Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hello There!

Hi! I know I have been away for awhile. Did you miss me? Did you wonder if I was ever going to return? Did you worry that I might have fallen into the never ending abyss called Life?! Because if you thought it was that last one, you would be correct-o, my friend.

But, no fear, I always return. And so, here I be.

I'm going to be playing catch-up for the next little bit, but I just wanted to pop in and say hello, because I hvae missed this little blog of mine. Here's a round-up of the Collette Happenings:

-Easter (I feel like Easter was forever ago, and yet, it's only been a month. Seriously, Time, you've just got to slow down, for my sake. Pretty please with a cherry on top.)

-Spring Break (fun!)

-Kids' School Stuff (always)

-Birthdays (2 this month, it almost kills me every year)

-A little thing I like to call "One Way To Drive A Mother Crazy" aka Spring Soccer (for 4 children)

-And LASTLY!!! My half-marathon (Woo Hoo!)

Now. I know I have mentioned this last one quite a bit, and most of you are probably all, "Yes, we get it, you ran a lot. Very interesting, now get over it." But, I am very proud of myself! So, I will be doing a full post about the complete endorphin high that I received while running for 2 plus hours straight, at just under 6 MPH. It was an awesome experience.

On top of all these mind-bendingly interesting subjects, I will be blogging about anything else I feel like.

Thanks for reading!

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