Monday, April 11, 2011

Lucky Me

I am usually not a fan of Mondays, but I am glad this one is here. This past weekend has been quite a challenge for me and I'm relieved it's over. Andy's grandfather died unexpectedly and rather suddenly last Monday. Andy flew out to California Thursday to go to the funeral and we tried every which way to get me there too, but we didn't feel great about me going because of several different activities going on with the kids so I stayed home. That's one of the things I hate about living away from family. No babysitters. Anyway, Daphne had a field trip on Friday that I went and helped with and afterwards I took her, Bear, and Magnus to McDonald's to have lunch and play. I nursed M while we were there and I had just finished and was holding him on my hip when Bear asked for help with something. I stood up and leaned over across the table to help him and *SNAP!* My back just went out..... pain, Pain, PAIN shooting through my back. I ended up practically dragging M out as I could barely lift him, as well as the carseat. I couldn't stand up completely straight, but I had to hunch over like a crippled, old granny (I'm getting more and more used to this position, unfortunately). I made it home and the only thing that made me comfortable was laying on my side on the couch. Laylah and Jonah got home shortly after that and we just watched movies all night. The kids started complaining of hunger around 7:30 and I was wondering if I should just order pizza, but Laylah searched the fridge and found hot dogs, green beans, and pineapple. She made dinner for all and then helped get everyone ready for bed. The next morning it was worse and I couldn't even get out of bed and when I tried I couldn't walk, so I crawled. Laylah made sure everyone had a healthy breakfast (cold cereal, milk, bananas, and toast) and helped me get the kids ready. Jonah and Daphne both had birthday parties to go to and Laylah brought me all the wrapping supplies to wrap the gifts. She also brought M to me when he woke up so I could feed him. Then she changed his diaper and got him all set up with toys. Around 9 my inspired visiting teacher called. I have talked about her often. She is an amazing lady and I like to refer to her as my "Virginia Mom". Anyway, Jean came over and then TOOK over. She took the kids to their parties (after she scolded me for not calling her in the first place... :). She came back and took care of everything. She did my laundry, did dishes and cleaned up my house (funny how a clean house can get messy in one evening when mom's layed up on the couch). She made lunch. She spent the entire day with me and ran errands for me. We talked and talked and she sympathized with me (I was really bummed that I wasn't in CA with Andy). Andy's cousin's wife, Meghan, also came over and brought us dinner, which was delish. Jean got my kids to bed and afterwards another friend, Emily, came over and she and Jean and I talked late into the night. It was so much fun. And of course, they made sure I was settled before they left. I had a couple of other wonderful friends (Ira and Mandy) take my kids to church for me the next morning and afterwards Jean took them over to her house to feed them and play with them. I was still miserable, although it wasn't as bad as it had been. I could actually walk on Sunday, albeit hunched over, I could walk :) I just wanted to remember this weekend. I wanted to remember the friends who gave selfless service at the drop of a hat. Besides the people that helped me this weekend, I had just as many call and offer to help. I have a dinner lined up for tonight and I had two other offers besides that one. It just amazes me how good people are. I want to always remember so I can be like that. I want to be willing and able to help anyone at anytime. I want the great attitude that all of the people who served me have:the pure love of Christ. It truly is, and it truly humbled me. Besides my friends, there's my kids. None of them complained this weekend and they were all gems (well, for the most part ;). Especially my little mama, Laylah. She gave me this note on Sunday and I believe I will keep it forever: I am grateful that despite the challenges I have and face daily, Heavenly Father sends me angels here on earth. I know He loves me and thinks of me and is always closest to me during my hardest times and biggest struggles. I might forget that once in awhile, especially when I am facing trials that seem never-ending and unfair, but after a humbling experience like this one, He reminds me he hasn't forgotten me, and He never will.


Chris and Brittani Knudsen said...

I may or may not be a little emotional but I am bawling just reading your post. I can't imagine to go from completing a triathlon, to crawling and trying to take care of 5 kids must be so frustrating. I am so impressed with the amazing people in your life though, it really makes me want to be a better visiting teacher, that is for sure. I hope you get feeling better soon!

P.S. So sorry to hear about your husband's grandparent too.

Ryan and Erin said...

AAAHHHHHHH! Get better fast!!

Emily said...

You are so blessed. The night we stayed up chatting was SO great! so much fun to chat up with girlies!

Also I read your post about your Triathlon and totally bawled! What an incredible triumph. I can't imagine! So proud of you!