Friday, December 6, 2013

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like.... Busy

This past week has seriously kicked my bum. First of all, hello first week of December! Because Thanksgiving was so darn late this year I felt the need to get Christmas decor up ASAP even though I really didn't have time. 

It also happens to be finals week. Oh, finals week, you suck. I procrastinated a bit in my online classes (surprise surprise), so I've been busy every night doing online quizzes, last minute assignments, attending final reviews, and stuff like that. I finished two of my three classes last night, phew! Relief. According to my percentages I should have an A in both of those. So relieved they're over. I have my last tutor session this morning and my last final is tomorrow morning. Eek! It's the one I'm most terrified about, biology. I think I have a B in that class, which I am dang proud of. Dang proud.

Also, there's the never ending Kid Stuff. Bear was Star Student this week so I had to make a poster for him one day, make sure he had his favorite book another day, and another day he had to bring his favorite stuffed animal. It doesn't seem like much to remember, but add it to everything else I have to do and all of the sudden those tasks seems monumental. Jonah had a ski field trip this week. I had to pickup his snow skis Monday and drop them off Tuesday during that blizzard that hit on Tuesday. He had also grown out of his snow clothes so I was at Walmart at midnight searching for new snow bibs. And after all that, he didn't even get to go because their bus got stuck on the way up the mountain. Poor kid was so disappointed. They try again in January. Daphne was sick (again!) and I just don't know what to do with that girl. She's always sick. Magnus continues to be his troublesome-get-into-everything-self. I was awakened by his piano pounding this morning (6 AM folks. 6 AM) and Laylah yelling at him to stoooooooopppp!!! I went to yank him off the piano bench and found his moth full of candy from the advent. Awesome.

Lastly, Andy hurt his ankle playing football on Thanksgiving and I'm pretty sure it's more than just a sprain. It is not getting better and it has been super swollen for over a week. Mostly I'm upset that he cant put Christmas lights up on the house, haha :) Just one more thing. Oh yeah, and I've had a terrible cold for two weeks.

So there's our last week of life in a nutshell. Tiring, lovely, long, and tiring. 

And I love it, remember? I think ;)


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