Sunday, November 17, 2013

Happy Happy #3!

My baby is now three years old and I should probably stop calling him my baby. But I probably won't.

We celebrated a day of Magnus on the 1st of November. He was a little clueless as to what was going on, but he was happy and cute and funny, so it was a great day. 

We started out with his birthday breakfast of his choice: hard-boiled eggs, toast with jam, pears, and milk. Not what I would choose if my mom was offering me anything at all, but yeah.... the kid likes his eggs.
 I also let him open one super boring present (new clothes and shoes) and he wasn't impressed. I then had to go to school for a couple hours. Luckily, as I mentioned above, he was kind of clueless about the whole birthday thing, so he didn't seem to mind :)

My parents came over early because they couldn't make it to his birthday party. They brought him a gift (new trucks) and gave him birthday hugs and kisses.

I had to go to work for a little bit too. I left Andy and the kids in charge of making sure he had a super fun day since I couldn't be there. They took him to the neighbors house for a few hours because they had rented a huge bounce-house for one of their kid's birthdays. Magnus apparently had a blast.

I got home around 5, just in time to see what Andy had made for Magnus' choice of birthday dinner. Hot dogs, cheetos, fruit salad, and jello. I was so impressed with Magnus' choice of culinary cuisine. 

We only had Andy's parents and Grandma Marge able to come to M's party. He was so excited to open his presents (probably thinking that there had to be something better than his earlier gift...) and he got some really fun things.

 Magnus is quite the little artist and loves to paint, color, draw, what-have-you. He got a giant paint set from the kids. He also got a Sesame Street movie. He adores Sesame Street. All of my kids have. I love it because it was my absolute favorite show when I was a kid. I hope it's on TV forever.

 He got an Imaginext fighting arena. Imaginext toys are always a hit.

He got a fun book and new play-doh from Gma and Gpa Collette. We had just thrown the last of ours away a couple weeks before due to the yuckiness and staleness factor. He should be set for while with 10 new cans to play with!

Andy and I also got him a parking garage. He is my only boy who has enjoyed toy cars. He plays with a toy similar to this at the gym daycare every day. Now he has his own!

He just couldn't wait to bust out that new play-doh!

Great Grandma Marge is reading him his new book. He got money from both great grandmas and also from aunts and uncles. 

We had a rainbow-themed party because I found these darling rainbow candles and darling rainbow striped party hats. That's what made my decision. I bought rainbow colored balloons, and every color of crepe paper. Unfortunately, I got off work late and didn't even have time to hang crepe paper.  And then I realized (after the party) that I forgot to even get the party hats out of the bag. Luckily, he is only 3 and won't remember. Next year will be better M, I promise!

 He loved his awesome rainbow cake that I stayed up until 1 o'clock in the morning making the night before. Score 1 for me.
 He didn't want to eat any cake or ice cream that night (too much Halloween candy the day before perhaps?!) but the next morning I found him in the kitchen eating it right off the cake plate with his hands.

Instead of eating, he played with his awesome new play-doh some more.

And watched his dad set up his new toy.

And told us thanks for his awesome birthday party.

And here are those cute party hats that started the whole rainbow-themed idea..... still unused in the bag. Fail.
 And a pretty cool picture of his cake making process. It looks like giant, weird colored eggs or something.

And now we have.... M at age 3:
Magnus is such a joy to everyone in our family. While he can be slightly spoiled and scream when things don't go his way (we're working on that), he is so fun and cute and we all cannot seem to get enough.

Magnus is a really quiet little boy. He plays quietly and will entertain himself with toys and books and he loves to watch movies. He loves all things art and will sit at the table painting or coloring for long periods. However, he can also be too quiet. I've posted quite a bit about the trouble he can get into. He thinks he is as big as his siblings and can make himself a sandwich or a bowl of cereal and all he really does is make a mess. He is really mischievous and curious and gets into anything he can reach. He is actually getting much better and hasn't made a big mess in awhile (knock on wood!) so we'll see if this continues to be a part of his personality. 

M doesn't speak very well and at his 3 year pediatrician check-up the doctor told me that M needs speech therapy. We have some appointments set-up to get his hearing checked and his speech evaluated over the next couple weeks. He didn't pass his hearing test after he got tubes put in his ears when he was a year old and I was supposed to follow-up with that, but then we moved and I never did. So I have my fingers crossed that everything is fine and he just needs some help talking. 
Because of this, he gets frustrated when people don't know what he is saying. I usually can, but sometimes I have no idea. The kids are really good at interpreting what he wants. 

Magnus is so funny. Sometimes I laugh and laugh at the things he says and does. He has such a funny little personality and we all just love and adore him. He is still really big for his age, but he is actually on the growth chart for once in his life! He is in the 95th percentile for height and weight. I think he weighed 38 pounds and was 39 inches tall. 

Magnus loves to be sung to and he loves books. He will ask to be read to all day long. I think he gets a little bored at home sometimes, and he is always super excited when it's time to go pick-up Bear from kindergarten. They are good little buddies even though they fight a lot. M loves to play outside. He loves the trampoline and will jump outside by himself. He also loves his tricycle and scooter. He is my most coordinated child at this age. He has been able to pedal his tricycle by himself since last spring. He is very adventurous and will be half-way down the street before I realize he has left the yard.

Magnus loves to eat. He has gotten more picky and doesn't love to eat dinner, but that is a pretty typical pattern I have seen with all of my kids at this age. He loves fruit but his favorite is bananas. He loves milk and drinks a gallon every few days. He loves yogurt and cheese. He is my dairy boy. He also loves cereal, sandwiches, eggs, oatmeal, pizza, carrots, artichokes, pancakes, and that's about it. His pickiness has been the worst of my kids, I think. Hopefully he grows out of it soon or else how will he grow to be 6'7'' like the doctor predicted?!

M adores his siblings. He wants one of them to be playing with him at all times. He loves everything the boys love and is growing up to be an electronic lover like his brothers. He loves Skylanders and Pokemon. He loves cars and Imaginext guys. He can make a game out of anything and I have seen him playing with sticks on several occasions. He loves nursery at church and he loves learning about Jesus. He is a really creative little guy and at times I'm shocked at all that he understands.

We love our baby Magnus so much. I can't imagine my life without my little caboose. He brings me so much joy and sometimes I just sit and stare at him in awe. I love him so much.

Happy 3rd Birthday Magnus!


Emily H said...

I don't even recognize him! What a sweet boy!

Amber Kei said...

I guess I didn't realize how close in age M and Paige are...three sure is different in boys and girls but an age I really love!

Britt said...

I can't believe your baby is 3!!! That means my Stanley will be 3 soon. That is the coolest cake!