Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Birthday Boy

Andy had a birthday last week during spring break. He turned 31 and although it was so much fun, it was pretty low-key (just the way he likes it). My parents were here and we had a fun day celebrating and went to Mt. Vernon for the day, but that's another post in itself!

I got up really early to go get fresh donuts at Paul's Bakery (where I also picked up his birthday cake-mine was from there and it was to die for). We had heard from many people that it is the best bakery in town and that their donuts are incredible. It was true. They were amazing! I made a little donut cake with 2 different kinds of donuts and donut holes, chocolate milk, and the kids and I woke Andy with our Happy Birthday song.

Yum yum.... the rest of the day was spent at Mt. Vernon and that evening my parents and my sisters and me and Andy went out to dinner at Sakura, our favorite Japanese grill and sushi bar. Delish.

Later we did cake and gifts:

The kids made their dad a candy bar poster

My parents and I went in together on a new iPod nano with a watch band for him. It is so cool. Andy's been wanting a new iPod ever since he lost his in our move over a year ago. He doesn't look it in this picture, but he was very excited and he likes to show it off to everyone :)

I love you Andy, Happy Birthday!

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