Monday, November 18, 2013

This Time of Year

I absolutely love this time of year. I adore the chill in the air, the sights, the colors, the smells. All of it is my favorite. I also love that winter is coming. I love winter time. I love the holidays. It all just makes me so very happy.

I went on a field trip with Baron today. We were outside for part of it and while I have been loving this beautiful Indian Summer, I have been longing for snow. I have mentioned this before, but I am a staunch believer in giving Thanksgiving it's due. It is one of my absolute favorite holidays (I say that about every holiday ;) However, I am so ready for snow and Christmas music and glittering, colorful lights. I can't wait! I am so happy that Thanksgiving is in a week and a half.

Do you know what else I am happy about? The end of the semester. It is so close! I only have a handful of assignments left in each of my classes and then finals week. The only final I am really concerned about is my Biology class. I have to get a good grade on that so I can pull off a B in the class. I had a goal to get straight A's in every class, but this class truly gave me a run for my money. With the help of a private tutor 2 hours a week, online study help, a 2-4 hour/week study group, personal study of about 10 hours a week, and lots and lots of prayers, I just might pull off my B. I am just not a science person. It is really hard for me. It's funny because science is all I'll be doing from here on out for my degree. But after doing this class, I'm pretty sure I can do anything. That can be my mantra :) Anyway, the other two classes had a lot of busywork, but they were pretty dang easy and I have an A right now in both of them. If I do well on my finals, I'll be set.

Another reason I love this time of year is the quiet. My kids activities die down and we don't have nearly as much going on. When I go through and read old blog posts from September, it makes me anxious all over again to see all that we had going on. I am so grateful to be through with another beginning of the school year, at least until next year anyway! I love the new start, but I much prefer a routine.

I have already registered for my classes next semester and I'm hoping for an easier class load. I think I overdid it this semester and stretched myself too thin. I am only taking two classes and they're both online. I get a FIVE week break. Yes, five. I am ecstatic. I have so many plans for December and the beginning of January. I'm getting more excited just writing about it!

One of those plans is to get back into a healthy routine. My healthy habits have greatly suffered since starting my new job. I mean, I have kept it up where I can, but I have gotten back into kind of eating what I want, when I want. I was about 2 pounds away from my goal weight and now I am back to 4 pounds away. I have not had time to exercise, which I really NEED to do. I need to use my break to get back to my good habits. I am excited for that as well.

So yes, I am feeling happy. Happy about this time of year, happy about the end of the semester, happy about the holidays and school breaks for my kids, and family time, and not as much going on. I am just happy.

What is making you happy these days?

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Amber Kei said...

Hooray for such a long break! Perfect timing too. You're such a good momma. And I'm glad that I'm not the only one who goes a little crazy with all the schedules of kids.....I love it, but love being able to have an evening home once in awhile too. :) Enjoy your break and the happy holidays!