Sunday, October 6, 2013

Just A Few Quick Things (Or Not So Quick, Because Brevity Is Not A Strength I Possess)

 the day I got to drive around all. day. long.

It's official. I am a crazy person.

I spent the last week at my first job in about seven years. It was so weird being away from my children so much, even though I had fun and everyone is so nice and I really enjoyed doing hair so much. I am the newest stylist at Ulta Salon in Sandy. Come and see me! Because it would just be fun.

Also, I spent last Saturday driving in the car for approximately four hours. That's right, four. Was I doing something fun like going out of town to St. George? Yeah right. I drove to school (in Riverton), kid's to friend's houses (in Herriman), to soccer games (in Magna and then Midvale), and then to Andy's sister's house for a birthday party (in Tooele). I totaled up my time driving and it equaled four hours. Did I say that already? Yeah. Disgusting, right?

I took my kids to Denny's for dinner a few nights ago (kid's eat free there, did you know?! Even though it's gross, it's worth it.... sometimes) because Andy had class and I had had a crazy day studying for a huge bio test (that I took this morning... I think I got a B. Fingers crossed, because it was really hard.) and I didn't want to cook. It was horrible and involved waiting for an hour for our food, our order being completely messed up and crying children because I refused to wait even longer for new food, so I made them eat what they had. I didn't even eat because they had messed up my order so badly. It also involved the waitress accidentally dumping syrup all over Daphne. I mean, she was drenched. Hair, clothes, shoes.... you get the picture. I almost burst into tears. It's just days like that where it's one more thing, you know? The kind of thing that puts you over the edge.

Yesterday was the longest day of my life. I got about 4 hours of sleep on Friday, got up at 5 AM for some cramming before my test, and then headed off to meet my study group for even more studying at 7:30. I had to actually look cute and put together and pack a days worth of food so that I could go to work right after class (because I am still trying to be healthy and take care of my body even though I haven't exercised in almost a week.... no time, no time.) I took my test, and luckily I feel much better about this test than I did my last one. This class is absolutely killing me. I am so glad midterms were this week and that the semester is half over. After the test we had a 2 hour lecture. Shoot me. I then headed off to work where I did hair and make-up non-stop until I got off at 4:30 (it was supposed to be 4). I stayed for an extra 15 minutes to have a little "me" time and got my eyebrows waxed. I feel like a new woman. I then headed to Daphne's soccer game (they lost, boo) and then headed home with my family (that I felt like I hadn't seen in days). Instead of spending some quality time with them, I got to head down to the office and take 3 quizzes and my midterm exam for my online health class that I had been putting off. They had to be done by midnight and I finished at 11:57 PM. Just in the knick of time. Phew! I averaged a B+ on all of my tests combined, so I need to step it up in that class and quit procrastinating. It was a loooong day. Truly.

Can I just say how amazing and supportive my family, especially my husband is, though?! Because I could not be doing this without them. Andy and the kids decorated the house for fall/Halloween while I was gone yesterday. He also made an amazing dinner (crock-pot chicken, roasted asparagus, sauteed mushrooms, and jello. It tasted sooo good), as well as two batches of cinnamon rolls for conference today (it's kind of a tradition :). He also took care of the kids the entire day. They got all their chores done and did all the dishes that had piled up over the week. Andy got them all to bed so that I wouldn't have to get out of "the zone" while I was taking my tests.
I did feel pretty guilty when he told me that Magnus had begged for mommy before he went to bed. Such is life right now, I guess. Such is the life.

I have only been able to watch one session of conference so far (this morning). It was so wonderful, and I enjoyed every second. So many amazing talks and words from our prophets. I love the gospel. It makes my heart so happy, and it is so good.

So, that's it for this week. Thanks for hanging out here with me, I appreciate every single one of the uplifting and supportive comments I receive. This blog has sort of become a venting ground for me lately, but I know it won't always be that way. Thanks for sticking around anyway :)


Bexyboo said...

You are an amazing woman. I love each and every post and wish you all the best in your work and studies.

Amber Kei said...

Syrup? Really? I'm really proud of you for not freaking out on her. Mostly just because that's what I feel like happens to me....that one last thing usually means everyone better get out of the way!! I guess I should work on that!
You're awesome, Sarah! Good job on all your quizzes and tests!! As a busy mom with five kids, I'd say that's some pretty good studying. You're going to rock the next one. Just saying!
Hope this week is a little better!

Sarah said...

That is so sweet of you, thank you so much!

Sarah said...

Thank you Amber! Your comments are always so thoughtful and understanding. You're the best :)