Friday, June 28, 2013

Today *post edit*

What a day. It was a good day, so it had to be documented. Those are so few and far between that it's a small miracle when it happens.

I woke up to the little man crawling into my bed at 6:30 AM. Hey, whatever makes him sleep longer. I got up after he fell back to sleep to work on some homework. I finished my English paper (6 page narrative draft) that was due tonight, and read 2 chapters in my English book. I started the laundry and then went up to make everyone breakfast. I cleaned up the kitchen, switched out the laundry, and folded the 2 loads that were finished. I read books to Magnus and Baron, helped everyone get dressed and ready for the day, do their chores, and helped them get started on piano practice, reading, and math worksheets. After that I played a game with Daphne and then a few kids left to go play with friends. I worked on some math homework (finished 5 homework assignments!) and then went and got dressed (finally!) I cleaned up the house, finished the laundry, and got Magnus down for a nap after lunch. Laylah and her friends had a giftcard to Iceberg and wanted me to take them to get shakes. Andy was sweet enough to volunteer, so he took the girls for a treat. I had 2 clients come get haircuts, both old friends from high school. It was fun to have an adult conversation. After that I made dinner, Mexican food. We ate and cleaned up and then had Family Home Evening. Andy had made cinnamon rolls for dessert, and we had an UNO competition, which I lost. I was also able to cuddle with Jonah for a bit while he told me about Pok√©mon. The kids got ready for bed, we read scriptures and prayed, and then they went to bed. I loved that I had a little moment with each one of my kids today, because sadly, that doesn't always happen. Andy and I spent an hour talking and reconnecting, and then I took Sadie with me for a run. I just got home and ready for bed, and here I am. It was so nice to have very few squabbles with the kids. They all got along, I didn't have to argue about anything with anyone, and everything on my to -do list was accomplished.

I need to record a great day once in awhile so I don't forget to appreciate the small things in life. Even though I am so tired and I feel like I did a lot today, I am really grateful that it was productive and happy. I love the happy days.

*post edit*
this was originally published on Monday June 24th, but re-posted today
I took this post off of my blog for a few days, because I wrote it really late and thought maybe I sounded a little like I was bragging about all that I had accomplished in a day? I don't know. But, for the record, that's why it was documented. Like I said at the top, my good days are few and far between. The days where I don't argue with my kids all day, or where I get absolutely nothing done, or where I have a sink full of dirty dishes, laundry baskets full of clean clothes to fold, and dinner isn't ready until 8 PM. Believe me, this day is not typical. But, it still made me happy :)


Amber Kei said...

I hear ya! Having those good days written down is great! And so what? You should be bragging about such a great, productive day! Seriously! You have a lot going on and juggling it is a HUGE accomplishment! I love days where it seems to work out. I need to write down the good stuff too. Thanks for sharing!

Sarah said...

Hey Amber, thanks!! Yeah, I am glad that I recorded this day, because my life has been crazy ever since. But thank you for the kind words, it means a lot :)