troop did a little play one afternoon for the parents. I didn't get it, but he had fun doing it! Haha.

Even though I am pretty strict about bed times and we don't go to bed past 9 around here, Laylah is still so tired all the time. I caught her napping quite often after school. Must be from all that growing she's doing :)

My Century Race!

Just a favorite FHE treat-- skillet cookie.

Since scouts started up again, we had the  annual Raingatter Regatta. Baron decorated his boat. We had dinner at the church and the boys had boat competitions. Baron seems to enjoy scouts a lot more than Jonah did at this age, and I am glad. He is doing well and has earned a lot of awards.

For the life of me, I cannot figure out what this photo is from, or where Mag is-- but he's a cutie, so I added it in. He made this graham cracker house, apparently.

And that was September. Fun and back to a schedule, and not too busy. Even though we had lots of changes, the kids adjusted great with me going back to work and Andy was able to manipulate his schedule to help pick up kids from school so that we were all happy and functioning great.

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