Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This

Or weeks... Maybe even months?! 

I went non-stop from one thing to the next today and around 2:45 PM (on the way home to drop off a few kids so I could get right back in the car to go pick up some other kids) I kind of lost it and i just started sobbing. A song came on the radio that Daphne danced to last year in her Nutcracker performance and right then it hit me that it has almost been a year since the Sandy Hook Shooting. For some reason that particular tragedy hit me far harder than most worldly tragedies have, perhaps because I had a 6-year-old first-grader at the time and I could put myself right in those parents shoes who lost children on that horrific day.

I was overwhelmed with "kid" stuff today. Magnus needs speech therapy so he had to have his hearing checked (as a matter of protocol) and his left ear didn't pass. So now I need to see an ENT so they can determine where we go from here. I recently found out Jonah needs speech therapy as well. He also has a tongue thrust which will take years of therapy. All of the kids had food assignments for Thanksgiving Feast parties at school tomorrow. Library movies were due back tonight. Daphne was sick and threw-up today so I had to pick her up from school early, at the most inconvenient time possible. Laylah wanted to make an Indian Headdress to wear to school tomorrow. I tried my best to do a spiritual FHE with a crying Magnus in the other room who had been sent to bed for refusing to eat dinner (again). Baron always seems to get lost in the shuffle because he's so quiet and unassuming.

It was an overwhelming day, yes. But I am so so so very grateful that it's mine and that I have it. I am so grateful for my family. On this week of Thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays, I could not be more grateful for the people in my life. For my sweet and kind and understanding husband, and all my little children that I have to hold near and dear. 

I am so thankful.


Britt said...

What a sweet reminder Sarah. Some days are just hard. That shooting really hit me too as I had a first grader at the time as well. Your kids are so cute, and lucky to have you as a strong, amazing mom and Andy as a funny playful dad!

Amber Kei said...

Ben got home from a trip that day and when he walked in the door and asked if I heard (I had) I just started bawling. I knew some had to do with the fact that my baby was ten days old, but I hated having my kids in school that day. I feel like days and weeks are getting harder - I so appreciate the reminder that at least I get to hold my babies. Hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving!