Monday, June 12, 2017

Oh, Hello!

Wow. It is MID-JUNE. Guys, I just can't anymore with this crazy time-passing-by thing. It's too much. It's too fast. I just want life to slow down for one minute and it continues to just ignore my wishes. Haha. But I really am just loving life so much right now, even with all the crazy. Here's a little update, and I promise, promise that someday I will catch up with pictures. I always do. :)

So, after my mega-meltdown in February, I got my butt in gear, and also had so many incredible people in my life help with all of the things we had going on, and I honestly cannot believe everything that was done in such a short time.

First things first, I did get the promotion at work (I am now a Genetic Counseling Assistant), including a pay raise. I was so excited, but a little nervous to switch hours and go from working 6:30-3 to now 9-5:30. Way less time to get stuff done. But I figured we would just adjust like we always do. However, the first day they wanted me to start just happened to be the day we were closing on our house. Just a little stressful. I also had to hire a couple ladies in my ward to pick-up Magnus after school since I wouldn't be able to pick him up anymore. Luckily I have always carpooled with a neighbor in the morning with my other kids, so that made life a little easier. Plus, as soon as we moved, the older kids would qualify to take the bus to jr. high (hooray for no more driving them!) and the elementary kids would be able to walk or ride their scooters since now we would be so much closer in our new house.

Well, everything went off without a hitch and we got moved (more on that later-- lots of stories surrounding that!) and can you believe that we have already had our first week of summer? School got out just over a week ago and before that we had the CRAZINESS that is May every year (soccer! dance recitals! tryouts! end of school year stuff! award assemblies! Soccer parties! birthdays! Kinder graduation! It never ends!), and before that I was finishing up the semester (more drama), and even before that Andy and I were able to have the most incredible 15th wedding anniversary trip. Oh man, it has been the craziest and BEST year and it isn't even quite half over! We have several more fun trips and camps planned for the kids (Cancer camp! Sports camps! Drill camp! Scout camp! Girls camp! Camping with friends!) , swimming lessons, EFY, Bear Lake, and at the end of summer right after school starts, Disneyland! I am so looking forward to this summer, even though I will be working full time. I just very recently got approved to switch back to my old schedule of 6:30-3, so that has been much better and I feel like I get a lot more done in the day. I have also been doing quite a bit of hair, so life just stays busy and fun. We get a few weeks off of soccer, but that starts back up the end of June and Laylah is in full swing of drill practices bright and early at 6 AM.

Oh! Lastly, our remodel! It is still going. We have been living in just the upstairs of our house for 2 1/2 months now and it is maybe half finished? I don't know, I am a terrible judge of these things. But it is slowly and steadily coming along and I am excited for it to be finished. I can't wait to have a huge master suite and a basement family room again.

So, lots going on, as usual. Just wanted to stop in and give a little update. Ta-ta for now!

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